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Example sentences for "chutney"

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  1. Season with French dressing to which has been added two spoonfuls of chutney sauce.

  2. Spread over toast, and place a little chopped chutney on top of each.

  3. Boil for a minute, then add one apple fried in butter, one tablespoonful of chutney sauce, one teaspoonful of Worcestershire sauce, and a little salt and Cayenne pepper.

  4. The gherkins, chutney and salt must now be added; also sauce or gravy; and stewpan must be set over very slow fire about 1 hour; by that time meat should be quite tender.

  5. Apricot chutney is delicious made the same way, with the addition of several ounces of apricot pits, blanched and minced.

  6. Chutney is a sort of a combination pickle and preserve.

  7. Usually chutney (Chapter VIII) is eaten with curry and rice.

  8. Chutney is thicker than blood,' put in the Parnass mysteriously.

  9. Mix the curry powder, sauce, vinegar, flour and chutney together and spread this over the steak; roll up and thread a small wooden skewers.

  10. Stew some green lentils until soft; stir in some of Stembridge's curry paste and add chutney to taste.

  11. Decorate with chopped hard-boiled eggs, or beetroot and carrot cut in shapes; and serve with chutney or salad sauce.

  12. Our mango chutney etherealises our occasional salted goat-mutton--and we know that the chutney is what it professes to be.

  13. When ready for the table, put the Curry on a hot platter, and serve with hot boiled rice and a Chutney sauce.

  14. Long afterward--it might have been an hour and it might have been a day, for all passage of time was lost--Chutney rose to a sitting posture.

  15. To Chutney Bildad's wolfish gaze admitted of no misconstruction.

  16. Chutney has cut down the rations to two crackers apiece.

  17. The Right Honorable Lord is deeply engaged, but his private secretary receives Chutney cordially, and, leading him back into a still more secluded and stately apartment, motions him to a soft chair and sits down opposite him.

  18. Several hours later they were relieved by Chutney and Forbes, and thus all secured a fair night's rest.

  19. Colonel Carrington's hair had turned white, and even Chutney and Forbes had gray locks sprinkled through their dark ones.

  20. In another instant Chutney would have been dragged off, but help was to come from an unlooked-for source.

  21. The face of the cliff, though sheer, was full of rough projections for his feet, and in a short time he stood beside Chutney on the ledge.

  22. Canaris was asleep almost instantly, and Melton was just arranging the rugs to make himself a comfortable spot, when Chutney cried gladly, "I can hear water running.

  23. Waiter, a deviled kidney and a pint of Pommery Sec," he cried drowsily, as Chutney pulled him to a sitting position.

  24. Forbes and Chutney awoke about the same time.

  25. They started away in somewhat better spirits, Chutney in the bow keeping a sharp watch for danger ahead, while Sir Arthur held his torch from the stern, lighting the water for some yards around.

  26. Add two tablespoonfuls each of butter and chutney sauce, take from the fire, add the juice of a lemon, pour over the fish, and serve with plain boiled rice.

  27. Add a tablespoonful of tomato catsup or Chutney Sauce and salt and pepper to season.

  28. Anchovy Rabbit Make Basic Rabbit, add 1 tablespoon of imported East Indian chutney with the egg yolks and beer at the finish, spread toast thickly with anchovy paste and butter, and pour the Rabbit over.

  29. Thicken with cornstarch mixture and stir in the cheese, chives, onions, shallots, curry and chutney while wooden-spooning steadily until smooth and sizzling enough to pour over buttered toast.

  30. The above plan of chutney is suitable for cold meats, Curries, etc.

  31. It is only a new-made chutney or pickle, but fresh made, called sampball.

  32. Apple Chutney (How to Make it in England) 55 44a.

  33. In Ceylon, Mango Chutney is made in similar way, but they use tamarind, and when grinding use vinegar to soften the ingredients when grinding.

  34. Cut slices of bread into delicate circles and toast in butter; then take 1 ounce of chutney and 2 ounces of grated Parmesan cheese; spread the toast with ham and the chutney and sprinkle with grated cheese.

  35. Or the chutney can be simply chopped up fine and added to the butter sauce without rubbing through the wire sieve.

  36. Some tomato pulp or chutney is very good.

  37. Add 2 teaspoonfuls curry powder or paste and a little chutney to 1/2 pint Brown Sauce or Piquant Sauce.

  38. Why, that is the excitement of a chutney fight.

  39. Is it possible," he said, "that you have crossed the ocean and never engaged in the chutney fight?

  40. You will be pleased to learn that chutney is a sauce, an Indian sauce, and on this line somehow or other they never have more than one or two bottles.

  41. If there were a bottle of chutney at every table, the delights of chutney would be gone.

  42. You acquire, as it were, the chutney habit.

  43. It is not that we care for chutney at all, but that we simply are bound to have it.

  44. Well, you shall soon have a practical illustration of the terrors of a chutney fight.

  45. I am sorry to appear so ignorant," said Miss Earle, "but I have to confess I do not know what chutney is.

  46. Steward number one waited until steward number two had disappeared after another order, and then he deftly reached over, took the chutney sauce, and placed it before Mr. Morris.

  47. Well, as I was saying, chutney is rather a seductive sauce.

  48. Now you understand that I want chutney, and chutney I am going to have.

  49. It will be a mercy if he never wakes," said Chutney in a husky voice.

  50. Chutney hurriedly related their adventures and the great discovery that had been made.

  51. Did that young man Chutney walk up the face of that wall?

  52. Chutney and the colonel stretched themselves on the rugs and Melton paddled slowly forward, while Canaris held the torch from the stern.

  53. No," cried Chutney in tones that chilled his hearers with horror.

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