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Example sentences for "frolicsome"

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frolicked; frolicking; frolicks; frolicksome; frolics; from; fromage; frome; fromm; fromme
  1. The old Frenchman was slowly approaching, when a frolicsome wind whisked off his hat and sent it skimming along the beach.

  2. A pert girl; a frolicsome or sportive young woman; -- used jocosely.

  3. Old England, who takes a frolicsome brain fever once every two or three years, for the benefit of her doctors.

  4. A roving, frolicsome thing; a trifler; -- used rarely as a term of endearment.

  5. Defn: In a frolicsome manner; with mirth and gayety.

  6. He was as fresh and frolicsome as a sea breeze itself, as shrewd as his father, and as simple as Linnet.

  7. The words filled Marjorie with a great awe; she slipped out to unburden herself to Linnet, but Linnet was setting the tea-table in a frolicsome mood and Marjorie's heart could not vent itself upon a frolicsome listener.

  8. A frolicsome leap or spring; a skip; a jump, as in mirth or dancing; a prank.

  9. Some thing curled or spiral,, as a flourish made with a pen on paper, or with skates on the ice; a trick; a frolicsome caper.

  10. In Congo and Guinea is found the frolicsome Spotted or Diana Monkey (Cercopithecus Diana), the upper parts of whose body are of a reddish colour, besprinkled with white spots.

  11. Besides the picturesque charms of the village, I was recompensed for two hours delay, by the frolicsome Senoras, at whose estate I had tarried.

  12. Nor was he less admired by the younger part of the community; for, while the old and sober asserted that James was a canny man, and a learned man, the young and frolicsome assured one another that he was a droll man, and a funny man.

  13. The tall, grave girl, who passed with her frolicsome but obedient goat, looked indifferently at the noisy, animated scene.

  14. Chasing your tail at a game of tag, Dancing a jig with a kitchen rag, Rearing and tearing, and all for fun, Frolicsome Don!

  15. In the contributions of the young graduate the high spirits of a frolicsome fancy effervesce and sparkle.

  16. But he was distinctively a preacher, and his serene and sweet genius never unbent into a frolicsome mood.

  17. Fast fly the sea-ripples, Revealing their dimples, When forth, thou hi'st to the frolicsome sea!

  18. One felt all the genial gayety and grace and impishness of Pierrot and Columbine idealized into frolicsome beauty and holy innocence, as though they were performing for the saints in Paradise--a baby Columbine, with a cherub for clown!

  19. Every frolicsome breeze of June carried some of them a little farther down the road; every full moon shone more clearly through the barrier of the pines.

  20. The door flew open, and with a gay, frolicsome greeting, Pollnitz danced into the room; Anna had turned to the window, and made no reply to his greeting.

  21. The paper which was preserved by her young friend, illustrates also another trait which she thus describes at the close of a frolicsome letter to Miss E.

  22. Though they were but children, fond of frolicsome play and chatter, and knew not even how to speak of love, yet they already partook of love's delight.

  23. She had reached that adorable, uncertain hour when the frolicsome girl changes to a young woman.

  24. She required but little pressing; she received the proposal with the willing smile of a frolicsome lass who has no thought of evil.

  25. I just stopped in to find out if you knew anyone that had a riding horse for sale; horse with four good legs that'll carry me all day, and about the rest I don't care a frolicsome cuss.

  26. The children tripped about, and sang: Mignon, in particular, was frolicsome beyond all wont.

  27. The disorders and mischievous tricks of some frolicsome companions still further augmented the disquietudes and distresses of the night: these gay people woke each other; each played a thousand giddy pranks to plague his fellow.

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    animated; antic; elfin; exuberant; frisky; frolicsome; gamesome; gay; hearty; impious; jolly; kittenish; lively; mischievous; naughty; playful; rollicking; skittish; spirited; sportive; sprightly; vital; vivacious; waggish; zany; zestful; zippy