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constipation; constitit; constitootion; constituciones; constitue; constituency; constituent; constituents; constituta; constitute
  1. Now suppose that, instead of this arrangement, your community is divided into twelve constituencies and no candidate may contest more than one of them.

  2. Election of representatives in one-member local constituencies by a single vote gives a citizen practically no choice beyond the candidates appointed by the two great party organisations in the State.

  3. Three single-member constituencies which might all return members of the same colour, if they were lumped together to return three members would probably return two of one colour and one of another.

  4. Oglander, of Nunwell, in the Isle of Wight, and had been an unsuccessful candidate for one of the Isle of Wight constituencies at the general election of 1768.

  5. I think that such constituencies are not entitled to be represented here.

  6. Will any man say that the voices of these seven thousand voters are to outweigh the voices of all the constituencies of the United States in the capital of their country?

  7. Go back and labor as industriously to disabuse the minds of your constituencies as you labored to mislead and impose upon them.

  8. Mr. Stansfeld congratulated the meeting on having made a new departure; their question had become one of practical politics, and they had now to address themselves in all the constituencies to the political organizations.

  9. There are certain constituencies which contain hundreds of lodgers, and of these not more than tens are on the register.

  10. The lower House would be composed of the men whom Nationalist constituencies already return to Parliament--excitable, fierce partisans, always ready to subordinate private convictions to the exigencies of party discipline.

  11. All attempts to resuscitate the corpse have failed, and a Liberal Party, independent of the Nationalists, representing Ulster constituencies in the House of Commons, in spite of repeated efforts, does not exist.

  12. The Premier had proved himself an indomitable fighter, and his appeal to the constituencies was not wholly unsuccessful.

  13. Since 1890, I had been approached by forty constituencies as to whether I would become a candidate.

  14. The old men retired, and a set of new men were elevated by newly-created constituencies into their vacated places, to be disinterested on dilapidated means, and noisy on short commons.

  15. Sad it is, that it is seemingly the will of our constituencies that our laws shall prefer the few to the many.

  16. In order to alter it permanently for the better, it is essentially necessary, as a first step in the process, that the worse parts of the constituencies on which it rests be so altered.

  17. It may well be doubted whether at that date ten British constituencies would have returned to Parliament representatives pledged to grant Ireland a separate legislature.

  18. Notwithstanding every effort, however, to capture the constituencies at the next elections, James found public opinion against him to be too strong, and all thought of summoning a fresh parliament had to be abandoned.

  19. On this occasion the election for the city did not take place until the returns of many constituencies in the country had been made known.

  20. As a rule the returns of the metropolitan constituencies were looked forward to as an augury of the political complexion of the coming parliament.

  21. The impression that a House of Commons with so limited a period of life before it would be more anxious to conciliate the confidence and respect of the constituencies had not been justified in practice.

  22. Then, as in later days, the vast wealth of the Whig families was spent unstintingly, and it may be said unblushingly, in securing the possession of the small constituencies, the constituencies which were only to be had by liberal bribery.

  23. By the beginning of October in 1890 the unionist members in the same constituencies had sunk to thirty-six, and the liberals had risen to forty-one.

  24. Lord Hartington knew the advantage of two-member constituencies (M50) for his party, because they made an opening for one whig candidate and one radical.

  25. The first order was to consist of the twenty-eight representative peers, together with seventy-five members elected by certain scheduled constituencies on an occupation franchise of twenty-five pounds and upwards.

  26. In 1886 seventy-seven constituencies were represented by forty-seven unionists and thirty liberals.

  27. Besides these constituencies where a contest was so futile, were those others in which no contest was even attempted.

  28. Among the other legacies of the forward policy that the constituencies had decisively condemned in 1880, this insoluble problem rapidly became acute and formidable.

  29. We chose him simply because he was the only important candidate standing for constituencies within reach of our headquarters.

  30. Yet we, as usual, went into the constituencies and opposed the Liberal Party.

  31. According to English law, all new comers into the Cabinet are obliged to resign their seats in Parliament and offer themselves to their constituencies for re-election.

  32. Because the commercial constituencies really do elect their own members in accordance with their own judgments, whereas the counties and the small towns are coerced either by individuals or by a combination of aristocratic influences.

  33. There appeared leader after leader in the People's Banner urging the constituencies to take advantage of the Prime Minister's words, and to show clearly at the hustings that they desired the ballot.

  34. Large constituencies make independent deputies; but experience proves that small assemblies, the consequence of large constituencies, can be managed by Government.

  35. Members, like other folk, want their holidays, and, unlike other folk, have constituencies to look after.

  36. The constituencies at this time were apathetic on the Reform Question.

  37. The "big brother" was the Borough constituencies enlarged by the New Reform Bill.

  38. It followed, not unnaturally, that the constituencies held one voting machine to be as good as another, and they did not generally send any men who could have been of service in debate.

  39. It left out of "Ulster" the three counties, Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan, in whose eight constituencies no Unionist had been returned since 1885.

  40. This proposal was not unreasonable, since the Home Rule Act was now a statute and under it new and properly distributed constituencies were scheduled; while over and above this the Convention was in existence to occupy itself with the matter.

  41. The existing members for the existing constituencies were to be the provisional Parliament till the war ended.

  42. Voting must be a referendum either to the province as a whole, to the constituencies separately, or to local units of administration.

  43. For a period of fifteen years Southern Unionists were to be represented by nominated members, while Ulster was to have extra members elected by special constituencies representing commercial and agricultural interests.

  44. However, all the machinery which was employed by the opponents of Home Rule to prejudice Ireland's case in the British constituencies proved very ineffectual.

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