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  1. Just above the hoppers on the economizer floor the coal downtakes are provided with valves and chutes to feed the coal, either into the hopper or into the distributing flight conveyor alongside of it.

  2. The excavated material is hoisted from the openings to the platforms and passed through chutes to wagons.

  3. The Fisher in the Chutes He was plainly a duck.

  4. He ploughed down chutes and funnels of loose stone, the debris of the rock walls above.

  5. It was not in the quiet pools and long, deep reaches of dark water that he loved to seek his prey, but rather to snatch it from the grasp of the loud chutes and the roaring rips.

  6. From the upper Klamath Lake we marched over the divide and down the valley of the Des Chutes River to a point opposite the mountains called the Three Sisters.

  7. Abbot, followed farther down the Des Chutes River, to a point opposite Mount Hood, from which it came into the Willamette Valley and then marched to Portland.

  8. At various points upon the outer edge of this moving square the conveyor chutes drop their merchandise.

  9. Through chutes and sliding-ways the merchandise descends a single floor to the great tenth story--extending through both the present building and the new one to come.

  10. Making fast to the chutes was a major problem but eventually he managed a makeshift harness of the remainder of the safety line.

  11. He jetted straight back trailing his string of chutes behind him, then, before the last was free of the cylinder, kicked himself around to assume the original course once more.

  12. The string of ribbon chutes he reeled in hand over hand stuffing it into the cylinder, discovering in the process why the chute Section hands at Base wore that harried look.

  13. Beyond the certain knowledge that the effect of the chutes would be quite violent and probably short-lived, the rest was unpredictable.

  14. The chutes took the first shock, but Johnny took the rest the hard way, standing bolt upright.

  15. He knew what it was now, the big string of ribbon chutes for the Venus Expedition, intended for dropping a remote controlled mobile observer to the as yet unseen and unknown surface.

  16. All the streams were crossed on the ice until the Des Chutes River was reached.

  17. Remnants of old log chutes remind one of the logging activities that used to be carried on here.

  18. Leaving the Dalles, Frémont followed up the Des Chutes River to its headwaters in southeastern Oregon, thence he crossed over the divide to the waters of the Klamath, which he followed southward to what is known as Klamath Marsh.

  19. In one row, waste water and garbage were still emptied down wooden chutes leading to open drains through the yards.

  20. A similar arrangement had been made for the convenience of six families living in the second story of the row of tenement houses, where two wooden chutes from the porch above carried the waste water down to the curb at Carson street.

  21. Some of these chutes were utter solitudes.

  22. This will serve to show how narrow some of the chutes were.

  23. Canvas chutes for returning empty passing-boxes are to be supplied to each scuttle.

  24. He hit the long wooden ore chutes that led down into the ship; he struck the chute with a heavy bump and then went on at a speed that took his breath away.

  25. Ore was being shot down through the chutes into boats on each side of the great trestle.

  26. For a full hour he kept the chutes open and filled his interested auditor with all the latest brands of misrepresentation and ridicule.

  27. But these voices were drowned in the swish of grain in the chutes and the staccato of the elevator engines--lost in the larger exigencies of the wheat.

  28. The blocks and refuse which cannot be handled through chutes may be fired through fire doors in the front of the boiler, which should be made sufficiently large to accommodate the larger sizes of fuel.

  29. Where the fuel consists of hogged wood and sawdust alone, it is best to feed it automatically into the furnace through chutes on the top of the extension.

  30. As it was highly desirable to determine accurately the position and character of the canyon of Des Chutes River, I started this morning with one man to follow down the creek to its mouth, leaving the rest of the party in camp.

  31. These are in addition to the regular ore chutes and considerably smaller.

  32. On all levels there are "rises," small chutes which extend from one level to another.

  33. Of course they were on opposite sides of the mine, but as it chanced each was heading for the chutes on that level, where their patrol would end.

  34. Steve had been sitting on the platform at the chutes for about thirty minutes when the level's telephone rang.

  35. With a sudden exclamation he sprang for the slow-moving Italian, leaping the chutes at the risk of his life.

  36. Rush's duty was to strike the catch on the side of the car with an iron bar, permitting the side board to swing out, whereupon the load of ore would drop through the iron chutes to a lower level.

  37. A few minutes later found him at the chutes where the accident had occurred.

  38. The boys obeyed the command, Steve leading the unwilling Italian around the chutes to the platform, where he stood him against the wall.

  39. I find that in most of the levels there is a considerable up grade to the chutes where the tram cars are dumped.

  40. Did you pass or meet anyone just before you reached the chutes here?

  41. The tally-man at the chutes on level seventeen was a man named Marvin.

  42. I will meet you somewhere near the chutes on seventeen.

  43. He, too, leaped the chutes and made for the contractor, brandishing his iron bar.

  44. The ore was tallied at the chutes and weighed again after it had been placed on railroad cars for transportation to the Great Lakes.

  45. Ultimately the cattle were driven by these same induction fences to the slaughter houses and actually into the chutes where their throats were slit.

  46. They're even driven into the slaughterhouse chutes by ground-induction fields!

  47. As he spoke a great burst of flame sprang up one of the waste chutes from the boiler-room beneath them, and with a wild rush the hundred boys made towards the one door-way that led to the open air and safety.

  48. The wet coal runs out through other chutes placed a little higher than that for slate, and extending down through the length of the breaker to the storage bins at its bottom.

  49. He had been brought up and educated so differently from any of his companions of the chutes that the life was infinitely harder for him than for them.

  50. Along these chutes in the new breaker, as in the old one, sat rows of boys picking out the bits of slate that had escaped the jigs, and among them was Paul Evert.

  51. It was still in operation, however, and within its grimy walls a hundred boys had sat beside the noisy coal chutes all through that summer's day, picking out bits of slate and tossing them into the waste-bins.

  52. Special instructions are given that the sacks shall be completely filled, and that no pieces of coal too large to go down the chutes to the bunkers should be put in them.

  53. The men who work here shovelling the coal away from the chutes and passing it on toward the lower bunkers--would make the average chimney-sweep look like a white-winged angel.

  54. The several hundred tons of coal which went down the chutes between 7 a.

  55. It is merely a tabulated summary of a week's saving of the things which used to go down the chutes for the birds and the fishes.

  56. Along here, somewhere, on a black night, we ran some exceedingly narrow and intricate island-chutes by aid of the electric light.

  57. You don't run close chutes on a falling river, up-stream, and there are precious few of them that you are allowed to run at all down-stream.

  58. Mind your eye now, boys, and keep a tight grip on your chutes if anything happens not down in your gamble.

  59. The bombers were gone but Stan knew from the number of chutes floating down to the water that both Heinkels had been bagged.

  60. Stan watched long enough to see their chutes blossom against the red glow of gunfire from below.

  61. The three coal barge nurses returned to the briefing room and checked their chutes which had been discarded on the field.

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