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accrues; accruing; accueil; accumulate; accumulated; accumulating; accumulation; accumulations; accumulative; accumulator
  1. It encourages industry which accumulates with the usual honesty, and for a rather generous use.

  2. Even in the commercial and manufacturing parts of America, money accumulates in large masses; now in the hands of an individual, now of a corporation.

  3. In no sense whatever does a man who accumulates a fortune by legitimate industry exploit his employés, or make his capital "out of" anybody else.

  4. The snow accumulates only on the gentler slopes or in the higher valleys.

  5. The Victoria glacier is of the alpine type, that is, has its origin in the snow that accumulates at the summit of the Abbot pass, and is fed by snow and ice avalanching from the adjacent slopes of Mts.

  6. Lots of corn cobs are scattered on the ground, old scraps of harness leather, and such other truck as accumulates where horses are kept standing around.

  7. There had been a large number of the Confederates camped there, and the ground was littered with the trash and rubbish that accumulates in quarters.

  8. This uneasiness accumulates in the brain in the form of self-discontent, and may lead to an accentuated sentiment of repentance.

  9. The superficial observer is easily deceived, but country life accumulates more reserve force in the organism than urban life.

  10. The mucous surface extends into these forming deep pockets lined with very thin epithelium, and in these débris of all sorts accumulates and provides material favorable for bacterial growth.

  11. Certain of these bacteria produce gas which accumulates in the tissues and the body often swells enormously.

  12. The fluid accumulates within the tissues leading to dropsy, or the accumulation may take place in some of the cavities of the body.

  13. Legislation may favor wealth and not men--property which is accumulated labor, rather than labor which is the power that accumulates property.

  14. There are broad expanses (takyrs) of clay soil upon which water accumulates in the spring; in the summer these are muddy, but later quite dry, and merely a few Solanaceae and bushes grow on them.

  15. The floating ice which accumulates in the northern parts of the Sea of Okhotsk and the cold current which flows along the east coast of the peninsula render its summers chilly, but the winter is relatively warm, and temperatures below -40 deg.

  16. But practically he merely accumulates a simple hoard, which is not an element of actual production.

  17. Only to the extent that the gold producer accumulates surplus-value or converts it into means of production of I, in other words, to the extent that he expands his production, does his v + s stay out of Department II.

  18. It is not the capitalist of I who among other things buys from II a supply of necessities of life for his labourers, or accumulates them for this purpose, as the slave holder had to do.

  19. Now take it that the capitalist class of I consumes one-half of the surplus-value, or 500, and accumulates the other half.

  20. If there is delay in the passage of food, gas accumulates in the stomach, presses up against the diaphragm and interferes with the heart action.

  21. Of course, when material accumulates in the lungs it must be coughed up, but not a little of the coughing might easily be dispensed with--it is unproductive coughing.

  22. That the gas at times accumulates in the pocket at the head of the gulch is, however, proved by the dead squirrels, etc.

  23. One who accumulates money or wealth; specifically, one who makes money-getting his governing motive.

  24. Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey, Where wealth accumulates and men decay.

  25. The cistern or reservoir made at the lowest point of a mine, from which is pumped the water which accumulates there.

  26. Beneath the plate are placed pots containing water, into which the sulphurous or bituminous vapour descends, and in the water the fat accumulates and floats on the top.

  27. The secretion of mucus by the lining membrane is constant, and during the night a considerable amount accumulates in the stomach; some of its liquid portion is absorbed, and that which remains is thick and tenacious.

  28. The half-liquid matter that accumulates in the bowl of a pipe will kill a small animal in three-drop doses.

  29. The poison that accumulates under the first layer of skin breeds disease and sooner or later must come death.

  30. The dissolved material which was carried in the water is eventually left in saline deposits, and the great burden of sediment accumulates in thick stratified masses which in magnitude outstrip the largest deltas in the ocean.

  31. In this case the oil accumulates at the bottom of the vessel, and may be drawn off by the stop-cock provided for the purpose.

  32. Put the penny a day in the bank, and it accumulates slowly.

  33. The building-society is thus a savings bank, where money accumulates for a certain purpose.

  34. Capital accumulates in their hands, and they employ other labourers to work for them.

  35. The mud with which they are charged is deposited when it reaches their mouth, and accumulates rapidly; it is said that the coast advances about a mile every seventy years.

  36. It is one of the funniest sights imaginable to see the youngsters playing and frolicking in the water by the hour,--I should have said liquid mud, for the filth that accumulates in this plaza reservoir is simply indescribable.

  37. The animals do not transmit their knowledge; that which each individual accumulates dies with him.

  38. If, then, a certain number of men are the sole dealers in articles of primary necessity, it follows that the public treasury, in passing and repassing through their hands, deposits and accumulates real property there.

  39. Here he accumulates huge fortunes if he will only advertise persistently and with sufficient disregard of truth.

  40. The one supremely useful man is he who accumulates and holds.

  41. If you say he accumulates by devious ways and by grinding the face of the poor the reply is that sometimes he does and sometimes he does not.

  42. When these grubs are at work you can hear their rasping by standing at the bottom of the tree, and the wood-dust thrown out of their burrows accumulates in heaps on the ground below.

  43. Nearly the whole of the free gold is caught by the mercury, for which it has a great affinity, and accumulates as amalgam on the copper plates, from which it is cleaned off every twelve hours.

  44. We know that mark of opium excesses well, and the cause of it, or at least we believe the cause to lie in the quickening of the insensible perspiration which accumulates and glistens on the face.

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