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Example sentences for "guardianship"

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guardedly; guardeth; guardhouse; guardian; guardians; guardias; guarding; guardroom; guards; guardship
  1. When he had disappeared in the darkness, the Chiefs went up to the boy, bound him securely, and confined him in the Medicine Lodge under the guardianship of several warriors.

  2. I entrusted the guardianship of Tranquil and Dona Carmela to you.

  3. I mounted Minny, and urged her to a trot; and so my brief guardianship ended.

  4. During that long period the peaceful and gentle population of that country, held in guardianship by its oppressors, had become transformed.

  5. He has the same sacred guardianship of minors that the Chancellor of England has.

  6. The Court would hardly deprive a woman of the guardianship of her child because she'd been seen to go .

  7. She sat subdued though haughty while Mr. Surtees pressed home the facts that he considered would militate against her should she persist in her struggle for the sole guardianship of her grandson.

  8. She had been quite happy to find that under the English Guardianship of Infants Act, 1886, she, the mother, was sole guardian of her son, as Cecil had appointed no other.

  9. Then, in case the mother's guardianship proved to be unsatisfactory, the Court would interfere?

  10. He replied to her most pressing questions by quoting from that Guardianship of Infants Act, which seemed to her to have been passed chiefly for her annoyance.

  11. But the Duke answered proudly, "That Ulrich should remember his guardianship had ended.

  12. Whereupon the deeply afflicted widow placed the boy under the tutelage and guardianship of his uncle, the princely Lord of Stettin; but, woe!

  13. Alverno, the Franciscan Mecca, was made over to them, and in 1434 the guardianship of the Holy Places in Jerusalem.

  14. She has been in California only a short time, since the death of her father and mother, which placed her under the guardianship of Don Gregorio.

  15. To the Gardens and Grounds of Wilton House we desire to direct the reader’s especial attention; they have been by no means left solely to the guardianship of Nature.

  16. So finally, after one or two more protests from Stella, it was arranged that she should come up for Eights Week under the guardianship of Mrs. Ross.

  17. He was forced to assume the Purple, and as rebel Emperor endeavoured to resume the charge entrusted to him, the guardianship of John Palaeologus.

  18. There was Pedro Guiliani, the Spanish Consul, assigned to the guardianship of the wall on the sea side from Point Demetrius to the Port of Julian.

  19. In his last hour, he dictated a letter to the Princess Irene, begging her to accept the guardianship of his daughter, if God willed her return.

  20. In due time also Uel's last testament reached her, with the purse of jewels left by the Prince of India, and she then assumed guardianship of the bereaved girl.

  21. If the Emperor intrusted the guardianship of the gate to one foreigner, why not to another?

  22. Its password is this: "We do not want to hear of Russia or of Austria; we only want one thing: the Polish State without guardianship from any side.

  23. He glanced around in the dim light of the evening and saw effigy after effigy of venerable men, seated on their marble thrones, with outstretched hands, like an assembly of patriarchs intrusted with the guardianship of their church.

  24. Satisfied if they themselves can escape from the hard labor of thought, they willingly abandon to others the guardianship of their thoughts.

  25. It is only in so far as Christianity is disencumbered of formularies of faith, and emancipated from the guardianship of Councils, that it becomes the religion of mankind.

  26. But all this concern and apprehension should be justly directed, and this guidance and guardianship exercised with a regard to the rights with which God has invested every man.

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