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Example sentences for "hummed"

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humilis; humiliter; humilitie; humility; humin; hummer; hummers; humming; hummingbird; hummingbirds
  1. The phrase he had hummed had been that which he had associated with the falling from the tap on the evening before.

  2. He was not conscious that as he did so that morning he hummed an air; but Mrs. Barrett lingered with her hand on the door-knob and her face a little averted and smiling.

  3. Delmè was not naturally a rude man, but as he turned away, he hummed something very like Yankee-doodle.

  4. Every now and then, as the Frenchman answered him, he stirred his negus, and hummed a translation of "I'd be a butterfly.

  5. The boat hummed away from us, past some rocks, and round a headland into the unseen.

  6. I have often hummed romances when I should have praised Paul or Peter.

  7. The bow snapped, the arrow streaked the shadows, and hummed cheerily into the man's thigh.

  8. They hummed and murmured through his mind.

  9. She ended it and hummed it over again; until it came upon her that Charnock had been silent for a long time, and she looked up from the note into his face.

  10. Hassan Akbar, what hast them done with the Christian who hummed that tune and dropped a silver dollar in thy lap at this gate?

  11. Charnock hummed over that tune again as he stood beside the Moor, and the Moor stopped at once from his prayer.

  12. And so, thinking of such matters, she absently hummed over a tune, a soft plaintive little melody from an opera-bouffe.

  13. He had merely hummed the melody, but it had been quite delicious.

  14. As he changed his clothes he hummed to himself: "O Napoli!

  15. He hummed snatches of Spanish, French, and English songs.

  16. In their expeditious preparations for departure he hummed no snatches of song as a paean of stretching muscles and the expansion of his being with the full tide of the conscious life of day; and this, too, was contrary to custom.

  17. Nils lifted his flute and began "When Other Lips and Other Hearts," and Joe hummed the air in a husky baritone, waving his carpet-slipper.

  18. Each time he either hummed or whistled a line of "The Dying Cowboy.

  19. And all through the day Lafe sang or hummed the ballad of "The Dying Cowboy.

  20. The house was as tidy as ever; the wheel hummed briskly as Hetty sung softly to herself with a cheerful face, though there were white hairs among the brown, and her eyes had a thoughtful, absent look at times.

  21. How often, studying in thy book, have I hummed to myself that of Horace-- Laudis amore tumes?

  22. Wat vouchsafed him hardly a nod, but marched straight into a great crowded room, which hummed about him, riant with gay noise and the spangle of silver and glass.

  23. He glanced not uncomplaisantly at the Little Marie, who hummed a careless tune and swung her pretty foot against his knee, happily unconscious of his trouble.

  24. The circle hummed with it; many lived for it.

  25. The circle he moved in hummed of women, prompting novices as well as veterans to suspect that the multitude of them, and notably the fairest, yet more the cleverest, concealed the serpent somewhere.

  26. Ashamed to show the tenderness that filled his honest heart, he hummed "Kingdom Coming," relit his cigar, and presently began to talk again.

  27. All through the earlier months of 1538 the dockyards of Constantinople hummed with a furious activity, for Soliman had decreed that the maritime campaign of this year was to begin with no less than one hundred and fifty ships.

  28. But thoughtfulness begets wrinkles; remembering this, he soon put it up, smoothed his contracted brow, hummed a gay tune with greater gaiety of manner, and was his unruffled self again.

  29. As he approached Lord George's door, he cleared his throat and hummed more vigorously.

  30. It hummed and buzzed like a swarm of bees.

  31. The entire public, overcome by the mounting wave of excitement, hummed strangely and dully.

  32. They began to behave more freely, and hummed and disputed with the watchman.

  33. At times bending over, she plucked a field flower, and with light touches of her slender, agile fingers, she fondly stroked the quivering petals and hummed quietly and prettily.

  34. A soft whisper hummed in the turbid atmosphere, and the odor was a composite of many odors as in a drug shop.

  35. The two voices hummed continuously in the room, as if clutching at each other and wrestling in exciting play.

  36. Karospina here, Karospina there--the name of this modern magician was hummed everywhere in the brisk October air.

  37. She hummed shrilly and grasped Van Kuyp's arm in the gayest rebounding humour.

  38. The musty old harness business over on Lake Street was magically changed from a dust-covered, dead-alive concern to an orderly hive that hummed and glittered with success.

  39. She hummed contentedly all the morning at her tedious work.

  40. He hummed a little under his breath and anyone who was music-wise would have known that he was just a half beat behind her all the way.

  41. Do you--" a clash and buzz hummed over the wire into the receiver.

  42. And so Caroline hummed David's little serenade to herself as she dressed without Annette's assistance and smiled at her own radiance reflected at her from her mirrors.

  43. The echo took up the theme, and hummed it gloomily through the vacant place.

  44. London had hummed around them with its thousand suggestive voices; hinting, as if without intention and because it could not do otherwise, at a myriad interests, activities, passions.

  45. She had heard it all at Djenan-el-Maqui, on the piano, sung by Alston and hummed by Claude.

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