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Example sentences for "consultation"

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consult; consulta; consultant; consultants; consultas; consultations; consultative; consulte; consulted; consulter
  1. And seeing them enter into serious consultation in a chamber apart, they knew not what to make of it; but soon after they might perceive, when they all came out, as men resolved upon some enterprise.

  2. There was a hasty consultation at the base of the ridge, and then the man who was really the leader ordered a couple of his warriors to lose no time in learning the truth.

  3. As the party moved back toward the base of the ridge there was a consultation among them as to what was best to do.

  4. The consultation was summarily ended, and flight again resumed.

  5. I felt disheartened for the moment, but after a consultation with Dr.

  6. When compliments were over, the first thing that came under consultation was how to settle the nation.

  7. As senator from his own State, I was in constant consultation with him while he was urging legislation necessary to secure the concession for the construction of the canal.

  8. In close consultation with Sherman, Hayes brought about the resumption of specie payment.

  9. Each parish had, or was to have, its regular minister, recognised by the State, and the association of ministers among themselves for consultation or mutual criticism was very much left to chance and discretion.

  10. There were then meetings for consultation at Sir Henry Vane's house, with farther differences over some demands of the Army-magnates.

  11. Lockhart was again in London for consultation with Cromwell Oct.

  12. Certain it is that he had returned to Whitehall in a sullen mood, and that, after a consultation overnight with his officers, his conclusion was that he must at once retrieve himself.

  13. Edinburgh next day, "very silent and reserved"; but that day it was resolved by him, in consultation with some of his chief officers and with Dr.

  14. Believing Mr. Biddle to be at the bottom of the suspension, he could not treat him with the confidence and respect which a consultation would imply.

  15. Shirley repaired to Louisbourg, after its surrender, where he held a consultation with Warren and Pepperel on the favourite subject of future and more extensive operations against the neighbouring possessions of France.

  16. After holding a fruitless consultation respecting an attempt on Placentia, the expedition was abandoned; and the squadron sailed for England.

  17. Next day, however, I had all the guides of the neighborhood in for consultation as to a certain tract which I had fixed on from report and general knowledge of the region, and we planned a survey in the snow.

  18. In the house itself a consultation was being held.

  19. The surgeons held a hurried consultation as to whether the operation should be carried out with the patient still in possession of her senses.

  20. The colonel stood aside, holding some final consultation with his father.

  21. That night found me at Holly Springs and in consultation with the United States marshal and the commanding officer of the little garrison of infantrymen.

  22. A consultation was held in Orkeke's toldo, and although it was carried on in a low tone, and I was little conversant with the Tehuelche tongue, I heard my name frequently mentioned in connection with a revolver, and also the Chilians.

  23. A consultation took place, in the middle of which Inacayal dashed up with a party all well armed with lances, in addition to their other arms.

  24. The following morning we had a great consultation in Crime's toldo, at which it was determined that all quarrels should be forgotten, and that we should march at once to effect a junction with the other Indians.

  25. The usual consultation of the chiefs took place, in which all the preceding arrangements were agreed to, and we remained stationary in Teckel until January 20.

  26. The following morning at daylight another consultation took place, and the letter had to be again produced, and another postscriptum added.

  27. The ladies were then landed, for fear of accidents, and the remainder of us held a consultation as to how we should get to Buenos Ayres, and ultimately went to sleep on it.

  28. As soon as Major Randal arrived, a hasty consultation was held, to ascertain the course of proceedings which it would be expedient to follow.

  29. They had continued this for some four or five minutes in breathless expectation of what was to come next, when they perceived the troop brought to a sudden halt, and an apparent consultation take place at the head of the little column.

  30. One o'clock had passed, when at length, after a short consultation with the Earl of Lindsay, the king commanded his forces to march slowly down the hill towards Kineton.

  31. They declined to proceed any further, and after a short consultation between themselves, each man seized his camel and walked away.

  32. Samuel was sent for, and a long consultation took place between him and the chief outside the gate.

  33. Thanking the courteous gentlemen who had shown us over the works, we left Mr. Bossle in close consultation with the manager.

  34. Publishers are in deep consultation over projected works.

  35. The two men held a hurried consultation in a whisper; the bill inconspicuously changed hands, and Peter, unobserved, sank into the crowd again.

  36. A whispered consultation was going on inside, then presently, a small window opened and Master Augustus's head appeared.

  37. While they held a whispered consultation Mrs. Theodore appeared at the front door with an armful of newspapers.

  38. A hasty consultation with Marilla in the pantry resulted in a decision to let both children have their teas together later on.

  39. An anxious consultation was, however, held in his room after closing time.

  40. A consultation was held in the family, and her nephew was sent to explain matters to the physician, in the hope of his being able to cure her hypochondria.

  41. When he visited patients of means, in consultation or otherwise, he expected two guineas or more.

  42. But, as a matter of fact, sleek officialdom had sheltered the Queen from all anxiety, and she had not a notion that the King had been anywhere except to some consultation with ministers, and thence late to bed.

  43. Consultation with Max, insidious as the drug-habit, and as secretively employed, was henceforth to count for much in the development of the Constitutional Crisis.

  44. Here Wallingford found the proprietor and the brawny boy in the middle of the wide barn floor, in earnest consultation over the bruised hock of a fine, big, draft horse.

  45. But I believe my father has a consultation in the library, at which he wishes us to be present; we will join him, if you please.

  46. But it was already organic when you went to him, and, after consultation with others, he pronounced it incurable.

  47. I added that I'd just had a consultation at Johns Hopkins and had decided to take medical treatment.

  48. He was formerly employed here and every now and then he still manages to escape to one of our consultation rooms.

  49. Thus animated, he entered into consultation with Mr. Thomas Clarke concerning the steps he should take, first for their deliverance, and then for prosecuting and punishing the justice.

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