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Example sentences for "accumulating"

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accruing; accueil; accumulate; accumulated; accumulates; accumulation; accumulations; accumulative; accumulator; accumulators
  1. Having given the two thousand years before Christ to accumulating its moral energies, the Hebrew race acquired momentum enough to continue the civilizing tide through the two thousand years after Christ.

  2. If I were twenty, and had but ten years to live," answered the publicist, "I would spend the first nine years accumulating knowledge and getting ready for the tenth.

  3. Milton tells us that he spent four and thirty years of solitary and unceasing study in accumulating his material for a heroic poem that the world would not willingly let die.

  4. This sum is accumulating like a rolling snowball, and will soon surpass, and perhaps absorb the wealth of several of the smaller European nations.

  5. I advise the gentle reader to think twice before accumulating ten millions.

  6. These things doubtless dated back to a time when the only mode of accumulating wealth was through oppression.

  7. Where other sciences have their recognised room for progress, a slowly accumulating and often changing knowledge behind, and a free field of uncertainty in front, ethics was promptly walled in with the absolute and the super-natural.

  8. Six weeks after he arrived he began his first course of lectures, taking for his subject the history of galvanism, and the various methods of accumulating galvanic influence.

  9. He wrote to Miller, "The extreme embarrassments which have been for a long time accumulating upon me are now become so great that it will be impossible for me to struggle against them many days longer.

  10. Disjointed observations connected with animal electricity had been accumulating for many centuries.

  11. Your father worked for twenty years of his life accumulating it for us, and it seems to me a sort of sacred duty to see that his labor has not all been thrown away.

  12. The number of persons comprised in the accumulating families was two million six hundred and seventy-five thousand.

  13. In states of society where there is no accumulating capital, the labourer necessarily receives low wages, because he maintains himself at the minimum of subsistence.

  14. The consequence was, that no person thought of accumulating at all, and that the price of wheat often rose, just before the harvest, from five shillings a quarter to five pounds.

  15. The one started into life with the idea of acquiring a great name by accumulating great wealth.

  16. The conduct of the neutral Powers, at this crisis of accumulating difficulties, was equally ungrateful.

  17. For several years evidence has been accumulating that additional legislation is needed.

  18. Accumulating wealth and money enabled the traders, merchants, bankers and manufacturers to out-buy and out-point landlords and churchmen.

  19. Each nucleus was a center of planned production; accumulating wealth, growing population and expanding authority.

  20. For the king, as I said before, had an immense treasure, which his uncle had been accumulating for many years.

  21. This, then, will be a third layer, once more rigid, perhaps extending to the center and of very considerable thickness and capable of accumulating strain from long periods.

  22. Accumulating evidence is to the effect that the proportion of double stars to single stars may be as great in the Classes A to K as in Class B.

  23. Cunningham; and, as some others have already begun to recognize, evidence is now steadily accumulating in support of the correctness of it.

  24. The dust deposits are found accumulating outside the borders of deserts as the so-called loess (Fig.

  25. Sand accumulating both to windward and to leeward of a firm and impenetrable obstruction.

  26. Put in one scale that simple utterance, and in the other all the lore of antiquity, with its accumulating glosses and commentaries, and the latter will be light in the balance.

  27. As the solitary champion of an imperfect system which the world is renouncing, it has contended with earnestness, which has often become prejudice, and with insensibility to accumulating facts, which was injustice.

  28. We are the heirs to an inheritance grandly accumulating from generation to generation, with the superadded products of other lands.

  29. The hardness of the gold that had been accumulating in the family for generations had seemingly permeated the mother's heart, for the expression of her son's face softened neither her tone nor manner.

  30. On various parts of the mainland monolithic groups still remain partially entombed in the slowly accumulating mosses, the growth of unnumbered centuries.

  31. Several examples seem to indicate that the Anglo-Saxons were wont to convert an accumulating barrow into the general place of sepulture of a locality, interring the body apparently in its ordinary robes, but without any cist.

  32. His little room became too small for accumulating purchases and donations.

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