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Example sentences for "briefed"

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  1. They know what their equipment has told them, and will be briefed by the rest of us as soon as we know ourselves.

  2. And I think when the Minister is briefed in full, he will agree that we have little choice.

  3. I wasn't completely briefed on how it ended," Entman said delicately.

  4. Have the men on the senatorial committee you briefed been at all active in helping you?

  5. A Senatorial committee was briefed on the thing.

  6. By keeping me briefed on your progress against this terrible thing that menaces our people.

  7. Twenty minutes after I refused you permission to attend that meeting, you had your man briefed and in action.

  8. But no, he was a doctor who'd apparently been briefed on my case, though not very well.

  9. Of course, Linda had already called her and briefed her on my supposed mental breakdown.

  10. First Stimson briefed us on the geography of our objective.

  11. As we studied the pictures and charts, Stimson briefed us on the course of action.

  12. You're well briefed on the general situation.

  13. If Steve was to be briefed on skin diving, it sounded like a case that would interest him and Scotty.

  14. I just got here on the morning plane, and I haven't been briefed yet.

  15. He had had training in shark-infested seas on Terra, been carefully briefed against the danger from such hunters of the deep and ocean jungles.

  16. Rovers and Terrans were briefed on the invaders' master plan for taking over a world.

  17. Brad quickly briefed the Sentinels on the transmissions.

  18. I briefed Narval an hour ago," said Brad.

  19. I had to be briefed in advance, or I'd have no way of knowing how good my chances were.

  20. Landel briefed his map, fingers uncertain, eyes uncertain, wanting to stall, to call a halt.

  21. During a jab of silence Dennison thought over the route briefed for them the day before: starboard, around the great dune; northeast by road for six kilometers; then north: was that right?

  22. He also didn't use with me the kind of Marxist sloganeering which I got from him on the first interview, which also, I think, is in a sense an evidence of his having been well briefed on his talk with me.

  23. You say you felt he was well briefed on his first conversation with you in 1959, but not in connection with his second?

  24. Especially an article in the Centralblatt für das gesammte Forstwesen, 1905 (briefed in Forestry Quarterly, vol.

  25. When I am in Queer-street I hope that Sir Haselton will be briefed for me.

  26. Sir Haselton struck in-- "I am briefed by the Treasury to prosecute.

  27. Many books, especially dramatic works, and the collected works of authors require the contents of the various volumes to be briefed on the back.

  28. Great communication system the Army had, making sure everybody had been briefed and was totally up to speed.

  29. He had briefed the man over and over, but still he was not sure it had sunk in.

  30. Then he briefed Davis, in a series of rapid thoughts.

  31. At my request, you'll also be allowed to do the first stories about the existence of Family Cortin and the new Archduchy; no other reporters will be officially briefed until tomorrow morning.

  32. It took longer than the Fleet helicopter would have, but by the time they got home, she'd been fully briefed on the action, and her opinion of Blackfeather had gone up several notches.

  33. As he rode ahead, Cortin dropped back to the main group, briefed them, and sent Degas to the rear.

  34. When Schuschnigg called his plebiscite, Keitel that night briefed Hitler and his generals, and Hitler issued “Case Otto” which Keitel initialed.

  35. That evening Uncle Dileep came to our house, briefed me about the next day's programme and when he left he took with him the photos which he said he would put up on exhibition at the hall.

  36. He had obviously been briefed by Dad on how we were to proceed for he soon took out a note book and started writing notes.

  37. Francis," his friend began, "they say at the club that you refused to be briefed in the Chippenham affair.

  38. My lawyer told me, directly after he had briefed you, that, although it would make no real difference to your pleading, it would be just as well for me to keep up my bluff of being innocent, even in private conversation with you.

  39. Without preamble and without expression, Arjen briefed them on the mission and detailed his plans for its execution.

  40. Looks as though that CIA man who briefed us wasn't kidding, eh, skipper?

  41. At one o'clock Tom briefed the flight crews and technicians.

  42. Tom quickly briefed the security men on what had happened.

  43. He's already briefed us via the electronic brain on the situation in Brungaria.

  44. Because I reassigned them, at the same time I briefed them, and made these other assignments.

  45. I briefed them about here in the basement, away from everyone, to let no one know the route.

  46. In the United States we briefed various scientific meetings and groups.

  47. But the crews of Navy and Air Force security forces who did go out to the tests were thoroughly briefed to look for UFO's, and they were given the procedures on how to track and report them.

  48. After the first two scientists had briefed their excited colleague on the unusual radiation they had detected, the three men asked each other the $64 question: Was there any connection between the two incidents?

  49. He had been briefed on the high-altitude winds, and the object he saw was going against the wind.

  50. Everyone present at the meeting agreed--each had read or had been briefed on these incredible reports.

  51. I might add that we briefed only groups who were engaged in government work and who had the proper security clearances solely because we could discuss any government project that might be of help to us in pinning down the UFO.

  52. Then we briefed special groups of scientists.

  53. Collins discussed the plan with the appropriate congressional chairmen, Ridgway further briefed the Secretary of Defense during General Marshall's 1951 visit to Japan, and Secretary of the Army Pace kept the President informed.

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