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Example sentences for "coldest"

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colchicine; colchicum; cold; colde; colder; coldframe; coldly; coldness; coldnesse; colds
  1. Some of the slaves have rugs to cover them in the coldest weather, but I should think more have not.

  2. In the coldest weather, where they can get wood or stumps, they keep up fires all night in their huts, and lay around them, with their feet towards the blaze.

  3. The measurements have been repeated during the coldest and the warmest season, and connected with surveying and other investigations of the inlets and their environs.

  4. His soldiers, shoeless, tentless, and unprovided with provisions, pushed into the defiles of the Jura in the depths of one of the coldest winters ever known in Europe, hoping to escape into Switzerland.

  5. The winter of 1871 was the coldest that had been known for twenty years.

  6. The next day was the coldest we had experienced, and we were glad to walk to keep warm.

  7. The morning was clear, but it was by far the coldest we had experienced.

  8. This ingenious writer is a worthy disciple of the great Buffon; nor is it easy for the coldest reason to withstand the magic of their philosophy.

  9. The two following are the coldest mixtures yet known:-- 1.

  10. From every part of the human body an insensible and invisible perspiration issues all night and day; not only in the hot weather of summer, but also in the coldest day of winter.

  11. All bodies contain heat; the coldest ice, as well as the hottest fire.

  12. White is the coldest colour for external clothing.

  13. A very dry month, and by far the coldest June I have recorded in the last seventeen years.

  14. Now it is strange that the coldest things should be preserved by the hottest.

  15. It was on one of the coldest days of gray December that we laid him in the frozen earth, to be seen no more.

  16. The delightful summer heat we, in America, enjoy in the coldest seasons, is quite unknown to our Saxon cousins.

  17. A gray dawn was breaking, and this is the coldest and bleakest hour of the day.

  18. There were new buckskin moccasins for Charley, with socks of heavy blanket duffle to wear inside the moccasins; and buckskin mittens, with inner mittens of duffle that would keep the hands comfortable on the coldest day.

  19. Many readers might hardly credit it, but a great part of the rocks which abound in Spitzbergen show evidences of volcanic origin, and what is now the coldest place in the world in winter was once probably as hot as Africa is to-day.

  20. The island, though it abounds in the grandest scenery, is one of the coldest places on earth during the winter.

  21. Unless one is exposed to a severe wind, holding the mittened hands against the face occasionally will prevent freezing in the coldest weather, providing we do not have to face the breeze.

  22. Now it is not difficult to get together a quantity of blankets that will keep a man warm on the coldest night, but the trouble will come when he wants to transport them.

  23. I'd give anything for a ride behind those bays, wrapped up to the eyes in furs, on the coldest day Rutledge ever saw.

  24. Of course they are warm enough during winter while thus housed, even in the very coldest weather.

  25. That wur, perhaps, the coldest night this nigger remembers; thur wur a wind kim down from the mountains that wud a froze the bar off an iron dog.

  26. The hunter must betake himself to the highest and coldest regions of the Andes--far from civilised life, and far from its comforts.

  27. It refuses to grow, however, in the warmest and coldest parts of the temperate zones.

  28. It is barely possible that Lithauer, if the trees can be obtained, may have some value in the coldest and bleakest parts of New York where less hardy sorts cannot be grown.

  29. Still farther south-east, Potenza has almost the coldest climate in Italy, and certainly the lowest summer temperatures.

  30. The district from the south-east of Lake Fucino to the Piano di Cinque Miglia, enclosing the upper basin of the Sangro and the small lake of Scanno, is the coldest and most bleak part of Italy south of the Alps.

  31. But it is when we reach the central range of the Apennines that we find the coldest districts of Italy.

  32. They sold their service to the highest bidder, fighting irrespectively of principle or patriotism, and passing with the coldest equanimity from the camp of one master to that of his worst foe.

  33. And, what is perhaps most wonderful, this delicate delight may be enjoyed without fear in the coldest weather.

  34. A look of the coldest scorn suddenly passed over her features--"that's not possible.

  35. As the coldest of male historians is bound to admit, "her singular powers of government were founded equally on her temper and on her capacity.

  36. He would go out during the coldest day, and seek for places where flags and rushes grew through the ice, and plucking them up with his bill, would dive through the openings, in quest of fish.

  37. The coldest place I have yet been in Japan.

  38. Besides, if my health keeps fair, I can hope eventually to be able to travel in the coldest winter months, and then the Matsue climate would make no difference for me.

  39. But scarce a tree or shrub is to be seen--just a few firs, and here and there a solitary mountain pine; and in the coldest season the greatest suffering is experienced from want of wood to burn.

  40. This was manifestly the case with some crossed and self-fertilised plants of Ipomoea, which were suddenly moved from the hothouse to the coldest part of a cool greenhouse.

  41. These pots had been kept in the hothouse, but from want of room were, whilst the plants were young, suddenly moved during very cold weather into the coldest part of the greenhouse.

  42. The fact that foxes travel during the coldest weather as well as any other time, gives the trapper an opportunity to show his skill when such animals as bear, coon, skunk, opossum and muskrat are "denned up.

  43. In the coldest weather this spring-hole remains unfrozen.

  44. I had scratched myself all over with greenbrier, and, while running through the dark, had plunged head first into the coldest known brook on the continent.

  45. During the coldest part of the winter he retires to his burrow and sleeps fitfully.

  46. In the meantime the snow had changed to a lashing rain, probably the coldest that has ever fallen on the North American continent.

  47. We had a leisurely lunch near one of the coldest bubbling springs in the world, seated on a high, dry ridge under the shade of a vast black-walnut tree.

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