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Example sentences for "disguised"

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disgraces; disgracing; disgracious; disgruntled; disguise; disguises; disguising; disguisings; disgust; disgusted
  1. One creature seems disguised in order to be made like another; hence the terms "mimic" and mimicry, which imply no voluntary action on the part of the imitator.

  2. Some of his men are disguised as servants and valets in rich houses.

  3. As for the holdings of directors in construction and supply companies--most of those holdings are in other names--all of them are disguised where the connection is direct.

  4. It was no time for the smug hypocrisies under which we people down town usually conduct our business--just as the desperadoes used to patrol the highways disguised as peaceful merchants.

  5. Tresilian left Bristol disguised as a poor tradesman, mounted on a wretched hackney.

  6. I have seen Sir Robert Tresilian, disguised as a peasant, in an ale-house close by the palace gate.

  7. He hereupon resolves to become this dragon, and announces his intention of stealing into the house, disguised as a stranger, and attacking both her and Aegisthus by surprise.

  8. How far the character and personal experiences of an author are revealed or disguised in his writings is a question which has often been discussed.

  9. In spite of his dirty uniform, his brown unwashed hands and the blond unkempt beard which disguised fine features and a delicate mouth, it was clear to see that he was a man of good breeding and education.

  10. There was no false sentiment, no disguised gallantry, in the homage of the Belgians to those ladies.

  11. Disguised as the King, could he have done it?

  12. He had scarcely concluded this soliloquy when his namesake, Fergus Reiliy, disguised in such a way as prevented him from being recognized, approached him, in the lowly garb of a baccah or mendicant.

  13. He was disguised as a drummer, and is said to haunt the locality where he was shot.

  14. It cannot be disguised that all this was very ill- arranged in his head, but there it was, and he would have abandoned Spain had it been possible, because he felt compelled by duty to do so.

  15. She disguised the misfortune of her daughter, and appeared to be offended if it was spoken of; but all our letters from the army showed that the news was true.

  16. They passed the rivers disguised as traders, by which means they were enabled to post their relays [of horses].

  17. The Pretender set out disguised from Bar, accompanied by only three or four persons, and came to Chaillot, where M.

  18. Now he disguised himself as a lackey, another time as a female broker in articles for the toilette; and now in another fashion.

  19. His face was so covered with hair, and his whole appearance so disguised by the squalid habit which he wore, that the Count could not recollect his features, until he gave him to understand that his name was Ratchcali.

  20. Aye, even Beelzebub, disguised as the peddler; and them fellows we thought to be Skinners were his imps.

  21. To this note he even ventured to affix his own initials, E H, though he had disguised the hand, under a belief that, as he knew himself to be suspected by his countrymen, it might serve to give more weight to his warning.

  22. We have had an example of this in Hungary, where the dictatorship of the proletariat assumed the political form of the coalition of the Communists with disguised Opportunists.

  23. This was the business that brought Mr. Mirabell disguised to Madam Millamant this afternoon.

  24. On Monday, after a great hunting, she was met on her return by Gascoigne the poet, so disguised as to represent a savage man, who paid her many high-flown compliments in a kind of dialogue between himself and an echo.

  25. In the original there are two more boys, who are following, disguised in a similar manner, and each of them holding a like scroll of parchment.

  26. The chimney-sweepers of London have also singled out the first of May for their festival; at which time they parade the streets in companies, disguised in various manners.

  27. Shakspeare speaks of these wandering empirics in very disrespectful terms: As nimble jugglers that deceive the eye, Disguised cheaters, prating mountebanks, And many such like libertines of sin.

  28. At the same time that Malach was sowing seed-grains in Poland for the process of dissolution, the torch of discord was hurled into the Jewish camp by two disguised Sabbatians, Chayon and Ayllon.

  29. Then Ludovico, disguised as a monk, sought to flee; but a Swiss named Schattenhalb betrayed him to the French captains.

  30. He presented himself before the duke under a feigned name, gained his confidence, obtained admission to the dungeon of the Castle of Cesena, found his sister, disguised her as a boy, and made his escape with her.

  31. But, indeed, Solitude had intruded upon her first, disguised as a friend.

  32. His torrent of thinly disguised execrations was of service to Lady Gwen; as the original subject of the conversation, just shot, was naturally forgotten.

  33. Sometimes, disguised as a large drake, he used to lurk among the bulrushes, and frighten the weary traveller out of his wits by his awful quack.

  34. He then disguised himself in the dirty smock-frock, or blouse, of a peasant, and drove his precious load in safety into Belgium.

  35. He then disguised himself as a pilgrim, and returned to France.

  36. Having disguised himself as a priest, he sought admission to the convent, and obtained an interview with La Brinvilliers.

  37. Thoroughly disguised himself, he is able to recognize on the balconies and among the crowds his personal friends and most devoted admirers.

  38. A Crow scout named "Curley," claims that he was in the fight, and that after it was over he disguised himself as a Sioux, held his blanket around his head and escaped.

  39. In her detective capacity she had often disguised herself when employed in obtaining evidence, and was remarkably talented in changing her face and figure.

  40. Because, when disguised as the Count de la Tour, I overheard Hay address Miss Krill as Maud, and it was the first time she and her mother came to his rooms.

  41. I arrested my progress in a hall where the French square dance was being performed, and suddenly there appeared a masquer disguised in the Venetian style.

  42. Thus for nearly three months the disguised count came to see me three or four times a week, always in my maid's room, and mostly in her presence.

  43. But how is one to know an Opportunity when it comes in a chicken-coop disguised as a Wild-cat?

  44. While she sat there, longing for some great Angel of Opportunity to open the way for her to help him, a little one was coming in at the back gate, so disguised that she did not recognize it as such.

  45. The English knaves have disguised them thus ere now.

  46. Wounded as he was by a severe slash in the face, the hero sallied out upon them at once with a body of picked men, disguised in the dress of their English captives; and the trick was perfectly successful.

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