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Example sentences for "coldly"

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  1. Both yielded to the influence of another spell--that wrought by the coldly discouraging looks of Adrienne, and by the asperity of the few sentences, which were all she condescended to utter during the remainder of the evening.

  2. Looking with eagerness, yet shrinkingly too, through the grating, while the jailer unlocked the door, he saw the prisoner standing there with folded arms and head erect, regarding him coldly and without the faintest sign of recognition.

  3. She looked at him so coldly that he turned pale and his limbs almost gave way beneath him.

  4. What chance of sympathy or response was there for such a man as he in that coldly critical and calmly deliberative learned society?

  5. In vain did your country appeal to you then, You coldly refused her your money and men; Your trade interrupted, you slunk from her wars, And preferred British gold to the Stripes and the Stars!

  6. There is no union when the hearts That once were bound together Have felt the stroke that coldly parts All kindly ties forever.

  7. In spite of all her resolutions she felt coldly and bitterly angry.

  8. The shrewd eyes of the professor grew coldly thoughtful.

  9. Narcissus was not at all pleased by her evident interest in him, for many maidens had loved him, and he had turned coldly from their advances, preferring to roam the forest alone.

  10. Coldly thy rosy shadows bathe me, cold Are all thy lights, and cold my wrinkled feet Upon thy glimmering thresholds, when the steam Floats up from those dim fields about the homes Of happy men that have the power to die.

  11. Cheerfully," coldly replied Count Abel, and he promised, so soon as he reached Paris, to send the portfolio to Maisons Lafitte.

  12. McCrea is the essence of Pennsylvania policy--coldly impersonal.

  13. Even as big a man as the president may shudder at the result of such coldly accurate measurings.

  14. The Prince of Coburg coldly answered that if I had lost the Imperial favour he had no wish to lose it by fighting a duel with an archduke who was the brother of the Sovereign.

  15. Mrs. Wharton--as she now called herself--laughed coldly and rose to depart.

  16. Daisy avoided her, and was coldly polite on such occasions as they had to speak.

  17. The coldly composed expression which had confronted the priest when she spoke to him, melted away softly under the influence of Romayne's voice and Romayne's look.

  18. Stella coldly returned the priest's bow--and looked at Romayne.

  19. A fat old woman with a basket and a couple of shawl-straps was also coldly received.

  20. I don't see how parlor gambling would help uplift the community," commented Mrs. Richards coldly from the opposite side of the room.

  21. It has been coldly stated that lies are told by golfers.

  22. This militant appeal was coldly ignored by Colonel Wakefield, who steadfastly declined to consider the question of distribution until Hiko's return, which did not occur until two days later.

  23. I thanked him coldly for his civility, and was going on, when he said, "If your way is up Pall Mall, I have no objection to join you for a few minutes.

  24. I answered so coldly and almost haughtily, that Ellen coloured, and said, with some dignity, that she should join Lady Roseville.

  25. At that lone and ominous sound, the associations of romance and dread which the fables of our childhood connect with it rushed coldly and fearfully into my mind: the damp dews broke out upon my forehead and the blood curdled in my limbs.

  26. The monk coldly and silently prayed during the scene, of which he heard and saw nothing.

  27. I cannot shake my guilt from me even for a day; and now society coldly cancels all my claims to its attentions.

  28. Coldly he demanded, "Where did you put it, Jenny?

  29. A man who would give his life enthusiastically for a woman must be ready to die coldly for his country.

  30. Though guilty, I had a heart; those words were dagger thrusts coldly given at its tenderest spot, for which she seemed to aim.

  31. Passionate as an Italian when no eye sees her, she becomes coldly dignified before the world.

  32. Still in harmony with my thoughts, the valley, where the yellow rays of the setting sun were coldly dying, seemed to me a living image of my heart.

  33. We cannot discuss that matter here," answered Corona, speaking more coldly than she meant to do.

  34. The diabolical cruelty of the idea fascinated him for a moment, and he looked coldly into her eyes as though he did not mean to answer her.

  35. Mornings, when he departed, his kiss, which smelled of mouth wash, would remain coldly against her lips with the peculiar burn of camphor ice.

  36. Then her father, pressing the coldly smelling mustache to her lips and lifting her in the old way by the armpits, so that the instant closed over her like a swoon.

  37. It seemed to her that the face under the gray derby hat was as coldly and as bonelessly fat as an oyster.

  38. He looked her sharply and coldly in the eyes.

  39. Choose," said her father, coldly and with dignity.

  40. Edwards did not seem to observe the extended hand, but turned coldly to the case and said: "Have a cigar?

  41. Edwards nodded coldly and motioned with his head for the player to come to him.

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