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Example sentences for "biochemistry"

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  1. In this paper I have presented data obtained from the study of certain features of morphology and biochemistry which I think are less subject to the influence of environmental factors than those features studied by recent workers.

  2. Recent progress in the biochemistry and physiology of hibernation and hypothermia have shown that the oxygen requirements of individual mammals, organs, and tissues can be reduced.

  3. Recent Biochemical Studies Among the foremost investigators of the chemistry and biochemistry of the central nervous system is Holger Hyden at the University of Goeteborg, Sweden.

  4. During the past thirty years, biochemistry and pharmacology have made many important contributions to the treatment of mental and emotional disorders.

  5. As medicine and biochemistry develop, however, mental and emotional complaints are increasingly being understood in more physical terms.

  6. Professor Moore says this biotic energy "arises in colloidal structures," and so far as biochemistry can make out, arises spontaneously and gives rise to that marvelous bit of mechanism, the cell.

  7. Q: I am still assistant professor of biochemistry at Boston University, though I no longer teach.

  8. For many years, he taught biochemistry at Boston University.

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