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Example sentences for "guardians"

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guarded; guardedly; guardeth; guardhouse; guardian; guardianship; guardias; guarding; guardroom; guards
  1. We cannot reasonably, then, conceive the uncle to have been so much more revengeful than the parents,--the legitimate guardians of the honour of a daughter.

  2. Never be it said that the guardians of the city of London could neither defend with spirit, nor make terms with honour.

  3. An elective guardian of any parish belonging to such union, and forming or being included within an urban district, shall not act or vote in any case in which guardians of such union act or vote as members of the rural authority.

  4. His guardians employed those about him to use all manner of arguments to prevail on him to enter the order of monk; sometimes threatening, and at other times making use of flattery and fair speeches.

  5. The old ones took this opportunity to cry out, the treaty was broke; and so falling upon the Sheep, who were destitute of their faithful guardians the dogs, they worried and devoured them without control.

  6. Nullity was even declared in one instance[1429] "because the testamentary guardians who had consented were appointed by a will which turned out to be invalid because attested by only one witness.

  7. When justice inexorably requires the death of a murderer, each private citizen is fortified by the assurance, that the laws, the magistrate, and the whole community, are the guardians of his personal safety.

  8. The gentleman Guardians come sometimes, but they are not so chatty as the ladies, don't seem to know what to say to us old women.

  9. I will write to the Guardians to ask if they will allow you out-relief, but I fear they will say you are too destitute!

  10. Then the Guardians sent the other day to say as Moore had been taken off to Colney Hatch, mad with drink and wickedness, and she'd got to pay for 'im in there.

  11. However, light seems dawning through the darkness, and I think many Poor Law Guardians will rest better in their beds knowing that old-age pensions seem to have come into the sphere of practical politics.

  12. The Guardians wouldn't give me the little bit of out-relief I asked for--four shillings would have done us nicely.

  13. Thus questioned by the guardians of peace the ascetic, O king, said not a word, good or otherwise, in reply.

  14. And, O bull in Bharata's race, those robbers were then being pursued by a superior body as guardians of the peace.

  15. They are the guardians of the world, and apparently the same with the eight gods mentioned in the early part of the poem.

  16. Therefore the companies, as active guardians and jealous promoters of their trades, fulfilled their original purposes a long while, and enabled many generations of masters to grow rich upon the work of their servants.

  17. The raksasas, guardians of the ruins of the principal structure, bear the date 1242 Saka (A.

  18. It is dead, because books, and not now any generation of living men, are the guardians of it, and what they guard, they guard without change.

  19. He lived in a large house with only his tutor and guardians till his marriage.

  20. These guardians were Hosokawa's principal vassals in Shikoku, where they presently became deadly rivals.

  21. Can it be doubted that my guardians have been purposely sent out of the way, that I may not appeal to them for protection?

  22. Madam, since your little scheme to get both your guardians out of the way has succeeded so well, will you do me the favor of confessing what you have done with the colonel?

  23. The first permits guardians to board-out children within their own union, except in the metropolis.

  24. These guardians are respectable, benevolent, practical men, capable of procuring custom for their wards.

  25. The practice was first authorized in 1868, though for many years previously it had been carried out by some boards of guardians on their own initiative.

  26. The guardians of the child, favoring the modern Lutheran doctrines, did their best to help the cause of Protestantism.

  27. In the same way the mediaeval guardians of people's souls, while they were strict in all matters pertaining to the Faith, slaved day and night to render the greatest possible service to the members of their flock.

  28. And so well did they plead their cause that the frightened guardians of the peace forbade Bacon to write a single word for more than ten years.

  29. The Egyptians called them "priests" and they became the guardians of his thoughts and gained great respect in the community.

  30. The Holy Alliance had sent French troops to Spain to act as guardians of the peace in the year 1820.

  31. One object of the meeting was to choose Guardians of the realm.

  32. At any rate he is named as Guardian, and it is to be noted that the Guardians write 'in the name of King John and the community of the realm.

  33. In autumn, 1316, accordingly, Bruce appointed Douglas and the Steward Guardians in his absence, and sailed from Loch Ryan to Carrickfergus.

  34. The guardians decided that the stone-yard is derogatory, and abolished the labour test.

  35. But the Poplar guardians have gone to the extreme here.

  36. Then the guardians resolved to re-establish the labour test, and to make the applicants do some work for the aid they had.

  37. The people have been taught to look upon the outside public as a milch cow, and the guardians and municipal authorities as officials from whom everything possible is to be extorted.

  38. We shall find them, as in England, doing police duty, that the city guardians may go to the front.

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