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Example sentences for "accumulate"

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accrue; accrued; accrues; accruing; accueil; accumulated; accumulates; accumulating; accumulation; accumulations
  1. It was our present duty to accumulate facts, not to set up new theories, nor aim, by any means, to fight these intellectual giants while we were armed but with small weapons.

  2. It does seem improbable that the proposed expedition will trace any open connection "with such an interior world;" but it may accumulate facts of the highest importance.

  3. Why do I continue to wish to accumulate more money?

  4. The artist did not ask Rachel and Aaron to be his models, but he made innumerable sketches of them, and remained in the village long enough to accumulate all the principal points and accessories for his picture.

  5. Thirdly, the tragedy of the past generation was not its failure to accumulate wealth; in that respect it was more successful than any generation which preceded it.

  6. Then, too, as if to accumulate proofs of the unfitness of the Church to take charge of advanced instruction, his salary as a professor at the University of Pisa was taken from him, and sapping and mining began.

  7. Masses of sand accumulate at the mouth of the Platte, rendering the {135} navigation of the Missouri at that point extremely difficult.

  8. Some of these channels we found obstructed by collections of floating trees, which usually accumulate about the heads of islands, and are here called rafts.

  9. The feces may accumulate in the rectum, because they cannot pass this obstruction.

  10. When transudations are unhealthy, they may accumulate in serous cavities or in cellular structures, and constitute dropsy.

  11. Intense fear causes great drops of perspiration to accumulate on the skin, while the salivary glands remain inactive.

  12. They were offered to the landed interests as a resting-place, a firm and solid ground on which time and experience might accumulate a richer soil.

  13. Should a surplus be permitted to accumulate beyond the appropriations, it must be retained in the Treasury, as it now is, or distributed among the people or the States.

  14. The only thing worth while I have done in my twenty-six years of life was to accumulate the best friend a man ever had--and lose him again because I was a fool and couldn't understand things without a blueprint!

  15. How much did you keep thinking through so long a time would be sufficient to accumulate before you could come back and 'try to steal Rose Jenvie?

  16. Every precaution was applied in making and breaking contact to accumulate effect, but no indications of a current could be obtained.

  17. Still the experimental evidence I have is so small in proportion to what must gradually accumulate around, and bear upon, this point, that I am afraid to give a strong opinion upon it.

  18. And the riddles accumulate which we cannot hope to solve.

  19. They accumulate the most precise and circumstantial details as long as the scene remains insignificant, but come to a sudden stop before the one tragic and interesting scene of the drama: the duel and its issue.

  20. The future captain of industry, who will employ thousands of workpeople and accumulate millions of money, is going straight to his splendid future when he gets up at five in the morning to work in another person's factory.

  21. Simply to accumulate money that you are never to use is, from the intellectual point of view, as stupid an operation as can be imagined.

  22. The first consequence of it is that women do not naturally accumulate accurate knowledge.

  23. The prosaic business, then, of the man of genius is to accumulate that preparatory knowledge without which his genius can never be available, and he can do work of this kind as regularly as he likes.

  24. To form lather, or a froth like lather; to accumulate foam from profuse sweating, as a horse.

  25. A glass jar or bottle used to accumulate electricity.

  26. To accumulate by collecting and saving little by little; to amass; to gain; to heap up.

  27. To store up in a hive, as honey; hence, to gather and accumulate for future need; to lay up in store.

  28. The watery eye; a disease in which the tears accumulate in the eye, and trickle over the cheek.

  29. A frame of woodwork across a beach to accumulate and retain shingle.

  30. O Page 193 Sillery, "My constituents were not so senseless as to noble "accumulate upon my head all sorts of powers.

  31. When a loss happens, it divides, among a great many people, and a great number of years, evils which without it would accumulate on one nation and one season.

  32. The vices and crimes of men, the selfishness and tyranny of governments, accumulate impediments in the way of the free working of the will of God in human society.

  33. Another pierces himself with red hot irons, as if voluntary pain endured now could accumulate merit for him and buy off future inflictions.

  34. If sediments accumulate upon a sea bottom the interior heat will tend to rise so as to keep at the same distance from the surface.

  35. It is Saturday; and the mills on the river Leven are stopped at noon, to allow the water in the lake from which it flows to accumulate its supplies for the following week's operations.

  36. As regards the Saïte period, we are beginning to accumulate many stelae recording gifts to a god of land or houses, made either by the king or by private individuals.

  37. The statue then placed its right hand upon the nape of his neck, and by making passes, caused the fluid to flow from it, and to accumulate in him as in a receiver.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "accumulate" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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