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Example sentences for "botched"

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  1. Feminism Democracy, after all, is a disease; an attempt on the part of the botched to lay down for all the laws of social health.

  2. This pretense to altruism is only a roundabout way of asking for altruism, it is the result of a consciousness of the fact that one is botched and bungled.

  3. So, that feather-headed boy had botched things again!

  4. I’m all the better pleased to hear you say it,” said Red John, “because your taunt about my botched life rankled.

  5. This little story, which is at least as much of a fairy tale as many things "cabinetted," would be nearly perfect if Cazotte had not unluckily botched it with a double ending, neither of the actual closes being quite satisfactory.

  6. The man who has dealt in shams and inferiority, who has botched his work all his life, must be conscious that he has not been a real man; he can not help feeling that his career has been a botched one.

  7. Slighted work, botched work, will never make a key to unlock the door to anything but failure and disgrace.

  8. Let other people do the poor jobs, the botched work, if they will.

  9. Everywhere over this broad earth we see the tragic results of botched work.

  10. Your reputation is the foundation for your future success, and if you slip rotten hours, and slighted, botched work into the foundation, your superstructure will topple.

  11. That will be worth more to you than any amount of money you can pocket through fraudulent, skimped, or botched work.

  12. You cannot afford to do a poor job, to let botched work or anything that is inferior go out of your hands.

  13. Don't think you will never hear from a half-finished job, a neglected or botched piece of work.

  14. Nature hates all botched and half-finished work, and will pronounce her curse upon it.

  15. Those old-timers botched the contract, but we mean to put it through.

  16. Of life itself as a botched and mangled piece she had no conception; though she kept her thoughts of Him locked within her own breast, it was still the bed of them that there was an Artist over all.

  17. Though she made her entry late, something told her that she would have a word to say--or else it was a botched and mangled piece indeed.

  18. I kin take an oath that I ain't never botched up one of these jobs yit, not frum the very fust.

  19. That was his chief boast, if boasting it might be called--that he never botched the job.

  20. But for once and once only as those saw who had the hardihood to look, Uncle Tobe had botched up a job.

  21. I'm not going to pay full price to have my work botched up after that style!

  22. She has botched the button-holes awfully; and the jackets are not more than half pressed.

  23. But of Van city itself--thanks to its proximity to the frontier--he made rather a botched job.

  24. This is perfectly true; much as Lönnrot botched and vamped the Finnish lays he made no epic out of them.

  25. There goes the spoiled page, the botched effort, and here's a fat old man at the start of a new life, and never to see his darling France again.

  26. The Lessons Europe has had more than its share of botched and of successful currency unions.

  27. Had there been in Nazareth a bit of botched work of His doing, "a door of unseasoned wood or a badly made chest," don't you think it would have been produced to discredit His mission?

  28. No more touching botched work after that.

  29. The weak and the botched shall perish: first principle of our charity.

  30. It preserves whatever is ripe for destruction; it fights on the side of those disinherited and condemned by life; by maintaining life in so many of the botched of all kinds, it gives life itself a gloomy and dubious aspect.

  31. Practical sympathy for the botched and the weak--Christianity.

  32. Well, things were botched for you in that direction before you ever started.

  33. In all candor, and between man and man, could you possibly have botched things worse than you did upon your mistaken premise?

  34. You mean botched the thing so far as you are concerned, eh?

  35. Perhaps as immaterial as my existence is to the Great Artist who conceived the botched job called me.

  36. The sempstress had done nothing to the gown; yet raves and storms my mistress at her for having botched it in the making and mending; and orders her straight to make another one, which home the sempstress brings on Tuesday last.

  37. She wished, she said, that the slattern sempstress had not touched the gown, for nought had she done but botched it.

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