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Example sentences for "guarded"

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  1. He was a magnificent specimen of his race--surpassing, it was said, the finest bull in the Yellowstone preserves or in the guarded Canadian herd of the North.

  2. With a hoarse and bawling roar, such as had never before been heard in those guarded precincts, he launched himself upon his gaolers.

  3. Better guarded statements of the Platonic argument from necessary ideas will be found in Leibnitz, and Bossuet, and Fenelon.

  4. We see the heroes driving to battle in their chariots, guarded by shield and helmet, flourishing sword and spear.

  5. On the back of the statue were inscribed these words: "The ancients were guarded in their speech, and like them we should avoid loquacity.

  6. They are surrounded by high walls, and guarded by soldiery.

  7. Shut up within a narrow space, and guarded by Federal bayonets!

  8. The many bridges on the Western and Atlantic were guarded at the time under consideration, April 1862, by a single watchman at each bridge, and he was employed by the railroad authorities.

  9. I never wavered when there was a principle to be guarded or a duty to be performed.

  10. A city watched and guarded by such animals is wretchedly watched indeed.

  11. Every wrong impulse, every unkind thought or act that enters into a woman's heart, during this sacred period, should be guarded against and dispelled, with caution and with prayer.

  12. All through her girlhood she had jealously guarded her heart's vast store of intense love for an ideal lover whom she had never yet seen.

  13. Matthew Paris informs us that, in the year 1250, while Louis was in Egypt, "thousands of the English were resolved to go to the holy war, had not the king strictly guarded his ports and kept his people from running out of doors.

  14. The trader to whom he gave it might lock it in his strong box and have it guarded by a troop of soldiers, but the charmed metal flew back to its old master.

  15. He also caused Earl Pawlet's house to be guarded by two sentinels; and having taken these precautions, informed the queen of the whole affair.

  16. The Christians of the East Roman empire guarded for more than a thousand years the intellectual heritage of antiquity against the violent onslaught of the barbarians.

  17. Entrance to the church is guarded by similar checks.

  18. Equally guarded was his attitude to the Turkish authorities; it is not improbable that Talal had also entered into relations with the viceroy of Egypt to ensure his position in case of a collision with the Porte.

  19. She was being guarded and protected until Gervase's return.

  20. Perhaps I am; but every contingency must be guarded against," and Felix Muller took off his glasses and wiped them meditatively.

  21. Some miles below Antwerp the Scheldt was guarded by two strong forts, of which one was situated at Liefkenshoek on the island Doel, in Flanders, the other at Lillo, exactly opposite the coast of Brabant.

  22. If this attempt should succeed, the Duke of Parma might keep the Scheldt guarded with his bridge of boats as long as he pleased; a new river would be formed, which, in case of necessity, would be equally serviceable for the time.

  23. It should be remembered that in about one-tenth of all her cases, medical help will be required, but this case could probably be guarded against by an insurance fund, if properly organised.

  24. It is now less common than formerly for the appointment and dismissal of the staff to be entirely in the hands of the Headmistress; and assistants are thus safe-guarded against possible unfair and arbitrary action.

  25. But even Napoleon could not foresee, in this guarded initiatory recognition of the landowner, the ultimate evolution of a territorial democracy that was to affect the political and social destinies of the English race.

  26. Land of our fathers, in thine hour of need God help thee, guarded by the passive creed!

  27. Over a space of half a dozen acres the flotsam and jetsam of years of tidal offerings were collected, and even guarded with a certain care.

  28. Look yer, Don Kosay," he began in a brusque but guarded voice, "you and me is pards.

  29. Ask any large group of women, excepting those whose girlhood has been guarded with exceptional care, and the overwhelming majority will acknowledge that they knew the essential facts before they were fifteen years old.

  30. Or is she going to have them guarded like crown princes, and if so, where are absolutely safe guards to be found?

  31. So we arrived at last before a low stone lodge that guarded some ponderous iron gates.

  32. I may add that this well-guarded house in no way differed from other school-houses, except that the furniture consisted of two rough benches only, and the walls were guiltless of whitewash.

  33. With bad sailors or good sailors, the significant thing which had become a commonplace was that the Channel was a safely-guarded British sea lane.

  34. Her exits were guarded against all who were not in uniform and going to fight; to all who had no purpose except to see what was passing where two hundred miles resounded with strife.

  35. He would have jealously guarded his wife or wives.

  36. An all wise Creator directed and guarded us in our infant struggle for freedom and has constantly watched over our surprising progress until we have become one of the great nations of the earth.

  37. They guarded their own rights as States and the rights of the people by the very limitations which they incorporated into the Federal Constitution, whereby the different departments of the General Government were checks upon each other.

  38. Such a mission involved grave perils and hardships, for all the roads leading to Minnesota were closely guarded by the insurgents, and certain death would have overtaken the Doctor had he again fallen into their hands.

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "guarded" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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