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  1. More recently, the concept of a specific biochemical activity during the process of long-term storage of information has gained considerable favor.

  2. However, biochemical adaptive changes were observed at this concentration.

  3. Recent Biochemical Studies Among the foremost investigators of the chemistry and biochemistry of the central nervous system is Holger Hyden at the University of Goeteborg, Sweden.

  4. Although research on organochemical evolution is in its infancy, the data from relatively few experiments have already created an immense enthusiasm for knowledge of the biochemical pathways of evolution.

  5. Fundamental research in terrestrial organic geochemistry has shown that ancient sediments and drill core samples subjected to organic analysis contain certain stable biochemical components of past life.

  6. It is allied with certain biochemical studies at the National Institutes of Health for the eventual elucidation of the dynamic pathways in cosmochemical synthesis of life's essential biochemical constituents.

  7. Simulation experiments devised to study the effects of these energies on the assumed early atmosphere of the Earth have yielded products that play a dominant role in molecular and biochemical organization of the cell.

  8. An Inquiry Into the Biochemical Basis of Memory.

  9. Media for the Study of Biochemical Reaction.

  10. On the other hand, light frequently impedes growth, and alters to a greater or lesser extent the biochemical characters of the organisms--e.

  11. But a consideration, at this time, of the relation of the molecular configuration of the sugars to their biochemical reactions cannot fail to add interest to the study of these matters from the chemical and biological standpoints.

  12. The Tannin-Colloid Complexes in the Fruit of the Persimmon, Diospyros," in Biochemical Bulletin, Vol.

  13. Hence, the biochemical properties of the glucosides, so far as their hydrolysis by the enzymes which are present in many biological agents is concerned, depends wholly upon the molecular configuration of the glucose itself.

  14. The actual process for these separations need not be discussed here, as it is given in detail in all standard text-books dealing with the methods of biochemical analysis.

  15. It is sufficient now to call attention to the fact that these vital processes, in either plants or animals, are essentially chemical in character, and subject to study by the usual methods of biochemical investigations.

  16. Bearing on the First Sugar of Photosynthesis," in Biochemical Journal, Vol.

  17. Death is reduced to a biological event leading only to biochemical decomposition: No fun, no direct practical significance for others, except in the inheritance process, a market event for funeral parlors and pushy clergy.

  18. Obviously, the language and literacy expected for the success of the biochemical reaction in the test tube is different from that involved in the constitution of the family.

  19. It is possible to visualize molecular structures and simulate interactions of molecules in order to see how medicine affects the cells treated, the dynamics of mixing, chemical and biochemical reactions.

  20. Bovine serum albumin, used as an enzymatically inert protein in biochemical research.

  21. Biochemistry) A chemical compound which exhibits a synergistic effect on some biochemical or physiological action, in combination with another compound.

  22. All classical enzymes are composed of protein, and control most of the biochemical transformations carrie dout in living cells.

  23. You have undertaken a biochemical and medical survey for which you had neither the proper equipment nor the training qualifications, and you exposed your ship and your crewmates to an incredible risk in landing on such a planet.

  24. Anatomically they were ordinary cellular creatures like you and me, and when we examined them we expected to find the same sort of biochemical reactions we'd find with any such creatures.

  25. We're going to have to do a complete biochemical and medical survey before we can hope to do anything.

  26. The principle that environments and life forms in the universe may be dissimilar, but that biochemical reactions are universal throughout creation," Dal said slowly.

  27. Creatures may develop and adapt in different ways, but the basic biochemical reactions are the same.

  28. However, this purely biochemical investigation cannot possibly give any information on which specific cells are synthesizing DNA.

  29. Since metabolism is the sum of the biochemical reactions taking place in a living organism, it properly belongs to the field of investigation of biochemists.

  30. Illustration: Figure 4 Scientists using an electron microscope (left) and an optical microscope (right) in fundamental biochemical research.

  31. Cell reproduction is the concern of both biochemists and morphologists[3] since it can be studied by either biochemical or morphological techniques.

  32. The gene-action system is the series of biochemical events that regulate and direct all life processes by “transcription” of the genetic “information” contained in molecules of DNA.

  33. The earliest biochemical studies employing radioactive isotopes go back to 1924, when George de Hevesy used natural radioactive lead to investigate a biological process.

  34. This paper reports the results of studies involving morphological and biochemical features that I consider less sensitive to external environmental factors than are features which have been studied previously.

  35. These superficial biochemical tests support the arrangement of species as ascertained by conventional taxonomic characters.

  36. Biochemical Variations Dried skins of all species of Smilisca were sent to Jose M.

  37. Many emotional problems appear to have a biochemical basis.

  38. Craphound had built his stake on Earth by selling a complicated biochemical process for non-chlorophyll photosynthesis to a Saudi banker.

  39. Nevertheless there are a number of reactions brought about by bacteria acting on various food materials, partly within but largely without the cell which are usually described as "physiological activities" or "biochemical reactions.

  40. The observation of cultural and biochemical features shall cover a period of at least fifteen days and frequently longer, and shall be made according to the revised Standard Methods above referred to.

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