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Example sentences for "pretty sure"

  • I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure she's the only woman in the world for you.

  • I'm pretty sure he interpreted it as an indication that I was trying to catch him up on something he took pride in, and he admired me for it, and greeted me with a chuckle.

  • I'm pretty sure this is a fairly accurate re-write.

  • More soldiers would only be in the way; and some of them would be pretty sure to get hurt, if not killed outright--and all for nothing.

  • From blood-stains upon the rocks (my Indian had my glass) I am pretty sure that I shot through the withers the first time, and probably hit him very far back with one of the others.

  • Fearing it would bolt on discovering me, I took a quick aim at the shoulder, rather than risk the neck shot, knowing that if the bullet did not hit the tree it would be pretty sure to go somewhere near the lungs.

  • Devotion must always be unselfish; the nurse who is really "wonderful" to the baby is pretty sure to be a person who is kind generally.

  • In a race or other test of endurance a flare of anger might even help, but in golf it is safe to say that he who loses his temper is pretty sure to lose the game.

  • If you keep low down, you're pretty sure to see anybody before he sees you, and you can let him come up pretty close before shooting.

  • Suppose I ride that new horse, I'm pretty sure to have good luck.

  • Mrs Worthing was the type of woman whom one is pretty sure to meet in any "society," using the word in the narrowly conventional sense.

  • I shouldn't wonder if the bracing air were to do you a great deal of good, and the house is pretty sure to be warm and comfortable.

  • If there was a scrape to be got into, it was, I allow, pretty sure to be I who found myself in it.

  • The Bachelor Girl is pretty sure to be out of her teens, but not necessarily in the thirties.

  • It is an abuse of hospitality, for it is pretty sure to bring unpleasantness to the friend, who will inevitably be blamed by the parents when the secret leaks out, or an elopement takes {64} place.

  • In the same way if a man will not give up bad habits, such as gambling, intemperance, or whatever it may be, for the sake of the girl he is engaged to, she may be pretty sure that he will not do it when she is his wife.

  • I hope Dick is ready; he is pretty sure to be.

  • I suppose the governor is pretty sure to be home to-night.

  • If he is wise, really wise, he takes exception to these things from the high impersonal motives that we have been examining, and only where he is pretty sure of success.

  • You can be pretty sure, if you are strictly conventional, that you are following genius--a long way off.

  • He is pretty sure to take you by surprise at some moment when you do not feel like being taken by surprise.

  • Give only enough to bring about a vigorous growth, but not a rapid one, for that is pretty sure to be a weak one from which there will be a reaction by and by, from which your over-stimulated plants will suffer severely.

  • Neglect weeding for a week and you will be pretty sure to find that your seedlings of flowering plants are "out of sight" in more senses of the term than one.

  • If this takes place the bulbs are pretty sure to be torn from their places, and their tender, recently formed roots broken off.

  • A fern that grew in shade will be pretty sure to die if planted in a place fully exposed to the sun.

  • No matter how secretly we may think we hire detectives,” he objected, “it is pretty sure to leak out.

  • Any blaze that starts aboard this boat when we’re out on the water is pretty sure to blow us a thousand miles past Kingdom Come.

  • Although of no great size this summer visitor is pretty sure to attract attention by its peculiar colouring; its red tail and white crown being sufficient to distinguish it from every other British bird.

  • A father returned from foreign lands is rather a romantic notion--the sort of notion a girl is pretty sure to take kindly to.

  • That is, I have heard of him, but I'm pretty sure he isn't coming with us.

  • Of course it isn't settled, but Mr. Gregory says I'm pretty sure to be drafted to St. Louis.

  • I'm pretty sure I can induce Mr. Watson to let his team give an exhibition, anyhow.

  • That's a question which people will be pretty sure to ask, and you may as well be prepared for it.

  • Yes, I'm pretty sure that we shall have all the minds on our side if we have the ranters and the canters against us.

  • A year ago I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gone even so far.

  • But I am pretty sure that in an application to have the marriage pronounced null and void, as the jargon has it, his desertion of you would play a very important part.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "pretty sure" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

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