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Example sentences for "bungling"

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bunghole; bungle; bungled; bungler; bunglers; bungs; bunion; bunk; bunked; bunkered
  1. This bungling so infuriated the crowd that cries of "Arriba!

  2. How the commissioners were to acquire this secret and inquisitorial knowledge appears in the bungling contrivance.

  3. I have sometimes caught a groan from some unfortunate poet, whose beautiful fancies were spoilt by the bungling machinist.

  4. You can bring it in casually, without bungling it.

  5. Indeed, dissatisfaction was expressed in the forecastle and the cabin at the bungling and unartistic style in which I prepared the food on those occasions.

  6. Reefing a topsail in a gale is an evolution simple in itself; and when the sail is placed by the skill of the officer of the deck in a proper condition, the work aloft can be accomplished in five minutes, even by a bungling crew.

  7. Or is she suffering from the generally bungling way things go in the world?

  8. More often they are women who by the bungling machinery of society have been cast aside.

  9. She wanted to dress and care for her treasure and deluged him with small trinkets, many of them made by her own somewhat bungling hands.

  10. With a bungling teacher she may spend six or seven.

  11. A copy of the same painting might become a mere daub, with a few twists of some bungling amateur's brush.

  12. The public now demands something more than the heroic looking young fellow who comes down to the footlights with the assurance of youth and offers, for real vocal art, a voice fresh but crudely trained, and a bungling interpretation.

  13. Some called it a “trick of long standing and great ingenuity”; others stigmatized it as “one of the most bungling tricks ever seen.

  14. All the attendant circumstances of this bungling trick are perfectly well accounted for by admitting this solution.

  15. One declares it to be “one of the most bungling tricks he ever saw”; but he is entirely silent as to the nature of the trick so obvious to him.

  16. Rogerine, a trifle ungently: "The treatment the physicians give is bungling and dangerous and greatly uncertain.

  17. Christ was perfect preacher as well as perfect healer, yet there be bungling preachers as there be bungling physicians.

  18. First of all, she must have suitable clothing, and it must be provided before he made his bungling efforts to set her broken bone.

  19. Daguerre's advertised improvements of his process were lamentable failures and roundabout ways to obtain sensitive amalgams--exceedingly ingenious, but excessively bungling and impractical.

  20. That was a discovery, it is true; but a bungling one, at best.

  21. Sure wretched Wren was taught by bungling Jones, To murder mortar, and disfigure stones!

  22. Elsewhere the imitation is less happy: Sure wretched Wren was taught by bungling Jones, To murder mortar, and disfigure stones!

  23. They’re all a lot o’ bungling idiots,” Inman remarked to Nancy as the car moved away.

  24. A set o’ wooden skittles, bowled over by any bungling prentice that tries his hand at burglary—that’s what they are.

  25. What we had made for ourselves was in such a bungling manner, that it scarce deserved the name even of this wretched sort of habitation.

  26. And a sorry, bungling business I made of it, to be sure.

  27. I can understand the satisfaction with which you discovered this wretched bungling on the part of our leaders," remarked Gerald with vexation.

  28. If the theist insists that his deity is all that he claims him to be, then it is only logical that instead of man asking his god for forgiveness, what actually should be is that God should ask the forgiveness of man for his bungling and error.

  29. The more we learn about biological history the clearer it becomes that the process has been, from the human point of view, incredibly bungling and wasteful.

  30. Hence a deus ex machina has to be evoked, who, like all such gods, cuts the Gordian knot in bungling fashion.

  31. We find to our cost that all that glitters is not gold, and your every-day bungling carvers and gilders will not do.

  32. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bungling" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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