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  1. Jefferson, during his diplomatic residence in France, furnished a statement for the Encyclopédie Méthodique, in which he asserted that the convict element of the American population was too small to deserve enumeration.

  2. The establishment of district courts, in which a paid magistrate resided, was an essential element of its success.

  3. This was the most important element of Maconochie's reform discipline.

  4. In fire we have an element whose character is known, and which cannot attack us in some new way for which we are not fully prepared.

  5. The concrete which forms the chief element of the Dennett construction has, however, for its cementitious component the sulphate of lime, a body which loses little of its cohesion by calcination.

  6. Cast-iron hinges are sometimes used for these doors, giving another element of danger.

  7. Brazilians themselves, as far as concerns the esthetic element involved, have made a choice of Alves.

  8. Language is the constituent element of literatures, from the fact that it is itself the expression of what there is most intimate, most individual, most characteristic in a people.

  9. He is not sung, but is rather an element of the song.

  10. He was by no means blind to esthetic beauty, but he insisted overmuch upon the national element and was easily lost in fogs of irrelevancy.

  11. With it he reached and conquered the people and our women, who are--in all respects--the chief element in the fame and success of poets.

  12. Taunay, in Brazilian fiction, is noted for having introduced an element of moderation in passion and characterization, due perhaps to his French provenience.

  13. Brazilians naturally favour the former eventuality and in order to insure dominance by the Portuguese-Brazilian element propose new systems of colonization as well as immigration zones.

  14. Yet even her sadness held a strange, poignant element of bliss.

  15. For this additional element of interest he furnished, she could almost forgive him his scoffing attitude toward her own most serious affairs.

  16. And mother, innocently, added one more element to her entangled burden of distress.

  17. The one inharmonious element was that of Uncle Charlie's indisposition--not only the fact that he was suffering, but also the nature of his ailment.

  18. The male reproductive element is called a spermatozoon or zoosperm.

  19. The female element is called an ovum, literally, an egg.

  20. As has been previously observed, in all except the very lowest forms of life, two elements are necessary to the production of a new individual, or a reproduction of the species--a male element and a female element.

  21. The stamen is composed of a stem or filament, at the summit of which are placed two little sacks called the anther, which contain a fine, microscopic dust, the pollen, which contains the male reproductive element of the flower.

  22. The female element of generation, the ovum, is produced by an organ called the ovary, of which there are two in each individual.

  23. Fecundation of the female element can only take place about the time of periodical development in the female.

  24. The ancients supposed the male element to be the essential element, being simply nourished and developed by the female; but modern research in biological science does not sustain this view.

  25. The male reproductive element of animals is formed by an organ called the testis, or testicle, of which each male possesses two.

  26. The custom of clothing the feet and limbs so thinly that they are exposed to constant chilling, by still further unbalancing the circulation, adds another element to increase the local mischief.

  27. It is asserted by good authorities that the reproductive element in man is not so well developed as to be really fit for the reproduction of the species before the age of twenty-four or twenty-five.

  28. Whales who are by far the greatest mammals, obey a special rite, imposed by their lack of members and the element in which they live; the two colossi heave over on their sides like sprung ships, and join obliquely, belly to belly.

  29. This passivity of the female element is found again in the very figuration of animality, formed by the egg and the spermatozoide.

  30. The queen bee lays both fecundated and non-fecundated eggs; the first hatch female, the second invariably male, here the male element would seem to be the product of parthenogenesis and the female to require previous fecundation.

  31. Robert Henley, for instance, who is not quite in his element as a very young man.

  32. Everything was perfectly common-place, and yet to Raban there seemed an element of strangeness and incongruity in the ways of the old house.

  33. But though, as I have said, all beautiful things appealed to her, literature was her first love and the element in which she lived.

  34. The personal element deflected the course of history.

  35. Further, there was an element of commonness in his mental attitude as in his style.

  36. Here was an adventure indeed, and I can say again with perfect sincerity that for me the greatest delight of the whole thing was this element of the Romantic.

  37. I honestly think that what I liked best in the whole business was the element of adventure.

  38. Apparently, however, the sagacious beast had realised that there was a new element in the office, and had come to inspect it and see whether he could give it his approval or not.

  39. A very curious element in the situation lies in the fact that, in comparison to the number of students, certain of the smaller universities confer this distinction much more frequently than the larger universities.

  40. This has been the main element of the accusations against him.

  41. Form was the dynamic element which entered into the composition of matter and made it exhibit its specific qualities.

  42. Professional jealousy and shortsightedness was the main element in it.

  43. Those who give the religious element a prominent place in this, forget how much natural opposition to the introduction of new ideas there is in men's minds, quite apart from their religious convictions.

  44. Above the photosphere comes a stratum of cooler vapours and gases, namely, hydrogen and helium, a very light element recently found on the earth, along with argon, in the rare mineral cleveite.

  45. Hence any religion which looked upon the world as being radically evil appealed to him as containing an indestructible element of truth.

  46. In the doctrines of the Zendavesta, from which, as is well known, Judaism sprang, the pessimistic element is represented by Ahriman.

  47. Perhaps the metaphysical element in all religions is false; but the moral element in all is true.

  48. But the Jewish system forthwith employs Satan to correct its fundamental error of optimism, and in the Fall introduces the element of pessimism, a doctrine demanded by the most obvious facts of the world.

  49. A certain amount of general ignorance is the condition of all religions, the element in which alone they can exist.

  50. But even when we take the whole of Jesus's teaching rather than any fraction thereof, and after we have given full consideration to the personal element in his method, there is still a sobering remainder with which we must deal.

  51. There is the general feeling that, if the element of monetary profit could be taken from the loathsome trade, the problem would be much nearer its solution.

  52. There was a living and serving element in Jesus's relation to the intellectual life.

  53. The mutual element in worship is an exaltation of man.

  54. Here, too, we find in the life of Christ that same element of paradox that we often find in his words.

  55. It would seem likewise that a Book written so long ago would fail of the element of timeliness.

  56. We may shrink from the conclusion that is here involved; and our shrinking may be only an added evidence that we have omitted one element from the divine ideal.

  57. In the problems that have a more apparent moral bearing the same commercial element appears.

  58. Even as there have been theories of the making of the Book that ignored the element of human living, so have there been theories of the canon of Scripture that ignored the element of human testing.

  59. Because it grew out of life it makes its appeal to its native element in life itself.

  60. It must go by system and by schedule, and the element of monotony makes itself felt.

  61. PART III [The ancient Mariner beholdeth a sign in the element afar off.

  62. They are very numerous, and there is no climate or element without one or more.

  63. But there was an element of sadness and gloom even in these festivities of the carnival of 1813; the presence of so many cripples and invalids recalled the memory of the reverses of the past year.

  64. Is it not possible," I asked, introducing the element of poetry, "that some day Zealand may no longer exist?

  65. And so Laura knew, and Tom knew, that any plans which rested on Jem's staying ashore were plans which had one false element in them.

  66. There were covers for four and twenty; and all the children besides were in a room upstairs, presided over by Maria Munro, who was in her element there.

  67. The natural formation of a football team consists of seven players in the line, and when you begin to take one or two of those players back you're increasing the element of physical force and lessening the element of science.

  68. For actual magnitude is only one element of sublimity.

  69. A certain unity is doubtless preserved by the duty which the executive is supposed to undertake, and does undertake, of keeping a house; a constant element is so provided about which all sorts of variables accumulate and pass away.

  70. This is in part effected by conceding some subordinate power to the august part of our polity, but it is equally aided by keeping an aristocratic element in the useful part of our polity.

  71. Thirty or forty such men, added judiciously and sparingly as years went on, would have given to the House of Lords the very element which, as a criticising chamber, it needs so much.

  72. The middle class element has gained greatly by the second change, and the aristocratic element has lost greatly.

  73. But the element in which change is permitted has been changed.

  74. It had not two Houses of distinct origin; it had two Houses of common origin--two Houses in which the predominant element was the same.

  75. The very element which was wanted to the House of Lords was, as it were, by a constitutional providence, offered to the House of Lords, and they refused it.

  76. A republic has only difficult ideas in government; a Constitutional Monarchy has an easy idea too; it has a comprehensible element for the vacant many, as well as complex laws and notions for the inquiring few.

  77. This dominant element in Mr. Spencer's philosophy secures it a life and permanence which, had it been restricted to explaining the mechanics of the inorganic universe, it could never have possessed.

  78. The eagle penetration of Gibbon detected this persistent element at work when he described the sequel to the futile efforts of Theodosius to extirpate paganism.

  79. It does not fall within our survey to speak of that primary element in it which was before all dogma, and which may survive when dogma has become only a matter of antiquarian interest.

  80. These formed a very important element in the Roman Empire, being scattered from Asia Minor to Egypt, and thence in all the lands washed by the Mediterranean.

  81. The psychical element may be very strong, as in one woman whose fits were preceded by a sudden distinct vision of London in ruins, the river Thames emptied to receive the rubbish, and she the only survivor of the inhabitants.

  82. The matter might be pursued through the patriarchal age to the eve of the Exodus, showing that, here also, the mythical element is dominant; the existence of Abraham himself dissolving in the solution of the "higher criticism.

  83. Mr Cruikshank is in his element in describing Cardinal Balue's predicament at the boar hunt.

  84. Owing to the supernatural element introduced by the White Lady of Avenel, the novel was less successful than its predecessors.

  85. An incident which had occurred on the previous day had also added a certain element of pathos to the situation.

  86. Peggy was more in her element now; her smile grew much brighter.

  87. Crozier was the essence of democracy, which in its purest form is akin to the most aristocratic element and is easily affiliated with it.

  88. The newcomer would import an element of caste and class which would freeze mother and daughter to the bones.

  89. Caution, which is of great use to all men in a densely-populated country, is an indispensable element in the composition of one who would be rich at the expense of others.

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