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  1. Lyrical Ballads and the Miscellaneous Pieces of the Author, 1815, in two volumes.

  2. Funds were meanwhile raised for Mary, and she ultimately married a farmer, after being the subject of dramas, ballads and novels.

  3. In the ballads on Robin Hood her name is twice casually mentioned, but there is a late ballad, by a certain S.

  4. Do not our ballads tell how at Lammas-tide, 'The doughty Earl of Douglas rade Into England to fetch a prey?

  5. I thought that I would make a last and desperate attempt to dispose of the ballads and of Ab Gwilym.

  6. Twenty years after, by the greatest chance in the world, I saw Glorious John, and sure enough Glorious John published my books, but they were different books from the first; I never offered my ballads or Ab Gwilym to Glorious John.

  7. A great deal of time; I really think that my ballads .

  8. Connected with fugitive slaves are laws about portunarii, ferrymen, who appear, as you know, in the old ballads as very important, and generally formidable men.

  9. In the Robin Hood Ballads which Professor Arber has printed from an edition by Wynkyn de Worde we have at least one piece of salvage.

  10. Innumerable ballads telling of his exploits were composed, the first reference to which is in the second edition of Langland's Piers Plowman, c.

  11. Many of these ballads still survive, but in all these traditions it is quite impossible to disentangle fact from fiction.

  12. These ballads make bright and easy reading; one takes up the book, and, delighted at the rhythm, turns page after page, finding entertainment upon each.

  13. It should also be noted that Paterson was writing his ballads before either of these became well-known, and there was little, if any, influence from either side.

  14. The immediate success of this book of bush ballads is without parallel in Colonial literary annals, nor can any living English or American poet boast so wide a public, always excepting Mr. Rudyard Kipling.

  15. Paterson a national poet whose bush ballads are as distinctively characteristic of the country as Burns's poetry is characteristic of Scotland.

  16. Stirring and entertaining ballads about great rides, in which the lines gallop like the very hoofs of the horses.

  17. These ballads and those plays looked so genuine that even men of international reputation in literature were deceived.

  18. This book consisted of twenty-eight ballads in prose form and an article on Hyacinthe Maglanovich, a fictitious Slavic bard and the supposed editor of them.

  19. He would have succeeded, too, had not the romantic spirit of the race clung fondly to their ballads and folk-lore.

  20. For the splendour of Astley's Circus in the 'forties, Punch forms a useful commentary on the delightful mock ballads of Bon Gaultier.

  21. In the same year American negro dialect ballads were much in vogue, a tyranny from which we are not yet relieved.

  22. The little boy sells papers and ballads about the streets.

  23. While the most pathetic of English ballads gives it: 'And now the heavy wrath of God Upon their uncle fell; Yea, fearful fiends did haunt his house.

  24. As compared with the old English and Scottish ballads, the cowboy and all other ballads of the American frontiers generally sound cheap and shoddy.

  25. It and a few other Mountain Men ballads are contained in the slight collection, Fandango, 1927.

  26. Mastery, for instance, of certain locutions peculiar to the Southwest will take their user to the Aztecs, to Spain, and to the border of ballads and Sir Walter Scott's romances.

  27. Two general anthologies are recommended especially for the cowboy songs they contain: American Ballads and Folk Songs, by John A.

  28. Vestal's "Fandango," a tale of the Mountain Men in Taos, is among the most spirited ballads America has produced.

  29. I must except also a certain late publication of Scots Poems, which she has perused very devoutly, and all the ballads in the country, as she has (O, the partial lover!

  30. The Klephtic ballads played a very important part in rousing the Greek spirit during the Graeco-Turkish war at the beginning of the last century.

  31. What I have above written of the “Songs of the Sea” is equally true of the other ballads in this volume.

  32. I would say in conclusion what will be apparent enough to many, that these Ballads make no great pretence to be poetry.

  33. The plan was to consult me about publishing a great quantity of ballads which this Mr. Buchan has collected.

  34. They were published under the title Ancient Ballads and Songs, 2 vols.

  35. The well-known ballads on these two North-country legends were published by M.

  36. It is a great pity that few of these ballads are historical, almost all being of the romantic cast.

  37. Sir Walter collected printed trials with great assiduity, and took care always to have the contemporary ballads and prints bound up with them.

  38. The letter was simply a formal request on behalf of a friend for permission to print some ballads in Scott's handwriting which were in an album that had apparently belonged to her daughter, yet it stirred his nature to its depths.

  39. It makes the joyful and unconscious literature of adolescence, the period of popular ballads and rhymed chronicles, quaint animal-epics and miracle-plays, impossible.

  40. Mrs. Moxon's first album was an extract book in which Lamb had copied a number of old ballads and other poems.

  41. In some of your story-telling Ballads the provincial phrases sometimes startle me.

  42. Robert Laneham in his list of ballads and romances, made in 1575, mentions Olyuer of the Castl.

  43. See Furnivall, Captain Cox, his Ballads and Books, Ballad Soc.

  44. Lane, Catalogue of English and American Chap-Books and Broadside Ballads in Harvard College Library, 1905, nos.

  45. He fixed himself in rather an obscure part of the fair, but his musical voice and humorous execution of a comic song soon drew a crowd about him, and put his ballads in speedy request.

  46. Twm, disguised as a woman, sings ballads at Cardigan fair.

  47. The fishermen in the mean time passed on him their rough jokes, one observing “You can sing ballads without a jacket, so I advise you to go on to the fair at Cardigan, where you may perhaps meet your old friends.

  48. This advice, given in ridicule, Twm at once determined to take in earnest, and literally sing the ballads so as to turn them into money.

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