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Example sentences for "acquainting"

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acquaint; acquaintance; acquaintances; acquaintanceship; acquainted; acquaints; acque; acquerir; acquiesce; acquiesced
  1. Well, I never had an idea that we should have seen you again and I have written to your mother, acquainting her with your loss.

  2. I opened it; it was from Mr Warden, acquainting me that Lord de Versely had expired very suddenly, on his return from the House of Lords, of an ossification of the heart.

  3. By the same post I wrote to Bob Cross, acquainting him with what had passed, and begging him to come round by the first water conveyance, and bring my chest and bedding with him.

  4. I wrote to Bob Cross, enclosing an order for my chest and bedding on board of the guard-ship at Portsmouth, acquainting him with my intention, but requesting him not to act until he heard from me again.

  5. I saw Mr. Trevannion and his daughter but once previous to their receiving your letters from Rio acquainting them with your misfortunes and happy deliverance from slavery.

  6. I introduced Philip to him, acquainting him with his miraculous preservation, and Mr. Trevannion very kindly invited him for the present to remain in his house.

  7. The priest read the name, and then said-- "You must write immediately a few words, acquainting her with your position.

  8. They perfectly agreed with me that it was no use acquainting the captain, and that all we had to do was to get rid of these men, and carry the vessel home how we could.

  9. She left to me the task of acquainting Mr. Thrale with these particulars, being herself too much disturbed to be capable of such a task.

  10. She told me she had been acquainting the queen with the whole affair, and that the queen quite approved of our staying upstairs.

  11. The boom of a distant gun told us that the crew of the lugger had not been unobservant of our misfortune, and that they were willing to expend a charge of powder in acquainting us with their exultation thereat.

  12. On acquainting him with the state of the case, and with Lord Byron's desire that I should leave London, Dr.

  13. Acquainting the Reader with a Fair Domain and the Maker Thereof 1 II.

  14. Admiral, it was cruel, and not well done of you, to attempt such an enterprise without acquainting me with it.

  15. Why should she go away without acquainting any one of the fact that she was leaving the house?

  16. I, of course, at once communicated with the police authorities, acquainting them with the fact of the desertion; and I also offered a substantial reward for the recovery of the men.

  17. Wearied with finding that this correspondence procured him no advancement, he took the resolution of writing to me, and requesting an interview, which I granted, after acquainting Madame de Pompadour with the circumstance.

  18. I lost not a moment in acquainting Madame with the affair and gave her the letter.

  19. This did not, however, dismiss her fears, and she dispatched two servants different ways in pursuit of him, acquainting them with her suspicions, and charging them to prevent the duel.

  20. She was shocked that a man of such principles should even for a moment presume upon her favour, and irritated at the stubbornness of Mr. Harrel in not acquainting him with her refusal.

  21. Take it, then, unknown to him; serve him without acquainting him you serve him.

  22. I am a little hurried in my preparations; but I could not depart without bidding you adieu, my good friend, and without acquainting you with the reasons of so sudden a movement.

  23. I might have continued talking until to-morrow," said Don Quixote; "why did you delay acquainting me with your embarrassment?

  24. The Spirit of God was sent into the world for the express purpose of acquainting men with Jesus Christ.

  25. Acquainting him with the disastrous occurrence that had taken place, and stating his impression that both God and man were against them, and that it would be vain as well as impious to struggle longer, he proposed to him to surrender.

  26. I implored her to keep silent, pointing out that no good could come of acquainting you with bygone evils; but she refused to listen to me, and left this office with the full intention of finding you out, and making her revelation.

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