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Example sentences for "acquaints"

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acquaintance; acquaintances; acquaintanceship; acquainted; acquainting; acque; acquerir; acquiesce; acquiesced; acquiescence
  1. Quoting from his own fabricated Gospel, he acquaints us with the form in which these words were exhibited in that mischievous production: viz.

  2. This author acquaints us with a tooth powder, much used in his time, especially by Parisian ladies.

  3. His best respects he therefore sends, And thus acquaints his generous Friends, From Limehouse up to Holborn, That his rare snuffs are sold by none, Except in Fenchurch Street alone, And there by Peter Cockburn.

  4. Mr. Huddleston goes home forthwith, takes John with him and acquaints Mr. Whitgreave with the businesse, who freely resolved to venture all, rather than such a person should miscarry.

  5. As the building proceeded under the skilful superintendence of the elder Goban, the son acquaints him with the progress of his love, and the ardent attachment of the lady.

  6. Sense sees only the outside of things, reason acquaints itself with their natures.

  7. These approach him in a chorus, and from their midst steps out the elder Scipio Africanus, who acquaints him with the immortality of the soul, and the reward of the good in another life.

  8. Dictys Cretensis acquaints us that Paris returned not directly to Troy after the rape of Helen, but fetched a compass, probably to avoid pursuit.

  9. Acquaints her with all that has happened since her last.

  10. As memory alone acquaints us with the continuance and extent of this succession of perceptions, 'tis to be considered, upon that account chiefly, as the source of personal identity.

  11. He acquaints him that Godefroy himself thought the Swedes ought not to send Plenipotentiaries to Cologn.

  12. He acquaints him, that when he shall be a little used to business, he hopes to have leisure enough to continue the cultivation of learning.

  13. Grotius acquaints us[773], that she wrote an useful book on Widowhood, which was very well done.

  14. Grotius himself acquaints us, that he used great circumspection in writing news to the High Chancellor[550].

  15. A short advertisement before his Notes on the New Testament acquaints us that he began them when a prisoner, that he finished them when a private man, and printed them when Ambassador.

  16. Baudius calls him the darling friend of the Muses, and acquaints us that Scaliger thought some of his small poems equal to the best of the ancients[48].

  17. Grotius acquaints us[70] that it was published with out his consent.

  18. Meeting with his four brothers on the road, he acquaints them of his success, and on their doubting the virtue of the flower, it is applied to the eyes of a blind man, and his sight is instantly restored.

  19. The wretched man begs for mercy till he has told his story, and when he has finished the watchman acquaints him of a similar dream he had had of treasure at Baghdad.

  20. Whoever thus acquaints himself in faith with his own misery, is truly one of those poor and contrite men, to whom the Lord graciously looks.

  21. In this verse, the apostle sets before us love, the highest and noblest virtue; and acquaints us at the same time, with four particulars concerning it.

  22. This notice is not without its use, as it acquaints us with the origin of the beautiful copies of Luti which are so frequently met with.

  23. Palomino acquaints us with another excellent scholar of Sanzio, Pier Campanna, of Flanders, who, although he could not entirely divest himself of the hardness of his native school, was still highly esteemed in his day.

  24. And yet, as my intelligencer acquaints me, her implacable relations are resolved to distress her all they can.

  25. Acquaints her with a scheme formed by her brother and captain Singleton, to carry her off.

  26. He then acquaints his friend with what passed between him and the Lady, in relation to his advices from Harlowe- place, and to his proposal about lodgings, pretty much to the same purpose as in her preceding Letter.

  27. Crispinus acquaints her that they were poets, and, since she admires them, promises to become a poet himself.

  28. My friend acquaints you, sir, The noise runs .

  29. Thyrsis acquaints me, that when he desired Sylvia to take a Walk in the Fields, she told him the Spectator had forbidden her.

  30. Having lately received a Letter from the Secretary of this Society, by Order of the whole Fraternity, which acquaints me with their Behaviour during the last Week, I shall here make a Present of it to the Publick.

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