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Example sentences for "disastrous"

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disassociate; disassociated; disassociation; disaster; disasters; disastrously; disavow; disavowal; disavowals; disavowed
  1. He had also repeatedly warned them of the disastrous consequences which would follow any demonstration on their part against the consular ports, Shanghae in particular.

  2. Once already in his career he had chosen to be in advance of his party, and the consequences had been disastrous to him.

  3. Another lover would have communicated the disastrous tidings at once to the lady; but Gerard Maule waited a week before he did so, and then told his story in half-a-dozen words.

  4. Apart from that disastrous struggle for supremacy over his uncle the Cardinal and his party, how did Humphrey comport himself as Protector, and later as chief Councillor?

  5. As it was, the divisions in the government had disastrous effects; the country was not ready for a divided sovereignty.

  6. This policy was no remedy; it postponed the struggle only to enhance its bitterness and to aggravate its disastrous results.

  7. On the other hand, the disastrous results of his grandfather's famous march through France showed him the danger of any operation far removed from his base.

  8. Viewed in this light it would be hard to deny that Gloucester was right; though the most disastrous result which he predicted would follow the release did not come to pass, none of the advantages urged by the other party resulted.

  9. To remove Gloucester from the Protectorate, though he only held it during the King's pleasure, would be to cause a disastrous struggle, if not civil war.

  10. There was much angry discussion and recrimination as to the causes of the disastrous issue.

  11. The fighting, renewed on the morning of the 28th, proved disastrous to the attenuated forces of the defence.

  12. But opportunities were lost, time was squandered, and the expedition ended in disastrous failure.

  13. The weakness of Windham's resources and the disastrous consequences of his being overwhelmed by numbers, occasioned very serious disquietude.

  14. Disastrous indeed does it look with those same 'realised ideals,' one and all!

  15. Dim, dim, as if in disastrous eclipse; like the pale kingdoms of Dis!

  16. Great Diderot and Philosophes have lain in durance here; great Mirabeau, in disastrous eclipse, for forty-two months.

  17. Complacently surveying the wreck and ruin that he has wrought, even that great anarch, the "well meaning person," can not have entire assurance that he meant as well as the disastrous results appear to him to show.

  18. I do not say that the lawyers are altogether responsible for the existence of this mass of disastrous rubbish, nor for its domination of the laws.

  19. The railroads in private hands early began to "charge what the traffic would bear" at every station, thus practising various forms of discrimination disastrous in their effects on the citizens.

  20. Such exceptional conditions, raising prices to abnormal levels, are followed by a decline disastrous not only to the small producer, but to the trusts as well.

  21. But for the epiglottis, food might get into the larynx and thence into the windpipe every time we swallowed, with what distressing and even disastrous effect any one who has ever "swallowed the wrong way" well knows.

  22. France, and defeated and killed Philip Van Artevelde at the disastrous battle of Roosebeke in 1382.

  23. The retreat was more disastrous to the English than the battle.

  24. To hundreds of men and women it has been as disastrous as if all their property had been consumed by fire.

  25. The previous governor was the notorious Captain Bligh, whose tyrannical conduct when in command of the Bounty produced the disastrous mutiny which took place on board that ship.

  26. The Insurrection in Warsaw and its disastrous effect on Chopin╩╝s sojourn in Vienna 170.

  27. The defeat of Armijo's vanguard was attended by still more disastrous consequences, both to the American and Texan interest.

  28. Those who escaped became afterwards their own avengers in a {297} manner which proved terribly disastrous to another party of Americans, who happened at the time to be trapping on Rio Gila not far distant.

  29. It was, however, in the city of Chihuahua itself that the disastrous consequences of the freshet were most severely felt.

  30. They had continued with it until it moved to the hospital heights after the disastrous attack by the Americans on their camp.

  31. Captain Wilson was full of enthusiasm when he saw the success of the last gallant charge of the English soldiers, but he said to Harold: "It is a disastrous victory.

  32. Clarke, "Esdraelon has been the chosen place of encampment in every great contest carried on in the country, until the disastrous march of Napoleon Bonaparte from Egypt into Syria.

  33. It would have needed his utmost resources to arrange for the battle of to-morrow, a battle in which he knew that defeat was coming, but which he might endeavour, nevertheless, to make as little disastrous as possible.

  34. While besieging the town, Company C and Company G of the Eleventh Regiment had an experience worth relating; a very trying and disastrous one it was, too, for these two companies, which I will presently relate.

  35. The following might have been more disastrous in its results; the same parties were concerned.

  36. PITT, once speaking in the House of Commons, in the early part of his career, of the glorious war which preceded the disastrous one in which the colonies were lost, called it "the last war.

  37. The, to her, disastrous influence of Spain's shortlived empire endure to-day, for she is still as unfitted as ever by temperament and natural training for mercantile life.

  38. This disposition remained the Mint law over all the weary, disastrous period of the Thirty Years' War, which is practically a blank for the monetary history of Germany.

  39. But although Pitt and Castlereagh ostensibly carried out the principle of separate fiscal systems, they laid the foundations for a fiscal amalgamation which was disastrous to Ireland.

  40. Yet the idea was conceived and the policy strongly backed which could only have had the disastrous effect of bringing into being two Irelands in the midst of our South African dominions.

  41. The phases through which the agitation passed before it reached this disastrous point need only a brief review.

  42. Its effects must be disastrous upon the morals of both parties.

  43. Now they were on board with us, fleeing his disastrous neighbourhood.

  44. A turn of the market may be a calamity as disastrous as the French retreat from Moscow; but it hardly lends itself to lively treatment, and makes a trifling figure in the morning papers.

  45. She explained that the disastrous first letter had been written in one of her fatally uncontrollable impulses, prompted by circumstances which at the time had distorted her view.

  46. She shrank from him almost visibly, and longed unutterably for retreat; but consciousness of her disastrous concerns pressed like a red-hot weight on her brain.

  47. Why have you to stretch out your foolish disastrous hands to pull a world to pieces?

  48. Gate-keepers, she thought, were fatal people; they were always opening disastrous portals.

  49. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "disastrous" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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