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Example sentences for "disastrously"

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disassociated; disassociation; disaster; disasters; disastrous; disavow; disavowal; disavowals; disavowed; disavowing
  1. Ali Saib and Mehemet Ali were disastrously defeated, though before I left Plana in the morning a third attack from Spuz was begun, and fought out under my eyes while I waited, the Turks being driven back again.

  2. The Democracy, now so triumphant, had been disastrously beaten in the contest of 1840, but in the next election had regained strength enough to defeat Mr. Clay.

  3. Yet Mr. Wilmot was disastrously beaten by the Democratic candidate, Governor Parker, the adverse majority reaching indeed tens of thousands.

  4. Sidenote: Preparing an Ambush] But now began the larger and more important operations which were destined to end so disastrously for Admiral Marakoff and his fleet.

  5. I am still of the opinion that the free coinage of silver under existing conditions would disastrously affect our business interests at home and abroad.

  6. Severe commercial revulsions abroad have always heretofore operated to depress and often to affect disastrously almost every branch of American industry.

  7. The pittance of the widow and the orphan and the incomes of helpless beneficiaries of all kinds would be disastrously reduced.

  8. Usually he was undisturbed, but once, when she stood beside him with her coffee cup at dinner, he disastrously lost his equanimity.

  9. Before we had been long on our journey, an unfortunate circumstance brought us to doubt the honesty of poor old Manuel so seriously that it had almost resulted disastrously to him.

  10. As it was, he began now to neglect them more than ever, and this could not fail to tell rather disastrously in the long run.

  11. He was thinking all the time of Suzanne and how disastrously fate had trapped him apparently through her.

  12. Then, all I can say, Don Sebastian, is that if the Governor of Panama can do no more than that, it will be disastrously unfortunate for you and your city!

  13. But it turned out even more disastrously than it had done in former times.

  14. Campaign against Hezekiah and Tirhakah disastrously concluded at Pelusium and Jerusalem.

  15. Their son Donald was made regent in July 1332, but was disastrously defeated and slain at Dupplin next month.

  16. Why should he, with such appliances, stand an incumbrance in the Present; perish disastrously out of the Future!

  17. Thy star alone, now clear-beaming over Chaos, nay now by fits gone out, disastrously eclipsed: this only shalt thou strive to follow.

  18. That," I conceded, "is disastrously probable.

  19. You think me a futile person and not, as we will put it, a disastrously truthful person, and so on through the entire list of all those so-called vices which are really just a habit of not doing this or that particular thing.

  20. To accomplish less would be impossible; but as nothing was seriously undertaken, nothing also disastrously failed.

  21. This portion of the liberating forces had been thus disastrously defeated on the eve of the entrance of Count Louis into Friesland.

  22. The enforcement of the trade laws was indirectly the cause of still another misfortune to the colonies, for the two wars with Holland which grew out of it reacted disastrously upon their trade.

  23. The influx of slaves not only put almost a complete end to the importation of white servants, but it reacted disastrously upon the Virginia yeomanry.

  24. All through the year 1647, Philip remained in Madrid, whilst the wars in Flanders and Catalonia, as well as on the Portuguese frontier, dragged on with various fortunes, but on the whole not disastrously for Spain.

  25. He might have passed through the Gaps on the 13th with little or no opposition, and would then have had his whole army between Lee's divided forces, and could hardly have failed to defeat them disastrously and perhaps conclusively.

  26. I think myself we have been, and are still, fatally and disastrously not lucid.

  27. This attempt, however, failed even more disastrously than the first, the O.

  28. Of this, his best and greatest invention, how he came to contrive it, and how disastrously it ended, you shall now hear.

  29. They had heard, through rebel sources, many reports of fighting near Monroe resulting disastrously to us, and had been all the while they were coming most impatient to reach us, and afford us relief.

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