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Example sentences for "briefing"

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briefcase; briefe; briefed; briefer; briefest; briefless; briefly; briefs; brier; briers
  1. Calder had nodded sternly, assembled and given an in-flight briefing (no more truthful than necessary) to his forces, and made for Westmoreland.

  2. The heads of the geological and mining crews, along with military, scientific and governmental heads from the three colonies, were huddled together in a briefing room aboard the space station 'Lynx'.

  3. He leaned on the desk and fixed the briefing officer with a steady look.

  4. He looked in at the briefing room and found it presided over by a fat young man with a broad smile.

  5. In the briefing room there was little talk.

  6. Tis time I quit this job," he shouted at the briefing officer.

  7. Garret had strutted to the desk just inside the briefing room.

  8. Ten minutes later they did a parachute walk into the briefing room.

  9. The briefing officer hesitated about putting down the three Hawks.

  10. Stan's laugh rang out and he made for the briefing room.

  11. He parked that mess there, then climbed out and walked into the briefing room," Allison said.

  12. Red Flight reports two Dorniers and three Messerschmitts down and one captured," Allison said and his eyes locked with those of the briefing officer.

  13. In the briefing room the flight officer met them with more eagerness than was usual with such an official.

  14. The three coal barge nurses returned to the briefing room and checked their chutes which had been discarded on the field.

  15. Before Stan could reach the door of the briefing room Farrell had him.

  16. We are having to pay for ours, and, of course, we will handle that, we will use that when briefing our case on appeal.

  17. You stepped out and padded silently down the hall to the high-ceilinged briefing room.

  18. When this briefing is concluded, you will report to the arsenal and draw out your ray guns.

  19. Mrs. Mimms and the Briefing Officer were conferring in the Chief's Office when the Chief finally pressed a buzzer in irritation and said, "He's still there?

  20. Central as usual had not been wrong; the Briefing Officer himself had cautioned her on what poor shape the Zonal area was in.

  21. No, we have no proper briefing and can't get it until the tribe does appear on the map.

  22. Ross knew from his briefing that the whole of Britain was as yet only sparsely settled.

  23. Ross could not remember having seen their like on any of the briefing tapes at the base.

  24. I don't know why I wasn't in on any briefing or anything.

  25. There was a dead silence in the briefing room.

  26. He was at the briefing room at 2158 on the nose.

  27. There was a murmur of sound in the briefing room.

  28. Peter Wayne made use of his extra few inches of height to glance around the briefing room.

  29. At precisely 2200, Lieutenant General Scarborough emerged from the inner office, strode briskly up the aisle of the briefing room, and took his customary stance on the platform in front.

  30. The briefing session broke up well past midnight, and the group that shortly would become the crew of the Lord Nelson filtered out of the building and into the cool spring air.

  31. We can keep our date in the briefing room.

  32. In the silence of the briefing room, it seemed to be ticking much too loudly.

  33. He headed the little ship downward, and as it gathered velocity he went over the briefing sheets covering this particular world.

  34. Murgatroyd squirmed disappointedly as this briefing went on.

  35. But the airmen themselves heard the briefing loud and clear over the scramble-call speakers, and they knew it was not merely a matter of trouble in the wipe quarters.

  36. And as soon as they had the kids back in bed, most of the mothers struggled into their own airwac uniforms and headed for the briefing area to hear.

  37. As they filed out of the briefing shack, Steinhart climbed into the command car with Kimball.

  38. The big clock on the back wall of the briefing shack said three fifty-five.

  39. Kimball stood now in the bright glare of the briefing shack, a strange figure in blood-colored plastic.

  40. A lengthy account of the Betio assault is found in the transcript of Colonel Merritt Edson’s briefing to the staff officers of the Marine Corps Schools after the battle (6Jan44).

  41. Illustration: Marines and sailors traveling on board a troop transport receive their initial briefing on the landing plan for Betio.

  42. They were in the Mino Industries Prep Section, a preflight briefing room that led directly into the hangar.

  43. That press briefing would also announce a new alliance between Japan and the Soviet Union.

  44. He'd just talked to a couple of flight engineers coming out of a briefing room who claimed they'd spotted her in the hallway no more than half an hour ago.

  45. He'd been too busy briefing the pilots and now .

  46. Only last week he had approved Taro Ikeda's final briefing to Noburu Takahashi, executive director of the National Space Development Agency.

  47. Intelligence from Command Central was that Tanzan Mino's two Yakuza "pilots" were receiving a last-minute briefing from the CEO himself.

  48. But we still haven't put together a briefing package for the president, and State.

  49. Doktor Androv has just completed his briefing on the cockpit configuration.

  50. The meeting was in the North Quadrant of the Hokkaido facility, in the senior staff briefing room.

  51. There'll be a detailed briefing after we land.

  52. Report to the briefing room at 2130 hours, with all personal gear.

  53. The Pentagon conveniently left one small fact out of my briefing papers.

  54. We have to give him something to talk about back in the briefing room.

  55. The briefing room was a windowless space next to the Ranch's new headquarters building.

  56. We'll have a briefing and then--you know the rest.

  57. After he gave him a quick briefing on the situation via their secure phone, Hans was extremely unhappy.

  58. At the briefing just completed, he had used the blueprints to designate primary and secondary entry-points.

  59. And let me give you a quick briefing on who's in the bomb business on this planet.

  60. Answer: You'll get a further briefing at the appropriate time.

  61. This final briefing had gone longer than expected, but he had to cover more than the usual number of complexities.

  62. I think there's a de-briefing or something before they turn me loose.

  63. His final briefing was a beaut: "This is a spaceship, doctor," he said frigidly.

  64. Stan unloaded his gear in the briefing room and walked across to the colonel's headquarters.

  65. O'Malley got to his feet and walked into the briefing shack, which was a shed hastily erected outside the mess.

  66. When Stan reported to the briefing room he found the colonel there.

  67. The briefing officer and his second in command gave him his locations and his bombing data, the weather and the wind drift.

  68. The officer saluted and moved on into the briefing room.

  69. O'Malley turned upon his heel and strode out of the briefing room.

  70. In a short time they were back at their own briefing room.

  71. On the other hand it did fit perfectly with Ken's quick morning briefing on Noda's famous niece.

  72. I'm sitting here right now watching Jack O'Donnell blow his stack at a press briefing down in D.

  73. We're supposed to be told that in the briefing over at the C.

  74. They'd come to get a briefing on the reason for the trip, and all they were getting was a lecture on robotics.

  75. We'll be seeing you at the briefing later.

  76. Fitzhugh mentioned something about it in the briefing we got before take-off.

  77. The briefing for the officers and men of the William Branchell--the Brainchild--was held in a lecture room at the laboratories of the Computer Corporation of Earth's big Antarctic base.

  78. Fitzhugh, you said, at the briefing back on Earth, that Snookums knows too much about nuclear energy.

  79. He had received a full briefing from the admiral of the fleet aboard the Rainbowe.

  80. He had organized them into attack squadrons, appointed field commanders, and held a briefing for the officers.

  81. The voice of the briefing officer was a dull hum in his ears.

  82. Phil took his seat, and the last minute briefing began.

  83. The general took Phil's arm and they walked to the briefing room.

  84. It certainly contained no diaries or briefing material.

  85. But a few hours before departure of the DC10 an amendment was made and the flight crew was not informed that amended co-ordinates (since their briefing 19 days earlier) had thus been fed into the aircraft's computer.

  86. In addition there were his briefing documents and those received by First Officer Cassin.

  87. The briefing conducted by Air New Zealand Limited contained omissions and inaccuracies which had not been detected by either earlier participating aircrews or the supervising Airline Inspectors.

  88. Papers given to First Officer Cassin as briefing material--It has been explained that if any complaint could be made about this matter it would affect Captain Crosbie, the unnamed "employee of the airline" referred to in paragraph 52.

  89. He) had left his briefing documents at home.

  90. I am referring here to the flight briefing documents of First Officer Cassin.

  91. Since there is no description of the contents and it has been held that the briefing material was left behind anyway, the fate of the bag itself would seem to be immaterial.

  92. The items comprise the New Zealand Atlas and a chart; the briefing documents; and the ring-binder notebook.

  93. They walked to the briefing room where they joined a crowd of pilots who were seated on benches staring at a square of transparent talc pinned over a wall map.

  94. When the briefing was over, they crowded out of the room and into the mess for hot coffee and sandwiches.

  95. The boys listened to the rest of the briefing impatiently.

  96. Well, Colonel, your final message to the State was part of the briefing I received," I replied.

  97. The two notebooks, plus my conversation with Ghopal, Klüng and Natalenko, completed my briefing for my new post.

  98. I couldn't let any of them find out what we considered a full briefing for a new Ambassador.

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