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Example sentences for "accumulated"

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accrued; accrues; accruing; accueil; accumulate; accumulates; accumulating; accumulation; accumulations; accumulative
  1. Mandlebert is a creature whose whole composition is a pile of accumulated punctilios.

  2. She meant, at first, to write in detail; but her difficulties accumulated as she weighed them.

  3. As the ashes accumulated and hid the red coal, he blew them away.

  4. There comes to every prosperous man a time when he wishes to know the best way of securing a steady income from his accumulated savings without the burden of responsibility of managing some property in order to gain his income.

  5. A good banker will have accumulated in ordinary times the reserve he is to make use of in extraordinary times.

  6. There are other lines in which prices are always subject to the incalculable chances of the harvests, and in which the market value of all accumulated stocks of materials and finished goods wavers with the crop reports.

  7. The capitalist secures less profits but with his accumulated savings ordinarily endures no real privation, while large numbers of the workers with little or no savings face actual hunger or starvation.

  8. Accumulated during the course of the past half century, there is a perfectly immense amount of American securities held all over Europe.

  9. Gold has accumulated in the treasury beyond the wildest "dreams of avarice" of the nineties.

  10. The savings bank is the receiving reservoir for the little springs, the bank of discount is the distributing reservoir for accumulated capital.

  11. Accumulated stocks left over from prosperity are gradually exhausted, and current consumption requires current production.

  12. Unwritten history is full of such reactions, since it is by the accumulated energy of their revolts that the world moves on its way.

  13. The wrong people often seem to be punished; blessings, such as those heaped upon the head of the patriarch Job, do not seem to be accumulated upon the righteous.

  14. The freshness, the air of leisure, the enthusiasm of discovery that mark the work of these old writers have lessons for the modern professional zoologist, who at times feels burdened with the accumulated knowledge of a century and a half.

  15. Within the protoplasm is accumulated a large number of spherical granules arranged in diverse manners in different cells.

  16. None of the balls came so near as those first fired--perhaps because of the accumulated smoke.

  17. Although unceasingly harassed by the Allies, their withdrawal was effected methodically, in order to save as much as possible of the formidable quantities of guns and material which had been accumulated in the “pocket” since June.

  18. Ammunition depots were accumulated right up to the first lines, and huge quantities of bridge-building material collected.

  19. The accumulated force of the acts of one Universe produced another.

  20. He accumulated some property while he was out there.

  21. After I had accumulated that property in Denver, I had to go and look for claims, and that is the way I come to have this mine.

  22. When the packages accumulated so rapidly that the company had about as many on hand as their storeroom could hold, an auctioneer was ordered to sell them off for whatever he could get.

  23. Thus the fruits of a parent's labor for the salvation of his children constitute an infinitely more valuable patrimony than all the accumulated fruits of his industry in behalf of wealth.

  24. The sadness we then feel we dearly cherish; and we linger around these tombs as if bound to them by some mystic chord we could not break; we are loth to leave a spot in which are accumulated the fondest associations of early life.

  25. They will open a window for a few minutes in the morning, without opening the door also, to create a current, and think that is amply sufficient to displace the accumulated carbon dioxide and other substances inimical to health.

  26. The noxious and pestilent gases generated by the accumulated filth having no outlet, are forced back into the building, poisoning the atmosphere, and breeding contagion among the inhabitants.

  27. To test it in this respect he has frequently discontinued its use for a week, with the result of a regular movement, as soon as enough faecal matter had accumulated to demand it.

  28. Bile is poured out on the accumulated food again and again, for the presence of anything in the duodenum is a demand for the secretion of bile.

  29. Thus a coating of loose fibres is accumulated on the copper cone, and these are kept in position only by the exhaust at work under it.

  30. It was his misfortune to be the scapegoat upon whose head parliament laid the accumulated sins, real and imaginary, of the East India Company.

  31. He lost the accumulated weariness of business--worry and expansive oratory; he felt young and potential.

  32. He heard, and saw, without speaking or acting, till facts and proofs had accumulated in his mind.

  33. When we had stayed as long as we should, and had again accumulated some supplies, we decided to leave Victoria's band.

  34. Many of the guns and much ammunition we had accumulated while living in the reservation, and the remainder we had obtained from the White Mountain Apaches when we left the reservation.

  35. Pythagoras drew up a collection of adages for his disciples, and Plato, Theophrastus, and Chrysippus accumulated stores of them.

  36. The author accumulated a vast store of information, more than he found himself able to utilise in his book, the result being yet another book, the "Remaines.

  37. In Rome were accumulated the choicest treasures of the world.

  38. The Dartmouth College Museum is filled with specimens accumulated by the energy of Professor Hitchcock.

  39. Many of the old cities, rich with the accumulated stores of ages, were besieged, and perhaps taken, and their palaces wantonly burnt, by the barbarous invaders.

  40. The result was, that while the tenant starved and the landlord got less than his due in consideration of being saved from annoyance, the middleman gradually accumulated money.

  41. There were not more than a score of them, turning brown with accumulated dust.

  42. The forcible exhibition of a new and striking subject, the gradual development of passions in fierce conflict, the utmost amount of pathos accumulated round the victims of malice or ill-luck, exhaust the resources of the tragedian.

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "accumulated" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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