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Example sentences for "concealed"

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concaved; concavities; concavity; conceal; conceale; concealer; concealers; concealeth; concealing; concealment
  1. Strict search had been made by the officers of the Star-Chamber for concealed treasure, but little was found, the bulk having been carried off, as before related, by the myrmidons.

  2. Here, it was at once evident, was concealed the treasure that had escaped the clutches of the myrmidons and the officers of the Star-Chamber.

  3. As you may well suppose, I did not think fit to reveal my odious profession, and though I was unmasked, I contrived so to muffle my hateful visage with my cloak, that it was in a great degree concealed from him.

  4. Presently, walking softly on the narrow path in the cliff's face, he came full into view of the stranger, whose presence was concealed by the projection of a cliff from the pitiless Dover flares.

  5. A Sergeant, who had been concealed in the shelter of a stone wall which ran round Captain Cherriton's cottage, turned to the man at his side.

  6. She wore evening dress beneath her gorgeous Japanese rest gown, and John noticed the coquetry with which she concealed the letter from his view.

  7. Corporal Watson had been concealed in the garden and witnessed this visit, and Voules's and his friends' departure in the same stealthy manner.

  8. The slip of paper was still in his right hand, concealed beneath the level of the table.

  9. There was no view from the single window of the little apartment, the one-story building of which it formed a part was deeply embedded and concealed between high grass-covered mounds.

  10. It is a torture to me to live among them, concealed thus as a civilian!

  11. I thought really big men commonly concealed their business secrets from the eager ears of outsiders.

  12. There, concealed and alert, he waited for Carrington to show himself.

  13. The little man then ran to the front of the house and, concealed among the trees, watched the duel that was waged in the moonlight.

  14. They rode well back from the trail, and, concealed by some heavy brush, saw Carrington riding toward the big house.

  15. He had concealed himself, and had seen Taylor, apparently remorseful, trying to revive Harlan.

  16. Soon after, however, he was imprisoned a second time, and condemned to death on the charge of having concealed some of the Gunpowder-plot conspirators; but was pardoned through the interest of Lord Morley.

  17. Your charms in harmless childhood lay, Like metals in the mine, Age from no face took more away, Than youth concealed in thine.

  18. Thus is the solemn temple sunk again Into a pillar, and concealed from men.

  19. They agree that David should concealed abide, Till his great friend had the Court's temper tried; Till he had Saul's most sacred purpose found, And searched the depth and rancour of his wound.

  20. These two mysteries of the love of the same God, concealed under the veil of the Eucharist and His dying on the cross, ceaselessly occupied her spirit, and kindled in her heart the purest flames of love.

  21. The blackgown concealed his astonishment at what he heard from Therese, and blamed both her and her friend for their want of discretion.

  22. Indian of Lorette were concealed in the bushes, either near the river-bank at Amsterdam or on the high ground to the northeast of that town.

  23. Those who could not fight were hurried off to the higher hills behind the fortified plateau, and concealed in the woods; the warriors alone remained in the town.

  24. In her sitting posture it hung far over and half concealed her pretty leggings.

  25. Gianetto crouched down in it and the child covered him in such a way that he could breathe without it being possible to suspect that the hay concealed a man.

  26. This answer, delivered in trembling accents, concealed a delicate irony that was lost on all save me.

  27. The farmhouse by the chapel is a long stone building, whose weathering by the storms of some two hundred winters is concealed by a coat of whitewash, while the rooms are comfortably panelled within.

  28. The concealed spear of the Tatar pierces the garment of the European.

  29. The tops of the piles will be concealed by the end floor battens.

  30. The front projecting ends of the roofing boards are concealed by split twigs of about 2-1/2-in.

  31. The nature of the locker is partly concealed by the rustic work of split twigs that is nailed to the front.

  32. The edges of the table top are concealed by nailing on an edging of short sticks or cones.

  33. She could not be concealed in a world where there were no longer any sparsely populated regions.

  34. She might have been crying a little, but she concealed it well.

  35. He contended that it would not be wise to show ourselves too often during one day, and urged that we remain concealed until the time arrived when we were to perform our task of the night.

  36. I don't know why I think so, but he seemed sort of half-concealed behind that big moustache.

  37. The squire concealed a thrill of satisfaction by scowling, and exclaimed: "Well, why didn't you say so before?

  38. Perhaps the money had really been stolen and concealed there by them.

  39. He has to emerge from houses and all his other hiding places wherein so long ago ashamed (as at the voice of God in the garden) he concealed himself--and Nature must once more become his home, as it is the home of the animals and the angels.

  40. All right," he said in the calm way which so effectually concealed his feelings.

  41. Above all else it was necessary to reassure Constance, whose strength only concealed the raging fire beneath, and Enid, whose highly strung temperament was on the borderland of hysteria.

  42. These searchers are allowed, if they suspect spirits, or ropes, or instruments of escape to be concealed about the person, to strip them to ascertain the fact.

  43. Nor ought it to be concealed that the persons selected to fill the office of matron are, in various instances, unsuited to their posts; and in other cases are unfitted for its fulfillment, by residing out of prison.

  44. A poor woman had a rope found upon her, concealed for the purpose of liberating her husband, who was then sentenced to death for highway robbery, which sentence was to be put into execution in a few days.

  45. No wounded man is I have never said that kept concealed in Germany.

  46. No such luxuries as bed clothing, of course; only a red mattress which had not been benefited in the least by Russian bayonet thrusts and sabre slashes in the quest of concealed treasure.

  47. The dimensions of the proposed rising were effectually concealed by the censorship.

  48. All are consigned to kept concealed in Germany.

  49. Thoutii replied that it was concealed in the baggage with which his horses were laden, and requested that his men and horses should be brought into the camp to be refreshed and rested.

  50. New names are thus probably given at initiation, and carefully concealed for fear of sorcery.

  51. So she concealed herself in the great hall, and when night came sure enough Isis barred the doors and piled logs on the fire, thrusting the child among the glowing wood.

  52. Moreover, the true proportions of this admixture of foreign blood are partly concealed by a wholesale anglicization of surnames, sometimes deliberate and sometimes the fruit of mere confusion.

  53. Pg280] This motive constantly appears among the Jews, who face an anti-Semitism that is imperfectly concealed and may be expected to grow stronger hereafter.

  54. But this improvement in one direction merely serves to unearth new barbarisms in other directions, concealed in the oral tables by the flood of errors now remedied.

  55. Making a motion with his hand, as if he would have said that Anthony had taken it, and had died with it in his, he retreated to the corner where he usually concealed his sorrows; and was silent.

  56. As he ceased, the grey head of the old man drooped again; and he concealed his face behind his outspread fingers.

  57. Here he paused for an instant, and concealed his face behind his pocket-handkerchief.

  58. So despondent was his temper, that he showed no outward thrill of ecstasy when Miss Pecksniff placed her lily hand in his, and concealed this mark of her favour from the vulgar gaze by covering it with a corner of her shawl.

  59. The last man to enter the grounds was evidently a tramp, whose slouched hat half-concealed a dark bearded face.

  60. But Vernon's mind was apparently hazy on the subject of his friend's further reminiscences, and he left her at the door with ill-concealed alacrity.

  61. Wishing to study the crowd without himself being seen, he climbed on to the marble balustrade of the Outer Court where it ran between two pillars and in the niche thus made concealed himself.

  62. Looking close Jael saw the head of a serpent and that its body lay concealed under the leaves, yet so like its surroundings was it that it seemed to be but a part of them.

  63. Yea, a betrayer and a plot else those pious dogs of the Sanhedrin had not yet laid hands on him who stirred the people, for by day his followers, who were many, kept near him, and by night hath he cunningly concealed himself.

  64. And beholding him thus running, the Kurus began to argue, 'Who is this person, thus disguised like fire concealed in ashes?

  65. Having ignorantly come to a place where Partha lay concealed like fire hidden in a well, we have, indeed, exposed to a great danger.

  66. And, O foremost of kings, concealing myself by this means, as fire is concealed by ashes, I shall pass my days agreeably in the palace of Virata.

  67. Although I carefully concealed my connection with the army, and was most guarded in my remarks whenever forced to allude to the war, I could not hide the fact that I was a Northern man.

  68. It ended at a well-like opening in which stood a rude ladder, climbing this, we emerged through a well concealed trap door into the very room where Abner Haffner had laid at the point of death two months before.

  69. She tore away the white sheet which had concealed the body, and fell to the ground.

  70. The vapour dispersed, and Faustus saw a tall figure concealed beneath a red mantle.

  71. Over this it wore a Grecian mantle, which ought to have concealed the characters, but was much too short and too narrow for that purpose.

  72. I speak of that moment when thou didst command me to withdraw the veil which concealed the Eternal from thy sight.

  73. The evening wind blew freshly among his long hair, which half-concealed his face, and swung his body to and fro.

  74. They now went into the wood, and concealed themselves among the bushes, where they perceived the emissaries of the king in conference with some men and women, and the priest of the parish.

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