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  1. Martyn, the professor of Botany at Cambridge, supped with him in Newgate the night previous to his expected execution.

  2. Thou art in a land rich in botany and mineralogy, rich in zoology and entomology.

  3. To have fully investigated the botany of this little island alone, would have required not less than the period of a week.

  4. In Ceylon Mr. Finlayson was indefatigable in the pursuit of botany and other branches of natural history, to which he devoted all the time that his laborious professional duties allowed.

  5. The Chaldaeans, Egyptians and Greeks were the early cultivators of science, and botany was not neglected, although the study of it was mixed up with crude speculations as to vegetable life, and as to the change of plants into animals.

  6. Botany may be divided into the following departments:-- 1.

  7. The name of Botany Bay seems to have struck the popular fancy, and continued to be used in a general way for any convict establishment in Australia.

  8. The garden at Edinburgh was founded by Sir Andrew Balfour and Sir Robert Sibbald in 1670, and, under the name of the Physic Garden, was placed under the superintendence of James Sutherland, afterwards professor of botany in the university.

  9. His followers were chiefly engaged in the arrangement and classification of plants, and while descriptive botany made great advances the physiological department of the science was neglected.

  10. Treviranus, professor of botany in Bonn, roused the attention of botanists to the development of the embryo, but although he made valuable researches, he did not add much in the way of new information.

  11. From hence other schools of botany are supplied with seeds, cuttings, suckers, etc.

  12. Another version is-- Here comes an old soldier from Botany Bay, Have you got anything to give him to-day.

  13. All must see of what advantage a rough knowledge of the botany of a district would be to an officer leading an exploring party, or engaged in bush warfare.

  14. His publications upon the subject of botany were numerous and of the highest order of scholarship, and long before his death he was recognized as the foremost botanist of the country.

  15. He found the profession of medicine uncongenial, and finally abandoned it altogether for science, serving for many years as professor of chemistry and botany at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City.

  16. He published many papers upon various branches of botany and zoology, and collected a vast amount of material for a natural history of American insects, only a part of which was published.

  17. The more important chemical laws, animal and vegetable development and growth (botany and zoology), and the more essential features of human physiology and hygiene form centers of attention throughout the three years.

  18. In botany plant analysis and structure form the important part of the work.

  19. The larger number of them are clothed with a rich tropical vegetation, both natural and cultivated, and their botany includes most of the species common to the other islands of the South Sea.

  20. At present, a thorough examination of the botany of the Amazon valley would be difficult, if not altogether impossible, even though conducted on a grand and expensive scale.

  21. Studying botany with him, and Mr. Tippengray on the same lawn with her!

  22. She is at present taking lessons in botany from another professor"; and he hereupon stated in brief the facts of the desertion of the infant Douglas.

  23. Eve had never read a book on how to know the wild fruits, and her first field work in botany had a disastrous termination; it complicated the subject by the punishment of thorns and thistles.

  24. But Solomon was the only man in the olden times who ever knew botany thoroughly.

  25. They made no hesitation in avowing that they never meant to return; but at the same time owned that they supposed they had reached Broken Bay instead of Botany Bay, ignorant whether it lay to the northward or southward of this harbour.

  26. Near Botany Bay they fell in with the natives, but in a larger body than they expected or desired.

  27. The master landed a boat in a bay on this coast about fifteen miles to the southward of Botany Bay; but made no other observation of any consequence to the colony, than that there was a bay in which a boat might land.

  28. They saw some at the head of Botany Bay, and fired at them, but without doing them any injury.

  29. Perouse entered Botany Bay, the two commanders had barely time to exchange civilities; and it must naturally have created some surprise in M.

  30. During this month a long-boat belonging to his Majesty's ship Reliance, which had been sent to Botany Bay in July to procure fish, was given up for lost, with five or six seamen.

  31. Fearless of the danger which must attend them, many had visited the French ships in Botany Bay, soliciting to be taken on board, and giving a great deal of trouble.

  32. Scott [Assistant Professor of Botany at the Royal College of Science.

  33. For this proud accession to our exotic botany in the last century, the public are chiefly indebted to Sir Joseph Banks, and Messrs.

  34. Pulteney says of Knowlton, "His zeal for English Botany was uncommonly great, and recommended him successfully to the learned Botanists of this country.

  35. Swede, whose master mind reduced the confusion and discord of botany to harmony.

  36. Here geology joins hands with botany and zoölogy in a mutual helpfulness that is scarcely less than indispensable to each.

  37. Botany 1 and zoölogy 1 should be made prerequisite for the higher courses in their respective fields; but aside from this almost any sequence would be allowable.

  38. This outline for botany and zoölogy follows in the main the most common arrangement found in the schools of the country.

  39. Ideally the botanical and zoölogical portions should be fused and be given by one teacher, rather than presented as one semester of botany and one of zoölogy.

  40. We still find students in botany learning the various margins of leaves, the system of venation, the scientific classifications, but at the end of the course, unable to recognize ordinary leaves and just as blind to nature as they were before.

  41. Biology 1 should be prerequisite for botany 1 and zoölogy 1, and for the special biology courses in group three.

  42. In any event the total result should really be biology, and not a patchwork of botany and zoölogy.

  43. Course--Botany 1: General and Comparative Botany, and the Evolution of Plants.

  44. Second Group =(2) A second group should be technical and introductory to professional uses= This group furnishes a series of courses providing a thorough introduction to the principles and methods of botany and zoölogy.

  45. The antiquities of the peninsula, but especially the botany of the countries he visited, are treated of in a masterly manner.

  46. His work is rich in botany and natural history, especially considering the period in which he lived; and the accompanying plates are very accurate.

  47. Botany of course forms the principal subject; but the work is also instructive and interesting from the picture it exhibits of the character of the author, and of the manners of the Laplanders.

  48. Notwithstanding the English had had settlements in New Holland for upwards of 26 years, little progress had been made in exploring the interior of the country even in the immediate vicinity of Botany Bay.

  49. Theophrastus, the Greek philosopher, who wrote on botany four centuries B.

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