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leaven; leavened; leaveneth; leavening; leavens; leavest; leaveth; leavin; leaving; leavings
  1. The trees also were beginning to put forth leaves and the fields to be decked with flowers.

  2. The plant which bears this fruit is two and a half feet high, with but three or four leaves at most, which are of the shape of those of the fig-tree, and each plant bears but two pieces of fruit.

  3. After the boiling water is poured upon the tea, it is covered for a couple of minutes, until the leaves have separated and fallen to the bottom of the cup.

  4. Among the Burmese a newly-married couple, to insure a happy life, exchange a mixture of tea-leaves steeped in oil.

  5. Tea, over there, is not made by infusing the leaves with boiling water, as is the case with us; but the boiling water is first carefully cooled in another vessel to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

  6. When the can is emptied it is passed around among the company for each tea-drinker to take up as many leaves as can be held between the thumb and finger; the leaves being considered a special dainty.

  7. It would be crime against his August Majesty, the Palate, to use the same leaves more than once--in Japan.

  8. White Hair So called because only the youngest leaves are gathered, which still have the delicate down--white hair--on the surface.

  9. The leaves are also renewed for every infusion.

  10. Enjoy the sunshine and the leaves while they last: they will not last long.

  11. There is no divine promise, that, if a reckless blockhead leaves his children to starve, they shall not starve.

  12. You are able to sit for a considerable space in front of an ivied wall, and think out your sermon for Sunday as you look at the dark leaves in the sun.

  13. As I read out the text, through a half-opened window near me, two large withered oak-leaves silently floated into the little church in the view of all the congregation.

  14. As you sit there, you will think of old summer days long ago: of green leaves long since faded: of sunsets gone.

  15. You do not find leaves torn out of books; nor carpets strewn with fragments of biscuits; nor mantelpieces getting heaped with accumulated rubbish.

  16. How is it that one thing shoots ahead of everything else of the same class; and without being materially better, or even materially different, leaves everything else out of sight behind?

  17. Without saying so, he leaves an impression that all the clergy of the Moderate or Conservative party in the Church held those semi-infidel views which Chalmers entertained in his early days.

  18. The green grass and the bright leaves in spring are far greener (you see when they come back) than you had remembered or imagined; the sunshine is more golden, and the sky more bright.

  19. Ancient oaks line the lichened wall of the churchyard: their leaves not yet to thick as they will be a month hereafter.

  20. And perhaps before the leaves are sere we may find them out among the sea lochs of the beautiful Frith of Clyde, or under the shadow of Ben Nevis.

  21. Her face was calm, and she looked at me without trembling, while I brought wood and dried leaves together, and feverishly threw on to them the powder from some cartridges, which was to make her funeral pile the more cruel.

  22. None of the old furniture leaves the place; only from time to time it is moved a little to make room for a new piece, which enters there like a new-born infant in the midst of brothers and sisters.

  23. I'll get two officers to be my seconds, and there will be time before the train leaves the station.

  24. It was a dull autumn day; the leaves were falling.

  25. It was icy cold, with the terrible coldness of death which leaves us no longer in doubt.

  26. THE KISS My Little Darling: So you are crying from morning until night and from night until morning, because your husband leaves you; you do not know what to do and so you ask your old aunt for advice; you must consider her quite an expert.

  27. Autumn arrived, the leaves began to fall from the tall trees, whirling round and round to the ground, and the sky could be seen through the bare branches.

  28. Jean could no longer see anything but the wall of leaves through which they had passed.

  29. He softly put aside the leaves and looked.

  30. That leaves only five, with his little brass trunk.

  31. Fortunately for white hunters these pits were not staked, as after a week or two the slight covering of sticks, leaves and dirt is overlaid with vines and vegetation that completely conceals it from sight.

  32. Then the guide pointed out the spoor, deep and heavy in the damp leaves that matted the trail.

  33. I'll throw in an odd bag for good luck, Selim; that leaves us an even ten and the ivory.

  34. Measure out two spoonsful of the dried leaves into a box--" he pointed to a tiny plastic container.

  35. But that engraved bronze expanse had not been cast to withstand a head-on blow from a heavy duty off-world vehicle and the leaves tore apart letting them into the wide hall beyond.

  36. Surely the few plants in the hydro and the dried leaves could not be stretched too far.

  37. He carefully broke off a small stem supporting three leaves and presented it to the Salarik, who stared at him and then, snatching the twig, raced from the hydro garden as if pursued by feuding clansmen.

  38. Fortunately for you that child took the leaves to the storm priest.

  39. Upon this framework, shucks and leaves were heaped for bedding, and over all were thrown the skins of wild animals for a covering.

  40. The floor of this camp, as it was called, was the earth, covered with leaves and hemlock twigs.

  41. A prince might have envied his dreamless slumber as he lay on a bed of leaves with the skin of a wild animal for covering.

  42. It was Lippo, likewise, who painted the folding leaves in the Church of S.

  43. Illustration] Although Smoking is generally associated with Tobacco only, yet there are other plants whose leaves are used for similar purposes & these will be referred to as we come to the different means of using them.

  44. The Silver Wedding Silver leaves & The Golden Wedding Gold & finally The Diamond—for the 75^{th.

  45. It will be seen from this literal version of his text, that, notwithstanding his epigrammatic brevity, Tacitus writes with a precision of thought that leaves nothing to be supplied.

  46. So take the passage where Tiberius leaves it to the Senate to choose whether Lepidus or Blaesus shall have the government of Africa.

  47. The Daily News says:-- "Leaves on us a very vivid impression.

  48. The huge leaves are cut near the root, and new leaves grow up at once.

  49. The Padre continued: "This big plant with leaves taller than a man, grows on a hill.

  50. Its wide leaves we lap one over another, and tie them to the bamboo frame by withes of tough cogon grass.

  51. The leaves are long and glossy; the blossoms are waxy white.

  52. Flowers and palm leaves were strewn along the path that the procession would take.

  53. Now you would have me believe that one slim tree with only a tuft of leaves at the top, furnishes you twenty useful and rich products.

  54. The fibers of the leaves make a fine cloth.

  55. We take our indigo plant, and steep the leaves in water for twelve hours, in a stone tank.

  56. Its thick leaves were nearly as large as a hat.

  57. Yes, that is a roof, or thatch, made out of nipa palm leaves tied on to bamboo sticks," Fil explained.

  58. Its angular growth, formidable spines, broad, sometimes almost orbicular, distinct leaves and fruit easily distinguish the talamisan from all other species in the genus.

  59. A thorny tree, with dense head and drooping branches, attaining a height of 6 meters; spines small but sharp, leaves 9.

  60. As soon as the first leaves are fully expanded the seedlings should be transplanted to the nursery beds, which should be prepared like the seedbed.

  61. The tihi-tihi differs from the citron in its green, tender, highly aromatic growth, the leaves having been found to contain 0.

  62. If the tops are removed and used as a stock feed, only the leaves and pieces of stalk remain, and these make a good fertilizer for cane lands.

  63. What a day when we should sweep them all out before us, as the fresh autumn wind sweeps the withered leaves across the walks of Kensington Gardens!

  64. I came quite close behind Lucy, taking care not to make the leaves rustle.

  65. Somehow, if one leaves a place for a time, and has experiences of moment in the interval, one expects those experiences to have had their effect elsewhere, too, even on inanimate objects.

  66. But Ruth's eyes looked out over the green leaves as if the longing was very strong within her to see more of the unknown world lying beyond the mountains that hemmed her in.

  67. It leaves undisturbed too the number of labourers, as well as the demand for them; for there will be neither an increase nor a diminution of capital.

  68. I gave poor Bianco and Lily some nice lettuce leaves just here under the tree.

  69. He leaves Plympton village to seek work in New York, whence he undertakes an important mission to California, around which center the most exciting incidents of his young career.

  70. The former falls into a trap laid by the latter, and while under a false accusation of theft foolishly leaves England for America.

  71. Suppose Maggie went and furbished it up a little, and looked at Ralph's pets, and gave them some lettuce leaves to eat.

  72. Moreover, he is smaller than Miner, and his tunnels are seldom in the earth but just under the leaves and grass.

  73. The babies are born in a nest of leaves in the bottom of a hollow tree.

  74. Then I curl up in a warm bed of leaves in a certain big hollow tree, and don't care how cold or stormy the weather is.

  75. His home is a snug nest of grass or leaves in a little chamber under the ground in which several tunnels offer easy means of escape in case of sudden danger.

  76. In summer I eat berries, mushrooms, grass and the leaves and stems of a number of plants.

  77. The food is chiefly twigs and leaves of evergreen trees.

  78. He leaves a little of it at the places he visits.

  79. During the day he leaves one of his mounds open for a little while to let in fresh air.

  80. When they are too large to be carried she leaves them hanging in a tree while she hunts for her meals.

  81. You see, they usually are very obedient, and the first thing their mother teaches them is to keep perfectly still when she leaves them.

  82. He eats seeds, grain, many kinds of nuts, leaves and other parts of plants.

  83. Sometimes Rusty has two nests in the same tree, one in a hollow in a tree for bad weather and the other made of sticks and leaves outside in the branches for use in good weather.

  84. The water brought down leaves and floating stuff, and this caught in the dam and helped fill it in.

  85. He has a storehouse where he stores up nuts for winter, but he buries in the ground and under the leaves more than he puts in his storehouse.

  86. He eats seeds, leaves of certain plants and tender young plants just coming up.

  87. Perhaps the diary has this advantage over letters; we make it our confidant committing to its leaves what we would not to another; sure of the sacred trust being kept for us.

  88. The poet has intimated the law: "Plants in the root with earth do most comply, Their leaves with water and humidity; The flowers to air draw near and subtilty, And seeds a kindred fire have with the sky.

  89. Any amount of sense, of logic, matter, leaves the discourse incomplete, interest flags, and disappointment ensues.

  90. Nor is the pleasure scarcely less of cutting the leaves of the new volume, opening by preference at the end rather than title-page, and seizing the author's conclusions at a glance.

  91. He leaves presently as a traveller the innkeeper's door, an inmate for his meal only and the night.

  92. The beet is still prized, but the carrot has lost the reputation it had in Queen Elizabeth's time, the leaves being used in the head-dresses of the ladies of her court, from whence the epithet applied to the hair is derived.

  93. Sermons ne'er hears, or not so many As leaves no time to practise any?

  94. They paused before the Golden Portals; the handmaiden pressed its opening lever; the massive leaves rolled back.

  95. Not far ahead the gleam filtered, pale yellow like sunlight sifting through the leaves of autumn poplars.

  96. My first task had been to search for Throckmartin and his wife among the fallen multitudes strewn thick as autumn leaves along the flying arch of stone, over the cavern ledge, and back, back as far as the eye could reach.

  97. And what do you who are as leaves or drops of water do in that world of yours?

  98. Captain West halted his men round the spot, and with Sir Peter Halket and the other officers, formed a circle, while the Indians removed the leaves which thickly covered the ground.

  99. Every year in the early spring, in August, very many are cut down, and when the trunk is lying on the ground the crown of leaves is lopped off.

  100. From the point where the river leaves the plateau and plunges into the deep pool below the Falls, its course for fifteen miles is through one of the most remarkable canyons in the world.

  101. In the case of man, when he dies, the spirit leaves the body.

  102. But though it leaves out an element which is at least as important as any element it includes, it would be an error to take no account of what it does contribute.

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