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Example sentences for "disaster"

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disarticulation; disassembled; disassociate; disassociated; disassociation; disasters; disastrous; disastrously; disavow; disavowal
  1. Scoresby tells us of the classical disaster which occurred in 1774 about sixty miles east of Jan Mayen.

  2. In September, 1583, a surviving ship brought news of the disaster to Falmouth.

  3. The arrival on the scene of this young man, who was scarcely out of his teens, was a shadow of disaster to the Turks.

  4. News of this disaster was brought to Captain Smith (who did not disturb the rest by making it known) by Richard Wiffin, who encountered great dangers on the way.

  5. Yet he was as buoyant as a cork, and emerged from every disaster with more enthusiasm for himself and for new ventures.

  6. Anne, she knew, would have crumpled up into silken disaster like a flower under too sharp a wind.

  7. What disaster might come from it to her or to the earth, her lulled brain did not consider.

  8. Breakage and general disaster attend the progress of Bridget or Chloe.

  9. My support in the presence of disaster would be the same as it had been in my early need of confidence, and if my friend would answer for my honesty, I would answer for all the rest.

  10. And though the allies, having their communications by sea, were not liable to the same exhaustion, yet a disaster befel them soon after Inkerman which reduced them for the time practically to the defensive.

  11. Edward was far too prudent to attempt a counter attack: he owed his victory to firmly maintaining the position he had chosen, and could not afford to risk a disaster by quitting it.

  12. The Afghan war, dictated by mistaken policy, and badly carried out, led to the greatest disaster in Anglo-Indian history, though it was redeemed by subsequent successes.

  13. The disaster having happened, Wellington followed up Massena more vigorously, and when he had pushed him far enough, detached Beresford with a considerable English force to combine with the Spaniards, and attempt to recover Badajos.

  14. Such a disaster was calculated to drive the men of Orleans to despair.

  15. But now a new disaster occurred; the circumstantial account of the death of Colonel Stewart and his party, and the fact that the state of Khartum was rapidly becoming desperate, made us full of doubt as to Gordon's fate.

  16. The disaster at Galabat was a great blow to the Dervishes; Abdullah now appointed his nephew Yunis as emir of the district, and ordered him to reoccupy the town.

  17. We merely raise them for home consumption in case of a disaster to our cotton crops.

  18. There is no error which has been productive of more disaster and death than the stupid plan adopted by the Federal government in what is known as the "Reconstruction policy.

  19. Wherever in the civilized world there has been disaster by fire or flood, or from earthquake or pestilence, she has been among the foremost in the field of givers and has remained there when others have departed.

  20. Many of the effects of one tornado are wholly absent in others, and the indications that in one case have been followed by a terrible disaster are not infrequently found at other times to presage merely a heavy thunder shower.

  21. For a space there will be a very high wind and some damage, but no such disaster as the tornado has previously wrought.

  22. The confusion and shouts above showed that some fearful disaster had occurred.

  23. Since that time his spirit has crossed the Vich Ian Vohr of the day when any great disaster was impending, but especially before approaching death.

  24. Wind still stormy and adverse; a horrid disaster nearly happened,--my dear child washed overboard as the vessel lurched to leeward.

  25. We used to be quite free from them while we paid blackmail to Fergus Mac-Ivor Vich Ian Vohr; but my father thought it unworthy of his rank and birth to pay it any longer, and so this disaster has happened.

  26. It was a brief visit, however, for October finds him again in London, drawn probably by intimations of disaster to the interests of his Bridge.

  27. This became much more pronounced after the disaster at Isandhlwana.

  28. The disaster at Isandhlwana, looked at correctly, confirms most strongly the arguments advanced by the High Commissioner in favour of the war.

  29. So soon as the news of the Isandhlwana disaster had been received at St. Helena, Governor Janisch obtained the consent of the military and naval authorities to send off at once every available man to Natal.

  30. Shortly after the disaster at Isandhlwana, the main body of the Zulu army went up to the king to be doctored with charms taken from the mutilated bodies of the killed of the English army.

  31. It spread gloom throughout the country, and recalled vividly the shock that followed the disaster at Isandhlwana.

  32. On the 29th of January, about noon, a messenger galloped in from Lord Chelmsford with the news of the fearful disaster at Isandhlawana, and that the entire Zulu army might be expected to attack them.

  33. The disaster of Isandhlwana was pregnant with results almost too awful to contemplate.

  34. A disaster always evokes a cry for victims, and the British populace were loud in the usual vae victis clamour.

  35. If there had been no disaster at Isandhlwana there would have been no censure.

  36. On the 12th of March a very serious disaster occurred at the Intombe river, where an escort of the 80th Regiment, under Captain Moriarty, was laagered.

  37. It was here that the Zulus had defeated the Boers, and it was, therefore, fitting that upon the field where the white men had met with disaster their crowning triumph should take place.

  38. Besides, in judging Lord Chelmsford, it must be specially remembered that his instructions about concentrating at Isandhlwana camp were not attended to, and to this fact many attributed the disaster that ensued.

  39. Sidenote: Carlessness Brings Attack] But they met disaster as well, because nothing seemed to make them see the importance of discipline and of precaution against surprise.

  40. Only the arrival later of General Terry, with whom Custer was to have co-operated, prevented still greater disaster to the balance of the American force.

  41. Suppose, for instance, a serious disaster overtakes the harvest.

  42. It has many ups and downs, and generally leads to disaster and the "slough of despond.

  43. The man endowed with imagination will look beyond the disaster and note its far-reaching effects, and in them recognise his opportunities for action.

  44. Meantime disaster on disaster descended on this unfortunate expedition.

  45. The news of the disaster having reached Al-Madinah, all the women, and Safiyah among them, came in crowds to attend to the wounded and mourn for the dead.

  46. General Dearborn, still the nominal commander of the forces, sadly mentioned the disaster as "an unfortunate and unaccountable event.

  47. Still conscious, he was aware that disaster had overtaken them and he muttered again and again with his dying breath, "Don't give up the ship.

  48. Lights flashed, torches and lamps of vehicles harnessed in haste: a quarter of an hour after the disaster half the neighbourhood was afoot from all quarters.

  49. At some length he narrated without losing a single change of her countenance, the various incidents of the evening begun in the railway which ended with the disaster to the Simplon Express.

  50. Since I could understand anything, I have understood that the possession of those rubies brought disaster upon my people.

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