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Example sentences for "coldness"

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colde; colder; coldest; coldframe; coldly; coldnesse; colds; colei; coleopterous; coler
  1. That it was scarcely an affair of the heart every one knew; Alice had the reputation of great coldness of nature; she was probably incapable of very deep sentiment.

  2. Let me seriously request you to modify the extreme coldness of your manner to him.

  3. Upon looking round it then, she perceived in a moment that it was the most comfortable room in the world; but she was too guarded to say so, and the coldness of her praise disappointed him.

  4. GALEN also states, that in fire there exists a perfect heat and dryness, in earth a perfect coldness and dryness, and so on of the rest of the elements.

  5. It is three months since I have been at home on Communion-day, and the coldness which I had felt creeping through my very soul gave me a feeling of hope that I should find something to excite and elevate my affections.

  6. When I found there was no doubt of that, I had only to overcome the fears which a consciousness of weakness and liability to relapse into former coldness still kept alive in my mind.

  7. Fat People at the Beach ¶ If it were not for the exertion required in getting to and from the beaches, dressing and undressing, and the momentary coldness of the water, many more Alimentives would go to the beaches in Summer than do.

  8. It does not, of course, suppose any coldness of nature or want of human interest or sympathy--nay, it often exists most completely with people of the tenderest human feeling.

  9. But Miss Emily knew no more of the deeper parts of her brother's nature than a little bird that dips its beak into the sunny waters of some spring knows of its depths of coldness and shadow.

  10. From the moment in which the jealous fears of Richard Delany were aroused, he resolved to throw so much coldness and hauteur in his manner toward that young gentleman as should banish him from the house.

  11. A Woman is seen expressing great anger; there is a scene of coldness and incrimination between her and a Man.

  12. With that bitter coldness of the aristocrat which in time brings about revolutions, Wotan replies, "It is the ring I ask for--with your life do what you please!

  13. Reuben felt a scattering coldness across his cheek--rain, or sea-scud torn by the east wind from the surface of Gallows Bay.

  14. Within the passion was a coldness to match her own; shrewdness; wicked planning with all the treachery of a wolf and the bravery.

  15. She appeared to have forgotten her coldness when bidding him farewell in Salerno and the care which she had taken to hide from him her home address.

  16. They do not say so, because it is a common thing with us to hide our thoughts; but I suspect the coldness that is surrounding me.

  17. Slight as was the incident, its effects were yet visible in the disconcerted looks of the party, and I could see that more than one glance was directed towards me with an expression of coldness and distrust.

  18. The information, far from producing the electric effect of pleasure I had anticipated, was received with a coldness almost amounting to fear, and they spoke eagerly together for some minutes in Irish.

  19. The sound of my native language, with its native accent, made me forget the almost profound reserve of her manner, and I was fast recovering from the constraint her coldness imposed, when her niece entered the room.

  20. The coldness of his uncle's reception of himself was due entirely to his hatred of Paul, and Leo had no right to be aggrieved by it,--he had reason to be grateful to the old man for the kindness shown in the provisions made for his comfort.

  21. Apparently the coldness of his expression of regret struck him also, for he hastened to atone for it by a request that Paul would reconsider the refusal.

  22. Yes, it was possible; his arrogance was great; had he not conducted himself at the fete at Schoensee with such hauteur and reserve as to provoke Eva to treat him with even more than her usual coldness of manner?

  23. Her readiness to accept these invitations was the surest possible proof that she liked to meet him, and that her coldness was only a cloak for the preference she secretly entertained for the handsome lieutenant.

  24. The old lady frequently told him that Eva's repellent manner and her coldness were only feigned.

  25. So that's the cause for the coldness of your letters, dear," exclaimed Mathilde in a tone of madness rather than of tenderness.

  26. Julien's impassive coldness intensified the anguished pride which was lacerating the soul of mademoiselle de la Mole.

  27. Looking at her attentively he thought that he had never seen such beautiful eyes, although they betokened a great coldness of soul.

  28. Astonishing, but he seemed to have lost that impassive coldness that was so natural to him; he no longer looked English.

  29. Caylus, de Croisenois, de Luz, and one of their friends, manifested an icy coldness to Julien.

  30. If you leave the house, make a point of establishing yourself at Verrieres; I will manage that my husband should think of passing a fortnight there in order to prove to the fools there was no coldness between him and me.

  31. The virtuous coldness that she had meant to put into her welcome was succeeded by an expression of interest--an interest animated by all the surprise brought about by the sudden change which she had just seen.

  32. The enemy makes a false move; I will reply by coldness and virtue.

  33. In spite of his own excitement, he could not help being struck by the icy coldness of the hand which he was taking; he pressed it convulsively; a last effort was made to take it away, but in the end the hand remained in his.

  34. He now began to cease taking for coldness of heart that kind of beauty which attaches importance to a noble bearing.

  35. He was all the more astonished at the icy coldness which she endeavoured to manifest to him, and through which he thought he could even distinguish the intention of putting him in his place.

  36. But the coldness of Julien's soul gradually disappeared before the marks of interest of which he was evidently the object.

  37. When Julien's coldness and astonishment showed no sign of abatement, she burst into tears.

  38. He begins to doubt the sincerity of my love, and accuses me of coldness and indifference, urging me with prayers and entreaties to give him stronger proofs of my affections, endeavouring to persuade me to sacrifice my honour to his passion.

  39. Her coldness I could have borne; but to see her receiving, with satisfaction, the addresses of another, is unbearable; but I will punish the youth who has had the temerity to rival me.

  40. Her coldness provokes me, while her fascinations increase my love.

  41. A Frenchman, visiting the poet, 'lamented that his friend Lord John showed to so little advantage in society from his extreme taciturnity, and still more from his apparent coldness and indifference to what is said by others.

  42. It was clear that he dreaded the growth of close union between England and France, and for Louis Philippe then, as for Louis Napoleon afterwards, his feeling was one of coldness if not of actual disdain.

  43. The two sisters were not long in discovering each other's secret, and as soon as they had made the mutual discovery, a coldness sprang up between them which was most distressing.

  44. The idea of the two confederates was to create in the first place a coldness between the dog and cat, by means of inducing the couple already mentioned, to show greater favour to one than the other.

  45. John Billings felt a coldness beyond the coldness of the night run through his blood.

  46. She laughed heartily the while, but I felt a strange coldness as if a dark cloud had settled on me; my countenance changed: "What is the matter?

  47. During the two succeeding days she treated me with a coldness that had something of contempt in it, and I saw that she treated Smith with more deference and kindness than usual.

  48. We separated at these words, and the coldness with which she had expressed her resolution saddened me more than usual.

  49. I lay down on a sofa opposite the alcove, and the coldness of death settled on my soul.

  50. When we three were together he noticed a certain coldness and restraint which he endeavored to banish by cheerful good-humor.

  51. Because as they result from the temperature of the air, which is less likely to vary than that of the earth, there is a probability that the coldness thereof will last for some time.

  52. Because the coldness of the winter would be fatal to the life of the young insects; and the absence of vegetation would leave the caterpillars to perish of starvation, if they were developed during the winter months.

  53. They spread a carpet over the surface of the earth; they cling to old ruins, and cover hard rocks, as though they would hide decay, and give warmth to the coldness of stone.

  54. But black-frosts result from the coldness of the air, which is liable to less variation of temperature than the earth.

  55. Because white, or hoar frosts, result from the coldness of the earth, which, from its great radiating power, is always varying.

  56. Snow is congealed vapour, which would have formed rain; but, through the coldness of the air, has been frozen in its descent into crystalline forms.

  57. A black-frost results from the coldness of the atmosphere, which is at the time overshadowed by a dull cloud, giving a darkness to everything, and a leaden appearance to the frozen surface of water.

  58. But, though whiteness and coldness are no more in snow than pain is; yet those ideas of whiteness and coldness, pain, &c.

  59. The coldness and hardness which a man feels in a piece of ice being as distinct ideas in the mind as the smell and whiteness of a lily; or as the taste of sugar, and smell of a rose.

  60. However, the conversation proceeded languidly, the sort of coldness which had been there since the beginning of dinner had become accentuated after Francesco Serlupi’s escapade.

  61. Not once, but many times, in moments of violence and coldness he said it would have been better if I had never returned.

  62. For a short time Marco had no peace thinking of his involuntary coldness and cruelty, and he experienced an irresistible desire to go out, to go to Maria, to throw himself at her feet.

  63. It betrayed itself at first in a sort of indifference and carelessness in all her actions, coldness to her best friends, and an aversion to stir or go about the common offices of life.

  64. It began with a coldness and numbness in her limbs, which by degrees affected the nerves (I think the physicians call them), seized the brain, and at last ended in a lethargy.

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