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Example sentences for "humming"

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humility; humin; hummed; hummer; hummers; hummingbird; hummingbirds; hummock; hummocks; hummocky
  1. Mr. Deacon returned to the dining-room, humming in his throat.

  2. Mrs. Bett was working contentedly beside her, and now and then humming an air of that music of the night before.

  3. Monona sat pulling her skirt over her feet, and humming all on one note.

  4. She lay in the graveyard on the hillside, where the dead can hear the bees humming in the heather.

  5. And all the time she is humming to herself, like a little bird--such funny little scraps of tunes.

  6. She passed down the stairs, humming a tune to herself, followed a few steps behind by her maid.

  7. Then he occupied himself by setting some of the books straight on the shelves, humming a tune to himself meanwhile, as if nobody else were in the room.

  8. At this moment the Count strolled toward us, his hands in his pockets, humming an aria, and an expression of amiable good humor on his face.

  9. Thus speaking, he rubbed his hands gleefully, and turning his back upon me, commenced humming his tune again.

  10. After which, saluting me again, he walked away humming an aria.

  11. What had he to do with battles--the humming click of the locks, the odour of burnt cotton, the bullets, the firing?

  12. Humming birds catch hold of things with their tongues; serpents and lizards use their tongues to touch and reconnoitre objects in front of them, hence their tongues have come to be forked.

  13. The little humming bird, huitzitzilin, was then sent forth, and returned with a twig in his mouth.

  14. Tezpi sent out other birds, of which the humming bird only came back, with a leafy branch in its beak.

  15. Bees were dreamily humming over the wealth of honeysuckles and roses that covered the cottage-wall, gathering their sweet and fragrant food at their leisure.

  16. After humming to himself for a few moments, as they walked along the dark lane, Daniel slipped a hand through his brother's arm and spoke affectionately.

  17. He bustled away, humming to himself; and, after musing a little, the bilious man also left the room.

  18. She fell to humming a little French tune, then broke off.

  19. And she began pirouetting, as though to try the capacities of the space, humming to herself.

  20. But when your own motor and propeller are humming and throbbing into your ears, it is hard, if not impossible, to hear the other fellow’s.

  21. There were several other troopships in our company, a brisk convoy of cruisers and destroyers and overhead a humming fleet of seaplanes.

  22. In one of the pauses a song came monotonously lilting down the street; yet it was not a song, it was only a sort of humming or chanting.

  23. Castine was blowing clouds of smoke from his pipe, and Shangois was pouring some tea leaves into a little tin pot, humming to himself snatches of an old song as he did so: "What shall we do when the King comes home?

  24. As he stooped there the humming patrolman was the witness of a remarkable and inexplicable occurrence.

  25. For the dapper figure wheeled quietly and quickly about and stooped down at the very side of the humming patrolman.

  26. And what on earth was that tune that kept humming in my head?

  27. Jack had been too much excited to notice any one special thing in the preparations to resist an attack, but he was now conscious of a dull humming sound which he knew was the softened roar of the furnaces.

  28. At the moment of signing the contract my bosom's lord had sat lightly on its throne, for I felt my head to be humming with ideas.

  29. Ever since his father's death that desolate county had been humming with his fame: his wrongs had been discussed at every hearthside, and his probable action.

  30. Through that forest I can pass Till, as in a looking-glass, Humming fly and daisy tree And my tiny self I see, Painted very clear and neat On the rain-pool at my feet.

  31. Here is the mill with the humming of thunder, Here is the weir with the wonder of foam, Here is the sluice with the race running under-- Marvelous places, though handy to home!

  32. Your servant,' and then walking out with me in his most fashionable manner, making a good deal of noise on the pavement with his shoes, and humming a tune as we went.

  33. This she did upon her knees, humming a lively little tune the while.

  34. But there I always found her, the same bright housewife; often humming her Devonshire ballads when no strange foot was coming up the stairs, and blunting the sharp boy in his official closet with melody.

  35. So he put on his hat, and went out with his cane under his arm: very upright, and humming a tune when he was clear of the counting-house.

  36. The bugle had just sounded the reveille and the barrack-room was humming like a hive of awakened bees.

  37. This jovial individual began humming an air which was the rage of the moment.

  38. And nodding brightly at him, she danced after the others, humming a gay little tune as she went.

  39. And who knows but the old lady thought of her own early days as she went away on Laura's arm, nodding her head and humming to herself?

  40. Instead of answering Trafford's pointed and anxious question, Atwater was humming softly.

  41. This consists of humming exercises, with closed lips.

  42. This massage consists of humming exercises, with closed lips.

  43. So saying, he threw his cloak over his shoulder and sauntered carelessly down the marble steps, humming again the gay air with which he had ascended.

  44. He had scarcely vanished, before footsteps were heard ascending the marble staircase on the other side, and the sound of a voice humming a popular air of the court.

  45. Even the bold lascivious cries of the cuckoos, the dances of the peacocks, and the humming of the bees were outdone by the tattle, the dances, and the songs of those women.

  46. They heard the echoes of the confused sounds of crowds of birds and the humming of the bees who were busily roaming over its flowers.

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