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Example sentences for "disgraces"

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disgorging; disgrace; disgraced; disgraceful; disgracefully; disgracing; disgracious; disgruntled; disguise; disguised
  1. There he dictates, is applauded, admired; and, for the sake of being the Coryphceus of that wretched chorus, disgraces and disqualifies himself soon for any better company.

  2. He disgraces history, and makes one give some credit to romances.

  3. Now I feele Of what course Mettle ye are molded, Enuy, How eagerly ye follow my Disgraces As if it fed ye, and how sleeke and wanton Ye appeare in euery thing may bring my ruine?

  4. And wilt thou still be hammering Treachery, To tumble downe thy husband, and thy selfe, From top of Honor, to Disgraces feete?

  5. You are better fitted to talk of the disgraces of conduct.

  6. Spectres and fairies haunt the murderer's dreams; Grants and disgraces are the courtier's themes.

  7. It confutes, according to Knight's own ideas: it alleges a few scattered facts in favour of astrological productions, which may be picked up in that immensity of fabling which disgraces history.

  8. His trial, like most other political trials of the age, disgraces the name of English justice.

  9. And that they make conscience of an oath, the trouble, losses, and disgraces that they suffer for refusing the same do sufficiently testify; and you know that the perjury of either oath is equal.

  10. Losses and disgraces are the wheels of Christ's triumphant chariot.

  11. The usurper that now disgraces the throne, as well as the name he bears, does not allow the free utterance of a single free thought.

  12. The present formula of advertising a wife, which so frequently disgraces the press, is due to this belief in wife-ownership.

  13. Ministers were also equally well supported in a proposal, made by opposition, for an inquiry into the causes of the disgraces which had attended the British arms in Holland: it was quashed at once.

  14. This the cause of our disgraces at the Cedars.

  15. We have suffered too many disgraces to pass unexpiated.

  16. I wish the disgraces of these last two or three years did not justify a little severity more than flows from the peevishness of years!

  17. Or will such disgraces have no consequences?

  18. In truth, it is a compliment to any man to except him out of the number of those that have contributed to the shocking disgraces inflicted on this undone country.

  19. The system of these days tended to overturn, and has overturned, that establishment, and brought on the disgraces that ever attended the foolish and wicked Councils of the house of Stuart.

  20. If those reflections blend themselves with our gayest thoughts, must not their hue grow more dusky when public misfortunes and disgraces cast a general shade?

  21. I will not allow for disgraces you bring upon yourself.

  22. I complain of the disgraces I suffer in this banishment from his presence, and in being confined to my chamber.

  23. They look only at the external character of the act by which a man honours or disgraces himself.

  24. SIR,--I have, for a long time, treated the anonymous abuse which disgraces our public papers with the contempt it deserves.

  25. In the last chapter I endeavoured to give a faithful account of the yearly Pandemonium which disgraces the ancient walls, and of scenes which lower the Christian faith in the eyes of the Moslem.

  26. The Sheikh has the power of life and death, of peace and war, and unless he disgraces his tribe by a blunder, he is pretty sure of prompt and general obedience.

  27. In the same age, as in every succeeding one, there have been suicides who have devoted themselves for others, presenting a series of tales which may almost redeem the disgraces which darken the annals of the race.

  28. If obscure, he must beware of imputing disgraces to individuals, as if those individuals were living under the influences which have made himself what he is.

  29. I described with boldness the series of my disgraces to a friend, in order to make him less sensible to a loss he had sustained.

  30. Our present disgraces are sufficient to employ our thoughts continually, and shall we seek in the future new reasons for fear?

  31. I am deplorable that I have not the ability to free myself from a passion which so many circumstances, this place, my person and my disgraces tend to destroy.

  32. Instead of requiring it from me, as a point of duty, to kindle with your passions, had you all been as cool as I was, you would have been saved disgraces and distresses that are unutterable.

  33. Interested timidity disgraces as much in the cabinet as personal timidity does in the field.

  34. I am sorry to be compelled so often to expose the calamities and disgraces of Parliament.

  35. It is observed in almost every part of the world but ours; and prevents that populace of beggary which disgraces Europe.

  36. It confutes, according to the knight's own ideas: it alleges a few scattered facts in favour of astrological predictions, which may be picked up in that immensity of fabling which disgraces history.

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