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  1. And he had an helmet of brass upon his head, and he was armed with a coat of mail; and the weight of the coat was five thousand shekels of brass.

  2. And Saul armed David with his armour, and he put an helmet of brass upon his head; also he armed him with a coat of mail.

  3. By an armed conflict he would be the conqueror, by a vacuum he would be conquered.

  4. The special instructions drawn up by the Questors prohibited the entrance of any armed force other than the regiment on duty.

  5. It is a strange thing to say, but it must be noted, that with their habits of political shortsightedness, the popular armed resistance, even in the name of the Law, seemed sedition to them.

  6. In addition to the armed force which was appointed to assist them, it had been decided that each Commissary should be accompanied by two escorts, one composed of sergents de ville, the other of police agents in plain clothes.

  7. The armed band which came from the Rue Saint Denis had halted there and had waited.

  8. When he needed it, he found it, armed and ready to serve him.

  9. Ever since the 9th of September Changarnier had dismissed the fifteen men armed to the teeth by whom he had hitherto been guarded during the night, and on the 1st December, as we have said, Charras had unloaded his pistols.

  10. The large door of the courtyard of the printing-office was hardly shut than it reopened, gave passage to armed men, who entered in silence, and then reclosed.

  11. Well, then, when the Law speaks, the armed force listens.

  12. With Schoelcher at their head and escorted by fifteen armed men the Representatives proceeded to the Lenoir Market.

  13. In the meanwhile those who were armed had assumed their places for the conflict behind the barricade.

  14. It was grievous to think that perhaps when the police and the armed force should arrive, matters would have gone too far, and the High Court would be too deeply compromised.

  15. Suddenly one of their number, the lad armed with the huge bottle, tripped over a broken clothesline and fell headlong into the V-shaped trough formed by the eaves of the two adjacent houses.

  16. They are armed with mitrailleuses or small, non-recoil cannon, but on account of their low speed their daylight flights are attended by "escadrilles de chasse.

  17. Several aeroplanes stood guard over them, and as we knew that they were armed and that we on this occasion were not we decided to turn back.

  18. If attacked, they can fight, being armed with a machine gun mounted in front of the observer's seat; but attacking the enemy is not the role they are intended to play.

  19. They are armed with a machine gun, it is true, but they are always at a great disadvantage in the presence of an enemy fighting-machine which can out-manoeuvre them at every turn.

  20. Mate and I agreed to go armed henceforth and wait for any sign of cause.

  21. Van Helsing comforts me by telling me that I am fully armed as there may be wolves.

  22. Jonathan would not be happy unless I was armed like the rest.

  23. But before we go let me see you armed against personal attack.

  24. Of course we shall all go armed, armed against evil things, spiritual as well as physical.

  25. For the majority know everything already, they are armed with a triple breastplate, and have their short and powerful watchword, which renders them invincible.

  26. And who would not gladly pay a handsome sum to be armed with an infallible decision, which will at once crush all opposition and put down all adversaries?

  27. The memorialists further desire that, in the definition of a dogma or the establishment of a canon armed with anathema, the votes should be orally given by Placet and Non placet, not by rising and sitting down.

  28. When in Prussia executions took place in public, there was always friction between the armed guards and the crowd of women, who at all costs pressed forward with spoons, cups, and dishes to catch some of the blood.

  29. Who are you, who, armed to the teeth, dare to come up to this peaceful dwelling?

  30. Armed cap-a-pie, advancing on, she spies.

  31. Priscilla, armed with Virginia's directions, and a total lack of experience, took the rod and went her way.

  32. And Ken, armed with his automatic, hid just opposite the deer-trails.

  33. With Pepe's machete he cut a long forked pole, trimmed it, and, armed with this weapon, he assaulted the rolls and bands and balls of brown snakes.

  34. Pepe had fired the brush--no, he was making his way toward Ken, armed with a huge torch.

  35. This is true enough, sir; though I would rather have joined Charles on the beach at Dover, armed only with an untainted sword, than followed by an army at my heels!

  36. And they came for the buried king that lay At rest in that ancient fane; For he must be armed on the battle day, With them to deliver Spain!

  37. His keeper made a sign for Don Fernando to keep back, and placed himself resolutely in front of the door, where four men, masked and armed to the teeth, had just made their appearance.

  38. An incarnate demon, who, armed only with a thin rapier, withstood us for more than twenty minutes, and only gave in after killing four of our bravest!

  39. Two of the men armed with burning torches of ocote wood, set themselves to search for the man whose cries of distress had brought them to his aid.

  40. She merely expressed a wish to spend a day or two at the hacienda of Las Norias; to which Don Pedro consented, on condition of her taking with her a strong escort of resolute and well-armed peones.

  41. But the king strengthened the armed force at the command of the abbot, and the townsmen were obliged five years after to renounce their claim, and sue for pardon.

  42. Before dawn, on the next day, the young officer, being well armed and equipped, took the field with his two companions.

  43. Never was lawyer better armed for the battle of life.

  44. There is no terror, Cassius, in your threats For I am armed so strong in honesty, That they pass by me as the idle wind, Which I respect not.

  45. Thrice is he armed that hath his quarrel just; And he but naked, though locked up in steel, Whose conscience with injustice is corrupted.

  46. In 1800 Denmark had the imprudence to conclude a treaty of armed neutrality with Russia and Sweden, with a view to resisting the right, which England demanded, of searching the ships of non-combatants for munitions of war.

  47. A man named Haakon was despatched with thirty armed attendants to search for her and her child; but Erik of Ofrestad got news of their mission in time to send his daughter and grandson away.

  48. The peasants, too, came in full force, armed to the teeth, and defiant as ever.

  49. Poorly armed though they were, they stormed down over the hill-sides into the city.

  50. In the morning the king ordered his priests to celebrate the mass, and a crowd of armed men arrived from the ships to attend the religious service.

  51. War-summons was now sent from farm to farm and a great band of armed peasants came together, and marched toward Medalhus where Haakon was staying.

  52. He sent one of his trusted warriors, named Haarek Gand, with a hundred armed men to Hake's house; they arrived in the early morning before any one was awake.

  53. It looked badly for the Birchlegs for a while, but the arrival of ninety well-armed men from the city decided the day in Sverre's favor.

  54. Einar wore a gilt helmet and was accompanied by sixty armed men.

  55. Once he broke up a meeting when Harold was present, and with his armed retinue freed a convicted thief who had once been in his service.

  56. Arinbjoern now armed all his men, and went with Egil and his warriors to the king's house.

  57. Gissur accordingly attacked Snorre at Reykjaholt with seventy armed men, and slew him (1241).

  58. At the beginning of the winter he again summoned the peasants to meet him at the Frostathing, and they again responded by an armed concourse, much greater than the preceding one.

  59. The whole station is a divided camp and armed to the teeth about it.

  60. Why, we've swallowed whole fortresses armed with cannon in my time.

  61. Alice," he continued, "I feel that I am a strong man again, armed to meet the world at all points.

  62. When the tidings reached Monkshade that Lady Glencora was not to be expected, Burgo Fitzgerald was already there, armed with such pecuniary assistance as George Vavasor had been able to wrench out of the hands of Mr Magruin.

  63. Grooms appeared to have been laden with cases, and men were as well armed with flasks at their saddle-bows as they used to be with pistols.

  64. Thus armed he went forth resolved to conquer or to die,--as far as death might result from any wound which Mrs Greenow might be able to give him.

  65. There was a door which opened from the billiard-room out on to the grand terrace, which ran in front of the house, and here they found Jeffrey Palliser already armed with his cigar.

  66. The attack by the bridge was to be assisted by a large number of boats and other craft, and many armed galleys were also brought up to destroy or tow away the defenders' fire ships.

  67. The knights were ranged three deep; those in the front were armed with swords and battleaxes, while those in the other two lines thrust their spears out between the swordsmen, covering them with a hedge of steel points.

  68. An armed guard remains in our room all night.

  69. I should envy you greatly were you going in command of an armed galley, prepared to beat off any craft that might try to overhaul you; but, going alone as you are, it is a very different thing.

  70. They were roused at daybreak next morning, and were taken out to their work under the guard of six armed Moors, two overseers, provided with long whips, accompanied them.

  71. And David stood, Greater than argument while Saul armed him there.

  72. Now shall I go, content that God has watched me So habited and armed through all my youth.

  73. About us were a bodyguard of armed priests and a regiment of chosen soldiers, among them those hunters that Leo had saved from Ayesha's wrath, and who were now attached to his person.

  74. He called it Master, because no dog in the pack dared fight it, and told me that it could kill an armed man alone.

  75. Moreover, the tramp of thousands of armed men and the excitement of coming battle thrilled our nerves.

  76. Also we strapped our big hunting knives about our middles and armed ourselves with short spears that were made for the stabbing of game.

  77. At a little distance behind were a dozen or more of the temple guards, men armed with swords and picked for their strength and stature.

  78. Once, indeed, we were threatened by a mob of peasants armed with spades and reaping-hooks, who seemed inclined to bar our path, so that we were obliged to put our horses to a gallop and pass through them with a rush.

  79. Towards mid-day I walked on to the parish manse of Sandwick, armed with a letter of introduction to its inmate, the Rev.

  80. How, then, armed with the results of this investigation, we attacked dream distortion directly and, I trust, in some measure overcame it?

  81. We are armed against the internal resistances of the patient which we recognize as necessary, but how are we to protect ourselves against external resistance?

  82. Some of the men carried Winchesters, but for the most part they were armed with six-guns.

  83. Kid Wolf shook his head at this suggestion, however, and they armed themselves, "borrowing" the guns of the Blacksnake gang.

  84. Behind that was the rear guard, armed with Winchesters.

  85. Although just as heavily armed as the faction across the street in the Idle Hour had been, they were of a different type.

  86. Some were ugly, half-clothed Indians, armed with rusty guns and bows and arrows.

  87. A dark-faced peon on guard outside, armed with a carbine, opened the door for him.

  88. It is a custom here not to come armed in the presence of the governor.

  89. With Garvey were his five gunmen, mounted, armed to the teeth, and blocking the road!

  90. All were armed with six-guns, and all were bound for the valley of San Simon.

  91. Those that were armed with rifles fired madly into the coach and at the team.

  92. I am sure the verdict will be in the affirmative, and armed with such a decision you can overcome the poor fellow’s scruples and work a cure that is well worth working.

  93. At Monocacy, Kilgariff fought the guns at their best, and by a dash of a kind which artillery is neither armed nor expected to make, captured two Federal rifled guns, with their full complement of horses.

  94. I am armed against all that,” the other replied.

  95. But in any case, I am armed against capture, and I shall never be taken alive.

  96. At every salient angle a regular fort of some sort had been constructed and heavily armed for offence and defence.

  97. There were many things that I wanted him to tell me about, and the time was very short; for I had got at the house in which he lay wounded only under escort of an armed force, and I knew that my escort could not long hold the position.

  98. Even if that should happen, however, I am armed against the emergency.

  99. Ten minutes later came the sappers and miners, armed with picks, shovels, axes, and the other tools of their trade.

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