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Example sentences for "guardhouse"

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  1. We can put him in the guardhouse up at camp till we have a chance to get the township authorities up here.

  2. I suppose you'll have to go to the guardhouse to explain about the prisoner," she rather stated than asked, turning to Sergeant Mullins.

  3. Sergeant Mullins laughed boyishly, saluted smartly, and turned on his heel to follow the boys who were fast bearing the prisoner to the guardhouse and from there to the just punishment that had been so long in overtaking him.

  4. Billet had stood on the guardhouse roof to reach the chain well up; he slid down where he found Pitou, who had reached the spot he knew not how.

  5. Because of its length the guardhouse went first.

  6. Parting the lacework of leaves with one hand, after she had ridden under it, Francesca obtained, through the gateway, an oblique view of the guardhouse at the moment Sebastien closed the iron doors.

  7. Thrust by the impact into the recoil of the wave from the house wall, the gate was heaved out of the patio, and passed the guardhouse just before the heavy tiled roof collapsed with the walls.

  8. Without waiting to tear them off she threw all of her strength into a vain effort to swing the bars of the guardhouse doors, but, swollen by the rain, they were fast in the staples.

  9. I'll remain in the guardhouse till I get an answer from General Sheridan.

  10. I told him I did not blame him for carrying out orders, and was made a guardhouse prisoner for the first and only time in my life.

  11. In answer to my call the door of the guardhouse opened presently, and a man looked out.

  12. A man-at-arms lounged out of the guardhouse to inquire our business.

  13. The other three sides of the guardhouse appeared to be unwatched.

  14. The man at the rear of the guardhouse moved silently along the side of the structure until he stood within a few feet of the unsuspecting sentinel, hidden from him by the corner of the building.

  15. From the barracks beyond the guardhouse came sharp commands and the sounds of men running.

  16. The sentry stood gazing in the direction of the firing, his back toward the guardhouse door and Billy.

  17. Billy came within a hundred yards of the guardhouse before he discovered a sentinel.

  18. The sentry before the guardhouse shifted his position and looked about, then he settled back, transferring his weight to the other foot, and resumed his bovine meditations.

  19. You are going to the guardhouse for disobedience and bad language and impertinence.

  20. We'll see how three days of guardhouse tastes to you!

  21. The guardhouse accommodated more men than usual.

  22. N I hate him, too--sending me to the guardhouse every whip-stitch!

  23. We visited the site of the intended foreign settlement, where we found bonded warehouses, a custom-house, a guardhouse and a palisade being erected, the object of the latter being to cut off the foreign residents from the city.

  24. This is the honourable guardhouse of Shimonoseki.

  25. Some officials in a guardhouse on the bank shouted to us to go back, but we pushed straight ashore, and I ascended the steps to demand the reason of this obstruction.

  26. So we passed on into the town to the governor's house and laid a complaint in due form against the over-zealous guardhouse keeper.

  27. The soldiers and a Dominican monk who had sought shelter from the rain in the guardhouse extolled this as a great miracle.

  28. Have you seen the owl in the cage in front of the guardhouse at the gate of the hospital?

  29. Tis best you curb your tongue," he snarled, "or I will have you in the guardhouse with De Artigny.

  30. The only light visible was a dull glow of embers before the guardhouse near the center of the parade, which revealed a group of soldiers on duty.

  31. When practicable, there should always be an officer or noncommissioned officer and two privates of the guard at the guardhouse in addition to the sentinels there on post.

  32. As the new guard approaches the guardhouse the old guard is formed in line at the carry saber, its buglers 3 yards to its right; when the buglers at the head of the new guard arrive opposite the left of the old guard its commander commands: 1.

  33. During the temporary absence from the guardhouse of the sergeant of the guard, the next in rank of the noncommissioned officers will perform his duties.

  34. The commander of the new guard then has his own guard fall out, takes possession of the guardhouse and verifies the articles in charge of the guard.

  35. If there is any doubt as to the relative qualifications of two or more soldiers, the inspecting officer will cause them to fall out at the guardhouse and to form in line in single rank.

  36. Should he leave the guardhouse for any purpose he will turn the keys over to the noncommissioned officer who takes his place.

  37. The sergeant of the guard is responsible at all times for the proper police of the guardhouse or guard tent, including the ground about them and the prison cells.

  38. When mattresses are not supplied, each prisoner in the guardhouse will be allowed a bed sack and 30 pounds of straw per month for bedding.

  39. Whenever a prisoner is sent to the guardhouse or guard tent for confinement he will cause him to be searched, and will, without unnecessary delay, report the case to the officer of the day.

  40. He will not allow prisoners to pass into the guardhouse until the corporal of the guard has responded to the call and ordered him to do so.

  41. Thus, the sentinel at the guardhouse challenges and repeats the answer to the corporal, as prescribed hereafter (Par.

  42. The commander of the guard will inspect all meals sent to the guardhouse and see that the quantity and quality of food are in accordance with regulations.

  43. To repeat all calls from posts more distant from the guardhouse than my own.

  44. When officers of different rank approach the guardhouse from different directions at the same time, the senior will be advanced first, and will not be made to wait for his junior.

  45. The commander of the new guard then takes possession of the guardhouse and verifies the articles in charge of the guard.

  46. He will allow none to cross his post leaving the guardhouse except when passed by an officer or noncommissioned officer of the guard.

  47. To dismiss the old relief, it is halted and faced to the front at the guardhouse by the corporal of the new relief, who then falls out; the corporal of the old relief then steps in front of the relief and dismisses it by the proper commands.

  48. Should he leave the guardhouse for any purpose, he will turn the keys over to the noncommissioned officer who takes his place.

  49. Both officers of the day together verify the prisoners and inspect the guardhouse and premises.

  50. Our house is separated from the guardhouse by a little park only, and I could plainly see the whole thing--the strong man and the weakling.

  51. But the deserter was a catholic and Volmer is a quaker, so the feeling in the company was so hostile toward him that for several nights he was put in the guardhouse for protection.

  52. He also declares that Faye kicked him when he was in the guardhouse at the post.

  53. I saw the sentinel at the guardhouse stop, as though listening, in front of a window where there was a light, and seeing one of the guard gave strength to my voice, and I called again.

  54. On the wall at the rear of the jury box two carriage gate or guardhouse lanterns are attached.

  55. Not once were his wrists free of the steel bands till the guardhouse door closed upon him.

  56. That unfortunate Police raid delivered me into his hands at the psychological moment I was like a cornered rat that day she came to the guardhouse and peered in on us through the cell door.

  57. No man ever quitted a Mounted Police guardhouse without help from the outside," he replied, when I spoke of this.

  58. Otherwise, I would be cooling my heels in MacLeod guardhouse yet.

  59. It was a rule of the guardhouse that a prisoner must lie with his feet to the door, so that his head could be seen by the passing guard.

  60. The smell of tobacco smoke could not betray our possession of it, for the guardhouse reeked with the troopers' pipes.

  61. Looking back over my shoulder once, I saw the guardhouse lights, pale yellow squares set in solid ebony.

  62. That there guardhouse business settled you.

  63. Nine passed--by the guardhouse clock--and ten dragged by at last.

  64. To be perfectly frank, there is little chance of our seeing either the inside or outside of a guardhouse again.

  65. Between whiles I speculated on what mysterious link connected him with the girl who had come to the guardhouse in MacLeod.

  66. I ordered the colonel to the guardhouse for bribing my officers.

  67. As one leaves Bethany and proceeds down the Jericho road one passes along a steep zigzag with several hairpin bends until one reaches a guardhouse near a well about a mile east of Bethany.

  68. Close to the guardhouse begin the hills which tower above the road.

  69. The door of the guardhouse was open, and I heard the brutal laughter of the heartless men who were busily employed in finishing off the crown of thorns which they had prepared for our Lord.

  70. A gallery encircled the inner court of the guardhouse where our Lord was crowned with thorns, and the doors were open.

  71. The executioners left him there, and rejoined their cruel companions, who were amusing themselves in the guardhouse with drinking, and plaiting the crown of thorns.

  72. He got three days in the guardhouse and no furlough for a month, that’s all.

  73. It’s no duller in the guardhouse than here, and there aren’t any furloughs these days, anyway.

  74. Since I have been a prisoner of war I have been arrested and placed in the guardhouse twice for drinking whisky.

  75. Scouts conducted me to the guardhouse and put me in chains.

  76. Some time after he had been placed in the guardhouse Daniel Clark came to see him.

  77. David, held a prisoner in the barracks guardhouse was not concerned about himself; feeling confident that when his identity was disclosed his discharge would follow.

  78. But having sentenced Kettle to three days in the guardhouse for insolence to Sergeant Briggs, Colonel Fortescue thought it well to let the sentence stand.

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