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constitit; constitootion; constituciones; constitue; constituencies; constituent; constituents; constituta; constitute; constituted
  1. That is so only as long as he remains within the boundaries of the constituency wherein he possessed the original qualification.

  2. In his dealings with his constituency he showed a noble desire for the public welfare, for he was never known to refuse anything in reason to the electors who applied to him.

  3. To this constituency the comparatively small tax levied seems all in the day's work, a natural incident of the principle that when a man does something, he ought to be paid for it.

  4. The constituency to which Numbers 4 and 5 belong is large and constantly increasing.

  5. The organization having the largest bona fide membership and constituency should be considered as having prime responsibility, from this point of view.

  6. The schoolhouse and the church were located at the same crossroads, and these two institutions drew for their constituency from an area of about four square miles for the school and a somewhat larger area for the church.

  7. I do not forget that I come from a constituency which, so far as I have known it, if it is most generous, is also most prudent.

  8. I am not particularly fond of talking of myself, but there is one single personal word that I would like to say, and my constituency is the only place in which I should not be ashamed to say that word.

  9. Retaining in the country a genuine Christian constituency and rural leadership means the survival of the country church.

  10. Yet the church must have a constituency or it is not needed and of course cannot succeed.

  11. He had no great constituency at his back, no popular cause to represent.

  12. Not, I hope, the Areopagites of the Times, else we may expect to see every constituency which does not pronounce in favour of Free Trade, placed under the general extinguisher!

  13. He is under a prima facie and presumptive obligation and duty, having been elected by a constituency to present himself at the table as the only means of fulfilling his duty to them.

  14. The rights of the constituency of Northampton and their member were strictly legal rights; but it lay with the House to override them if it would.

  15. After the passing of the Household Suffrage Act of 1868, however, the constituency became every year more democratic.

  16. He had fought the constituency for twelve years, and had been defeated at three elections, at one of which he was not present.

  17. I am to ask the constituency to array themselves against this House?

  18. But it is not with the constituency of Northampton alone.

  19. It must be kept in mind that everywhere the Chautauqua constituency was not, and is not now, the wealthy class who frequent summer hotels and are willing to pay high prices for their entertainment.

  20. It aided in bringing to Chautauqua a new constituency and also spurred the cottage boarding-houses to improve their accommodations and their fare.

  21. How would the regular constituency of Chautauqua feel at this innovation?

  22. On the questions pertaining to trade unions and collective bargaining, however, one who talked with the Chautauqua constituency was surprised to find so large a number of progressive thinkers taking the side of labor against capital.

  23. Vincent was introducing to the Chautauqua constituency women as freely as men, to speak on the questions of the time.

  24. Although held upon a camp ground and inheriting some of the camp-meeting opportunities, the gathering was planned to be unlike a camp meeting in its essential features, and to reach a constituency outside that of the camp ground.

  25. Various plans were tried during the early years, but none seemed to reach the constituency of Chautauqua until Dr.

  26. He positively raged to get into Parliament; trying one constituency after another, and only succeeding with the fourth.

  27. The constituency is certainly different, and a desire to make maison nette of these dens of corruption is not unnatural; but it affords a plausible subject for triumph on the Radical side, and has a formidable appearance.

  28. After he became a Member of Parliament one or two strange people from his constituency called to see him, but I don't recollect anybody like the man you describe.

  29. But a voluntary constituency would be a church with tenets; it would make its representative the messenger of its mandates, and the delegate of its determinations.

  30. Under the compulsory form of constituency the votes of the minorities are thrown away.

  31. But upon the voluntary plan, one thousand out of the many thousand students of Mr. Mill's book could have made an appreciating constituency for him.

  32. Thus, the members for a good voluntary constituency would be hopelessly enslaved, because of its goodness; but the members for a bad voluntary constituency would be yet more enslaved because of its badness.

  33. First, the law may make them, as in England and almost everywhere: the law may say such and such qualifications shall give a vote for constituency X; those who have that qualification shall BE constituency X.

  34. Constituency government is the precise opposite of Parliamentary government.

  35. The competing constituency is the nation itself, and this is, according to theory and experience, in all but the rarest cases, a bad constituency.

  36. Throughout the history of our former Parliaments the constituency could no more have originated the policy which those Parliaments selected than they could have made the solar system.

  37. They have no constituency to fear or wheedle; they have the best means of forming a disinterested and cool judgment of any class in the country.

  38. The feeling of a constituency is the feeling of a dominant party, and that feeling is elicited, stimulated, sometimes even manufactured by the local political agent.

  39. Lord Macdonnell renewed in a simplified form his proposal for proportional representation, by moving that each constituency in the Irish Parliament should return not less than three members.

  40. Meanwhile it was clear that the end of the war could only be hastened by sending more men into the fighting line; and Mr. Bonar Law again spoke at recruiting demonstrations in his constituency of Bootle on December 21.

  41. Thomas (Derby) in his constituency on July 21.

  42. But on the whole, as its appeal was primarily moral and religious, its constituency was the more substantial, progressive, and intelligent part of the community.

  43. A new party always numbers among its constituency not only those who love its principles but those who hate its opponents.

  44. But whatever their constituency or relative numbers, the Protestants now carried all before them.

  45. Every constituency which wanted a meeting on the Home Rule question wanted Redmond and no other speaker.

  46. Neither candidate made a special appeal to the electors; nor was the constituency in any sense a stronghold of Sinn Fein.

  47. I had not much difficulty in persuading the United Synagogue that a new synagogue was a crying want in Kensington, but I could hardly persuade the Government that a new constituency is a crying want in London.

  48. Certainly no ordinary constituency would have you,' admitted his wife frankly.

  49. His newspaper constituency was enormous, and the relation between the leader and the led was unusually close.

  50. The Southern President had "felt" his constituency on the subject of enrolling slaves as soldiers with a promise of emancipation as the reward of military service.

  51. The farcical ceremony of electing two representatives who had no real constituency behind them was put an end to by the Reform Act of 1832.

  52. I have daily assurances that I have a constituency of known and unknown personal friends, whose indulgence I have no need of asking.

  53. How far this change of constituency suited the baronet’s own constitution is displayed by HB, who had previously exhibited the subject of his sportive humour under his gouty infirmity.

  54. The warming-pan constituency was swept away, with similar anomalies, by the Reform Bill carried by Lord Grey.

  55. The constituency of Helston, where the franchise was originally invested in a corporation, under the Old Charter, had in 1790 dwindled down to one elector, to whose lot it fell to nominate two representatives.

  56. It is possible that, at the general election, a Liberal constituency may invite me.

  57. For my own part, I have rather more hope of a constituency such as Hollingford, than of one actively democratic.

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