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Example sentences for "capacities"

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capables; capably; capacious; capacitated; capacitie; capacity; caparison; caparisoned; caparisons; capataz
  1. Man by reason of his intelligence and his capacities for specialization and the great number of his desires tends to prey upon his own kind.

  2. Ages ago he was already divinely human, and possessed those capacities both for coöperation and antagonism out of which war is created.

  3. Mabie says that America is distinguished by its capacities for forming helpful organizations.

  4. Experience referred to what we believe is real and universal, and subjected sincerely to all the capacities and criteria of appreciation that we possess is religious experience.

  5. As capacities are differentiated and multiplied, the experiences of achievement generate a mood and a more general impulse, a desire to exert power for its own sake.

  6. That is what it is intended briefly to set forth in this chapter, quite without reference to date or style or anything but the capacities of the material.

  7. It in no way lessens the credit of the great portrait painter that he knew nothing of the capacities of glass; that was not his metier.

  8. Baker and James Stillman in their individual capacities and in their joint administration and control of the First National Bank, the National City Bank, the National Bank of Commerce, the Chase National Bank, the Guaranty Trust Co.

  9. The liability assumed is generally accepted by the courts in lieu of the bonds which individuals acting in similar capacities are required to give.

  10. There are different kinds of administrators, in any of which capacities a trust company may be called upon to act.

  11. The whole machinery of production, transportation, and sale is a matter of physical capacities and technique, none of which depend on the quantity of money.

  12. But the good of mankind is not a something which is absolute and fixed for all men, whatever their capacities or state of civilization.

  13. None of these capacities are exhibited by men, unless they form part of a tolerably advanced society.

  14. The time of learning varies with the capacities of the women.

  15. The branch of manufacture and the capacities of females vary the wages from 50 cents to $1 per day of eleven hours.

  16. There is an improper use of the fact that the emotional capacities as well as the intellectual faculties are concerned in the apprehension of God.

  17. Its seat is the centre of human nature, and its circumference is the utmost limit of all the energies and capacities of that nature.

  18. The self-manifestation of God is addressed to the entire man, and can only be rightly apprehended by the concurrent action of all the energies and capacities of the soul.

  19. We feared pain much earlier than we apprehended guilt, and were delighted with the sensations of pleasure, before we had capacities to be charmed with the beauty of rectitude.

  20. The series coils in all capacities not having strap windings are held firmly in position on the yoke so that they cannot slip up from the lowest position.

  21. All its powers and capacities are gradually developed and made meet for the inheritance of the saints in light.

  22. It must not be forgotten that in the dry-farm region are numerous types of soils, among them some consisting chiefly of very fine soil grains and which would; consequently, possess field-water capacities above the average here stated.

  23. That the individual scholars may have constant employment, and such an amount and such kinds of study as shall be suited to the circumstances and capacities of each.

  24. From those who have done so well, and who have shown such unequivocal capacities for improvement, we may expect more.

  25. In manners, costume and address, the Iroquois people offer a high example of the capacities and ready adoptive habits of the race.

  26. Before opening his mouth, however, he bent his eyes slowly along the whole living boundary of earnest faces, as if to temper his expressions to the capacities of his audience.

  27. Then turning to the women, he made such a communication of the other's gratitude as he deemed most suited to the capacities of his listeners.

  28. Instead of the power of doing all the things which its parents did, it starts with the power of doing only some few of them; for the rest it has only latent capacities which need to be brought out by its individual experience after birth.

  29. But with the growth of the higher centres the capacities of action become so various and indeterminate that definite direction is not given to them until after birth.

  30. A biographer's obvious moral duty is to aim at presenting impartially "the plain truth," following Leighton's lead in not desiring to give either a more or less favourable view of his capacities as an artist than they deserve.

  31. Look at the failures per se and they make one very unhappy, but it helps matters to look at them in their capacities as parts of a whole rather than as isolated.

  32. And what capacities he possessed, capacities which would have enabled him to delight the world, if only he had not lacked the poor faculty of the storyteller!

  33. Humanity, gentle and courteous to all, knows how to distinguish ranks, virtues, and capacities without injury to any.

  34. The sum total of the talents and capacities of the race is always the same, and their nature is always similar.

  35. Capacities are classified and subdivided into orders, genera, and species.

  36. Capacities are to each other as functions and persons; who would dare to classify them in ranks?

  37. No; there is no real superiority among men, since all talents and capacities are combined never in one individual.

  38. I have just given the negative argument in favor of rewarding all capacities alike; I will now give the direct and positive argument.

  39. Capacities have no common standard of comparison: the conditions of development being equal, inequality of talent is simply speciality of talent.

  40. Excellence, of whatever kind it be, has always this attraction,--that it forms a standard by which men measure with each other their capacities of enjoyment and their powers of appreciation.

  41. This class of problems is far beyond the capacities and goals of classical masonry.

  42. Personally, the immense capacities of the brain to process information, and the speed of execution of these incredibly complicated operations, have always amazed me.

  43. It will not be contended that we are assuming a position beyond the capacities of learners, that the course here adopted is too philosophic.

  44. The author does not pretend to give a system of exposition in this work suited to the capacities of small children.

  45. Our instruction must be suited to the capacities of those we would benefit, always elevated just far enough above them to attract them along the upward course of improvement.

  46. I have not yet mentioned various capacities in which he served the public without any motive but to minister to the public welfare.

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