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Example sentences for "acquiescence"

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acquaints; acque; acquerir; acquiesce; acquiesced; acquiescent; acquiesces; acquiescing; acquire; acquired
  1. I am not taking this step without serious thought," so the letter ran, "and for some time I determined to remain with you as long as you honoured me by your acquiescence in the arrangement.

  2. Only a numbing blow such as he had received could have stunned his faculties into acquiescence with this sleepy, uneventful existence; and now, suddenly, his soul awoke from its peaceful slumber and demanded life, and yet more life.

  3. Was it all the natural consequence of a loosened bond, of a wretched relaxation of effort--a wretched acquiescence in something second best?

  4. And at that particular moment in Oxford history, the passage from philosophic idealism to glad acquiescence in the received Christian system, was a peculiarly easy one.

  5. While you will not be permitted to take any revenge, you will be allowed to smilingly express your entire acquiescence in the will of God.

  6. If it should prove otherwise, how I shall hate my acquiescence to your departure.

  7. Steinmetz grunted acquiescence and walked wearily to the window.

  8. The true son of the people is always ready to grunt acquiescence to all that sounds like abuse.

  9. She knew that it meant acquiescence in anything that Sue and she thought best.

  10. Matt stopped in front of her chair, and looked down into her lifted face, where the satisfaction his acquiescence in her views concerning Louise was scarcely marred by her perception that he had not changed his mind at all on other points.

  11. Forbearance to insist on the Declaratory Act could not fail to have been regarded as an acquiescence on their part in a doctrine which Lord Campbell in the same breath admits to be false.

  12. He had already secured the acquiescence of the bishops, and he was equally successful now in winning the assent of the House.

  13. They were in no mood to listen to argument, and charged that his acquiescence in the rule of the new state government of West Virginia was, in his case, more injurious to the Confederate cause than many another man's active unionism.

  14. His indignation that the interpretation of affairs given by McClellan and his friends should be made into public opinion by the apparent acquiescence of Halleck and the administration overcame his prudence.

  15. It was a formal acquiescence in the provisions of the will.

  16. She even turned, with pretty courtesy, to hold the light for me at the crypt steps,—a service that I accepted perforce and with joyless acquiescence in the irony of it.

  17. But I take the liberty of doing so now, trusting to your generous acquiescence in the proposition that the war has purged many offences.

  18. But Doggie knew that acquiescence was the way of happiness and protest the way of woe.

  19. Mere precedence is a dangerous source of authority, and should not be regarded as deciding questions of constitutional power, except where the acquiescence of the people and the States can be considered as well settled.

  20. The impropriety of originating such a bill in the committee on manufactures was so clear that acquiescence in it was impossible.

  21. No doubt she would go to Sir Anthony with my explanation and either receive his acquiescence or learn the real truth.

  22. A calm consideration of the facts leads to the suggestion of a half-hearted acquiescence on the part of an entangled man in the romantic scheme of an inexperienced girl to whom he had suddenly become all in all.

  23. Mr. Weller nodded his acquiescence in the sentiment, and again fastening his eyes on the fire, shrouded himself in a cloud, and mused deeply.

  24. Neither he nor his wife thought now that their daughter was marrying a Corey; they thought only that she was giving herself to the man who loved her, and their acquiescence was sobered still further by the presence of Irene.

  25. He lapsed more and more into acquiescence with his changed condition, and that bragging note of his was rarely sounded.

  26. The idea of the companionship and aid of such a friend as Morton bringing as great a relief to both Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton, as their acquiescence filled the whole heart of the young missionary with the most unbounded gratitude and joy.

  27. For their ultimate authority they rest upon the acquiescence of the social will.

  28. The blind life of social classes long laid in chains by custom and tradition may come to be illuminated by new ideas, and passive acquiescence may give way to active participation in social endeavor.

  29. To this it may be added that beliefs range from an unshakable and unthinking conviction to that degree of acquiescence which can scarcely be distinguished from mere loyalty.

  30. To be sure, it is accepted in the present; but this is little more than the acquiescence of inertia.

  31. The idea of compelling long-persecuted bishops to resign their sees was no less distasteful than the latter proposal, which involved acquiescence in sacrilegious robbery.

  32. His rule in life, as once stated by himself, was to compel acquiescence in his will by threats of violence, and known readiness to carry his threats into effect.

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