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Example sentences for "frolicking"

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froide; froidure; frolic; frolick; frolicked; frolicks; frolicksome; frolics; frolicsome; from
  1. Schlump, the snoring guardian is awakened and ordered to open {198} the door to the room, where the maidens are singing and frolicking with their guests.

  2. The first scene is laid in the very depths of the Rhine, where we see three nymphs, frolicking in the water.

  3. The minstrels ate the tables bare, ransacked cupboards and sideboards in kitchen and dining room, feasting and frolicking during the performance.

  4. The bleating sheep, the frolicking calves, the cackling hens, that had been heard on the verdant ridges of Pennsylvania Road, had been crowded to the rural district known later as East Liberty and Walls.

  5. I'm getting old and queer and not fit for anything but to sit in the corner and grumble, instead of frolicking round.

  6. Mrs. Gilman had some rather strict ideas, and declared it was no time for frolicking when war was at our very door, and no one knew what might happen, and hundreds of families were in pinching want.

  7. Girls are very flighty, nowadays, and are in the street half the time, and dancing and frolicking round at night.

  8. It is one of the funniest sights imaginable to see the youngsters playing and frolicking in the water by the hour,--I should have said liquid mud, for the filth that accumulates in this plaza reservoir is simply indescribable.

  9. Have you no sense of responsibility whatever, thus to be frolicking on a working-day?

  10. And wildly droll and sad it was to Jurgen thus to remember all that was going to happen to these persons, and to all the other persons who were frolicking in the shadow of their doom and laughing at this trivial masque.

  11. Hurrying to a clamorous height, the pace glides into a Movimento di Valzer, in massed volume, with the frolicking figure in festive array.

  12. After a climax of the first motive a frolicking theme begins (in English horn and violas).

  13. One day I was frolicking with a little spirited urchin, some six years old, who chased me with a piece of bamboo about three feet long, with which he occasionally belaboured me.

  14. Thus arrayed they no longer hesitated, but flung themselves lightly over the bulwarks, and were quickly frolicking about the decks.

  15. Here you would see a parcel of children frolicking together the live-long day, and no quarrelling, no contention among them.

  16. In the very ark, no doubt, You went frolicking about; Never keeping in your mind Drowned monkeys left behind!

  17. You saw them running and frolicking about the prairie like children, or wrestling and exercising the other sports which recalled the days and the land of their boyhood.

  18. The insects were humming and frolicking about on their tiny wings, taking their last enjoyment of their little day, ere they gave place to the ephemera of the next.

  19. For very joy of lightness, he ran about the room like a frolicking child.

  20. The frolicking begins with the Christmas eve hop given by the midshipmen.

  21. It was a merry, frolicking party which set forth, and as they crossed the athletic field a lively snowballing took place, for a light snow had fallen the day before, turning the Yard into a beautiful white world.

  22. This veil, no doubt, had very much the air Of those unmentionables parsons wear; And this the nun, to frolicking inclined, It seems had well impressed upon her mind.

  23. IN truth, the wife was quite surprised to find Her spouse so much to frolicking inclined; Said she, what ails the man, he's grown so gay?

  24. Three little creatures are frolicking on the clouds below the saints' feet, and two are perched on the upper part of the arches.

  25. All this charming by-play gives the impression of a company of living spirits frolicking among the arches of the church.

  26. Suddenly a threatening growl startled him, and then came the welcome bark of Terror, and the next moment the dog was frolicking around him and showing his delight in the most extravagant manner.

  27. What should enter Noah's head but to follow the example of the goat, frolicking and jumping, and in that state of high merriment both reached the house.

  28. The young woman heaved, and out came the little lamb quite alive and started frolicking through the house.

  29. He went down from the back of the fishes, and jumping and frolicking about he rolled over and over in the sand.

  30. Getting near his house, the goat overtook him, frolicking and jumping as it had done every day.

  31. Now that women were frolicking in the water rather than simply being dunked several times, their costume became somewhat more functional.

  32. The force of the waves and the motion of the frolicking bathers gave the artist opportunity to show two more pretty accidents.

  33. If dancing is a sin for this reason, so is playing marbles, or frolicking with one's children, or enjoying a good dinner, or doing fifty other things which nobody ever dreamed of objecting to.

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