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constitootion; constituciones; constitue; constituencies; constituency; constituents; constituta; constitute; constituted; constitutes
  1. The Constituent Assembly elected at this polling was originally composed of both party members and some nationalist elements.

  2. These constituent elements, however, of the enormous mass of lands united under the sceptre of the emperors do not add essentially new features to the general historical conception.

  3. We know that light exists in some bodies as a constituent part, since it is disengaged from them when they enter into new combinations, but we are unable to obtain in a separate state the basis with which it was combined.

  4. They contain the elements of a quantity of inflammable matter, which is capable of assuming the gazeous state by the application of heat, and subsequent new chemical arrangements of their constituent parts.

  5. But if coals, instead of being suffered to burn in this way, are submitted to distillation in close vessels, all its immediate constituent parts may be collected.

  6. Some portions of such compounds are daily undergoing decomposition, and their constituent parts being set free are passing into new combinations.

  7. A simple mineral of a dark green, or black color, which forms a constituent part of many varieties of volcanic rocks.

  8. A crystalline limestone, containing magnesia as a constituent part.

  9. One of the constituent parts of the air of the atmosphere; that part which supports life.

  10. An extensive series of beds, the geological position of which is immediately above the Coal Measures; so called, because the limestone, the principal member of the series, contains much of the earth magnesia as a constituent part.

  11. The decided tendency of belief is toward a single element, of which all matter is composed, and of which the eighty-odd constituent elements of matter accepted to-day are but modifications.

  12. The ultimate constituent of matter has been called the atom.

  13. Physicists tell us that matter is made of electricity, that it is an electrical phenomenon, and that the ultimate constituent of matter is the electron.

  14. EMUL'SIN, a peculiar ferment present in the bitter and sweet almond, which forms a constituent of all almond emulsions.

  15. M[=U]'CIN, an alkaline glutinous fluid forming the chief constituent of mucus.

  16. I have settled several principles which enter as constituent elements into the philosophy of life of the human organism.

  17. But it remains an important consideration that this crystallized constituent .

  18. Borax is extensively used as a constituent of enamels and glazes for both metal ware and pottery.

  19. Moreover, nitrogen is an essential constituent of all animal and plant life.

  20. It is because of the hydrolysis of aluminium carbonate that alum is used as a constituent of some baking powders.

  21. In the combined state it is widely distributed, being a constituent of water as well as of all living organisms, and the products derived from them, such as starch and sugar.

  22. The element is a constituent of all clay and of mica and also occurs in very large deposits at Stassfurt, Germany, in the form of the chloride and sulphate, associated with compounds of sodium and magnesium.

  23. Synthesis is the process of forming a compound from its constituent parts.

  24. Calcium phosphate is a constituent of all fertile soil, having been supplied to the soil by the disintegration of rocks containing it.

  25. The term oxidation is applied to the chemical change which takes place when a substance, or one of its constituent parts, combines with oxygen.

  26. Animals feeding on these plants assimilate the nitrogenous matter, so that this element is an essential constituent of both plants and animals.

  27. Like calcium, it is a constituent of many rocks and also occurs in the form of soluble salts.

  28. The ingredients of a mechanical mixture can usually be separated by mechanical means, such as sifting, sorting, magnetic attraction, or by dissolving one constituent and leaving the other unchanged.

  29. The analysis is qualitative when it results in merely determining what elements compose the compound; it is quantitative when the exact percentage of each constituent is determined.

  30. It furnishes no supplies except fish and small game, nor can these be obtained by a surveying party which can not be strong enough to allow for hunters and fishermen as a constituent part.

  31. Division of, into constituent parts, by consent of war, 121.

  32. On certain Phenomena of Voltaic Ignition, and the Decomposition of Water into its Constituent Gases by Heat: by W.

  33. And, as the coalescence and concentration go on, the constituent masses will gradually become fewer, larger, brighter, and more densely collected around the common centre of gravity.

  34. The constituent molecules of organic matter are distinguished by the feebleness of the affinities which hold their component elements together.

  35. If the whole nebula is but small, the local groups of flocculi may be drawn into the common centre of gravity before their constituent masses have coalesced with one another.

  36. The infant is so complex in structure that a cyclopædia is needed to describe its constituent parts.

  37. It is evident that the people struggle with all their might against the old taxes, even authorized and prolonged by the Constituent Assembly, and all that is obtained from them is wrested from them.

  38. The electoral system organized by the Constituent Assembly is beginning to take effect.

  39. The Constituent Assembly[3349] trebled their real and personal taxes, and prescribed that there should be a triple lien on their rents and dues.

  40. Footnote 2308: Speeches by Barnave and Roederer in the constituent Assembly.

  41. Experience, however, is unimportant to the members of the Constituent Assembly; under the banner of principles they sunder one after another all the ties which keep the two powers together harmoniously.

  42. Summary of the work of the Constituent Assembly.

  43. To comprehend the spirit, discipline, and influence of our contemporary clergy, go back to the source of it, and you will find it in the decree of the Constituent Assembly.

  44. During the last months of the Constituent Assembly,[2235] "the emigration goes on in companies composed of men of every condition.

  45. In a similar manner, the Constituent Assembly, setting common law aside in relation to inheritances ab intestato, had deprived all eldest sons and males of any advantages.

  46. Do we find anything of all this in the Constituent Assembly?

  47. The Constituent Assembly made no provision for securing this harmony or this obedience.

  48. Others depart at the end of the Constituent Assembly, "because they risk being hung.

  49. This is what the laws of the Constituent Assembly are leading to.

  50. Each one of these constituent elements of the whole economic society must be self-efficient, in order that there may be a high standard of efficiency in the entire economic system.

  51. It will work only through the co-operative functioning of its various constituent elements.

  52. Questions that were to be carried to wider authorities would be carried by and through the various constituent industrial groups.

  53. Its constituent members, having aided in its decisions of policy, may follow a similar course of action in the divisional and the district producers' federations.

  54. If such an organization were handled in a way to hold the allegiance of its constituent members, its decisions on matters of world importance would carry an immense authority.

  55. The constituent groups would be economic and occupational rather than political or geographic, but the principle of federated autonomous groups would be the same.

  56. Overtones are not confined to the voice, but are those constituent parts of any tone which are produced by the vibrating segments into which any vibrating cord will divide itself.

  57. The principal constituent of the volatile oil of which, according to Koehler, 7 to 8 per cent.

  58. Safrol is the chief constituent of sassafras oil.

  59. It is brought into commerce from Reggio and is said to form a constituent of the genuine ess-bouquet.

  60. Citronella oil is much used for perfuming cheap hair oils and toilet soaps; it is the chief constituent of all perfumes for honey-soaps.

  61. Neroli oil is much used for the finer perfumes, it being especially a necessary constituent of eau de Cologne.

  62. In Cologne water it forms the principal constituent in the mixture of volatile oils.

  63. Liquid storax was already used for fumigating purposes by the ancient Greeks and Jews, and it forms to-day a constituent of fumigating pastilles, essences, etc.

  64. I received on this day a letter from a constituent upon the point, and answered that, agreeing generally as regarded pending Irish questions with Bright and Chamberlain, I should follow them if they remained united.

  65. Another constituent was Carlyle, who in 1871 came to Dilke with a memorial in favour of a Civil List pension for Miss Geraldine Jewsbury.

  66. Containing Numerous Tables Showing the Constituent Elements of over Three Hundred Food Products and Their Relations, Cost and Nutritious Values, Time of Digestion, etc.

  67. Shows how food is digested and gives the constituent elements of all food products, their cost, food values, time of digestion, etc.

  68. Gelatin, a constituent of soup and obtained from bones and connective tissue by boiling, is the best known of the albuminoid foods.

  69. Fibrinogen is for this reason called the coagulable constituent of the blood.

  70. That oxygen does not become a permanent constituent of the cells is shown by the constancy of the body weight.

  71. Water finds its way into the body as a pure liquid, as a part of such mixtures as coffee, chocolate, and milk, and as a constituent of all our solid foods.

  72. This substance is not a regular constituent of the blood, but is formed as occasion requires.

  73. This is a natural constituent of most of our foods, and is also added to food in its preparation for the table.

  74. Name some use or purpose for each constituent of the blood.

  75. Recently the practice has sprung up of using caffeine as a constituent of certain drinks supplied at the soda-water fountains.

  76. Urea* is the most abundant solid constituent of the urine and is the chief waste product arising from the oxidation of nitrogenous substances in the body.

  77. Not only is water the most abundant constituent of the blood; it is, in some respects, the most important.

  78. A characteristic, essential, and fundamental constituent of any compound; hence, sometimes, an atom.

  79. Every truth of morals must be redemonstrated in the experience of the individual man before he is capable of utilizing it as a constituent of character or a guide in action.

  80. In virtue of an endless remotion or retrusion of the constituent cause.

  81. Chrysoberyl is known as a constituent of certain kinds of granite, pegmatite and gneiss.

  82. Chlorite is also an important constituent of many schistose rocks and phyllites, and of chlorite-schist it is the only essential constituent.

  83. In the form of isolated grains the mineral is a characteristic constituent of ultrabasic igneous rocks, namely the peridotites and the serpentines which have resulted from their alteration.

  84. Injuries to the great sciatic nerve outside the pelvis, or to one of its constituent elements, on the other hand, formed one of the most familiar of the nerve lesions.

  85. Trace this to its source and you will find overspecialization of function, and its concomitant, an exaggerated value of certain constituent elements of administration.

  86. The problem of to-day is so to eradicate this feudalism that the corporation can have the benefit of a free play of its constituent forces.

  87. Again, concentration of financial control is not incompatible with decentralization of administration among constituent controlled properties.

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