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Example sentences for "groomed"

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  1. Then in sauntered the lordly Ralph, whose indignant growl at the intruder died in his astonished throat as Dora confidingly flung herself upon him, leaping up and clinging to his well-groomed neck with grimy forelegs quivering for joy.

  2. That white, wavy front of his, so carefully groomed for the festal day, was all red and green from the holly ribbon that he had been chewing up for his Christmas dinner.

  3. Groomed till he shone, his new leather collar adorned with a flaring orange-satin bow, Njal entered with the quiet stateliness of one to drawing-rooms born, widely waving his tail in salutation to the entire company.

  4. He turned slightly his beautifully groomed white head so as to address Mr. Blunt directly.

  5. And those other well-groomed heads raised and nodding at my passage—“Bonjour.

  6. An alert recruiting-sergeant, clinching the argument, pointed out the tall, well-groomed officer to a lanky youth whose soul was almost afire with martial decision.

  7. The painting was elegant and obtrusive; Paulsberg's well-groomed form looked very distinguished in the plain cane-bottomed chair, and people wondered if that was the chair in which he had written his books.

  8. And no doubt he found at times that the mere healthful, well-groomed look of his son was irritatingly conventional.

  9. For the first time in his life the tidy well-groomed conventional look of his son was a real pleasure to him.

  10. Now well groomed and of fine bearing, he stood about the lobby interested in the projected railroad.

  11. Of what was he made, this handsome, well-groomed man of forty-eight?

  12. I did, for one," said Miss Vanderwall, flicking the ashes from her cigarette with a well-groomed fingertip.

  13. She could see the bishop, fitting finely groomed fingers together, pursing his lips for a judicial reply.

  14. His mother and sisters as a rule found him unpresentable, but had given up trying to transform him into the well-groomed son and brother whom they would have liked to take to the drawing-rooms of their Roman friends.

  15. City life, with all its untried enchantments and snares, now attracted Madariaga, and he began to speak with contempt of country women, poorly groomed and inspiring him with disgust.

  16. The boy was coming home, groomed and polished from his recent stay in the hospital.

  17. She was a trifle alarmed when she read in his next letter that some of them were not half bad-looking, surprisingly well groomed for so far West, and fairly attractive till they opened their mouths.

  18. Now that Em was on the way home Arthur let Liddy drop with a thud and groomed himself once more to wear the livery of Em's fiancé.

  19. But from an alcove seat near the door rose a stocky gentleman, well groomed and indubitably distinguished of guise, who had been tearing the covering from a bridge deck.

  20. Thus making an old suit of the year before alternate with the new one, you will find that eighty dollars will be sufficient to help you be a well-groomed man.

  21. I know of no other city in the world where there are better groomed horses and better turned out equipages than in New York.

  22. Made-up neckwear of any kind is not worn by well-groomed men.

  23. As He walked his horse for awhile beside Tom Loker who had groomed his horse the night before, he told him what the squire had said about his joining the militia.

  24. It was the almost invariable custom of the pioneer preachers to see that their faithful steeds were groomed and fed, before they attended to their own wants.

  25. I've had her exercised and groomed and hardened and trained from the very beginning--every inch of her minutely cared for exactly like my own babies.

  26. His success was founded on a well-groomed person, a supercilious manner, the judicious communication of any good racing information that came his way, and—indomitable cheek.

  27. He was a half-pay Major, and, except that he dressed oddly and clipped and groomed his poodle with his own hands, he appears to have had few eccentricities.

  28. How handsome and well-groomed he was sitting there in the easy willow seat!

  29. The bronze young farmer's gallantry was as gracious as ever the well-groomed Philadelphia artist's had been.

  30. As he moved to and fro among the guests, his odd appearance was accentuated by the occasional contrast of the immaculately groomed contingent, and on this occasion the poet-peer was truly a figure of fun.

  31. Used as he was to immaculate exteriors, Travers Gladwin had never seen a better groomed man.

  32. And Phelan crossed his eyes in an effort to include in the focus both Gladwin and the thief de luxe, whose splendidly groomed appearance impressed him the more.

  33. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "groomed" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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