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Example sentences for "consumptive"

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  1. Stevenson's "Travels With a Donkey," one of his most charming books, is due to the fact that his consumptive tendencies compelled him to go on a walking trip in the pure and bracing air of the mountains of southern France.

  2. The blood becomes weak and watery, the subject is nervous, dropsical, consumptive and derangement of the important functions follows almost invariably.

  3. The measurement of the skull in this case gives a space between the life-line and the orifice of the ear of one-sixteenth of an inch, showing that the consumptive had lived the full term of his life.

  4. Members of consumptive families are very prone to paralysis.

  5. He lived with a consumptive Bolhovsky man, who kept an inn, where I had several times stayed.

  6. Thirty love,' whined a consumptive marker, with a dark face and blue rings under his eyes.

  7. At eight o'clock I was near the house of the consumptive family.

  8. The rest was easy to get at, late at night, when the children of the consumptive man came home.

  9. A few days later, men old and broken, sick and worn out women and consumptive girls, were thronging the halls of the institution.

  10. Among a group of children I spied the oldest girl of the consumptive man.

  11. Think of an investigator moving a consumptive family from the fifth floor to the basement, she who lectured on tuberculosis: "Light and air are the best cure for consumption.

  12. The father had just been discharged from the consumptive hospital as cured and I was instructed to see whether he was well enough to work.

  13. Another consumptive family in such a situation as has been already described had many sons and several daughters.

  14. Bowditch, "the consumptive history" of his family from 1634, when his stalwart English ancestor settled in New England.

  15. I know a consumptive family living in a situation like that I have mentioned for, perhaps, the same length of time, who had four sons.

  16. He did not die of the disease, but was fifty-five years of age when the account was written, and then exhibited no consumptive tendency!

  17. She then described to him her youthful longing, which the consumptive master had awakened in her, the longing which had continued to smoulder amidst the ashes of her life's experience.

  18. What remained behind it was a poor consumptive young fellow who had painfully accomplished his university career by private tutoring, only to be doomed to an early grave at the moment that he hoped to reap the fruits of his drudgery.

  19. To English people, accustomed to plenty of fresh air and water, Madrid has never been an unhealthy place, and it is extremely probable that one of these days our doctors will be sending their consumptive patients there for the winter.

  20. The dust floated out in large clouds on the garden, settling on the red cloth coverings of the chairs and on the leaves of a few consumptive chestnut trees.

  21. How the deuce can one keep from bungling when Dobek prompts like a consumptive nag?

  22. The snails were brought thither for the Countess of Arundel, who was accustomed to dress and eat them for a consumptive complaint.

  23. It is said to have been introduced into England by Sir Kenelm Digby, and was considered very nutritious and wholesome for consumptive patients.

  24. A short time ago a man walked into a back-kitchen in Queen square, and cut the throat of a poor consumptive creature, sitting by the fire.

  25. In that handsome house I have known in one summer three cases of hospital pyƦmia, one of phlebitis, two of consumptive cough: all the immediate products of foul air.

  26. There is no place within Great Britain and Ireland so well adapted for the residence of a consumptive patient as Queenstown.

  27. In a dollar-oriented and over-consumptive society like ours, economic values are usually seen as being in conflict with esthetic values.

  28. If this is to be assured, resource agencies must be more responsive to the needs of both consumptive and nonconsumptive users and involve them in their programs from early in the planning process.

  29. As with the Ross' gull, socioeconomic values of marine birds involve both consumptive and nonconsumptive uses.

  30. Social and Economic Indicators Economic indicators concerning consumptive uses of wildlife, including marine birds, are frequently misunderstood.

  31. Consumptive uses may provide socioeconomic values in the form of meat, eggs, oil, feathers, down, and guano.

  32. He lay, ghastly and wan, like a consumptive patient after a wrestling bout with the Destroyer.

  33. Consumptive patients, for instance, or those who die of gangrene like Louis XIV.

  34. Tabareau, that tall, consumptive girl with the red hair, has a house in the Place Royale in right of her mother.

  35. What's to become of her grandson--he's consumptive they tell me.

  36. These open the ribs apart, broaden and deepen the chest, and inflate the lungs--the very things the consumptive needs.

  37. Would she like to have inherited consumptive tendencies, for instance, from her parent?

  38. A better present to a consumptive person than one of these appliances could hardly be devised.

  39. So far as these modes of infection are concerned, such a supposed case as that of the nurse and the consumptive patient who fall in love with each other comes into this category.

  40. But only too often the patient's life will be much shortened and children will be left fatherless; they also in certain circumstances will run a grave risk of being infected by living with consumptive parents.

  41. Shaw[135] speaks of a cure for consumptive diseases used in his time in Moray.

  42. Garguillus of the consumptive shoemaker, who was being dragged off by two of the town police.

  43. The consumptive old man went on in a whining tone-- "Now tell me plainly, my friends, is it just?

  44. Where one parent is consumptive and the other vigorous, the chances are just half as great.

  45. If there is a scrofulous or consumptive taint in the blood, beware!

  46. They were all more or less delicate; most of them had inherited consumptive tendencies, and many months rarely passed without Miss Edgeworth having to record cases of sickness in those about her.

  47. Now, though his new wife had even before marriage shown consumptive symptoms, her constitution had so much strengthened that it seemed possible to inhabit the family house.

  48. Malibran was a genius, but she was no more consumptive than Hercules.

  49. A great deal of nonsense has been thought and written about the famous Malibran, because Alfred de Musset was moved to write of her as if she were a consumptive and devoured by the flame of genius.

  50. Then also women will easily become consumptive when they give birth to a child every year, especially when the social conditions in which they live are of an unfavorable nature, and they are perhaps inclined to consumption already.

  51. The question, whether a consumptive can infect his surroundings, may be answered thus, that this does not happen as a rule.

  52. You don't suppose they ever pay their minister's salary in consumptive hens and damaged turkies?

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