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Example sentences for "caution"

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cauterization; cauterize; cauterized; cauterizing; cautery; cautionary; cautioned; cautioner; cautioning; cautions
  1. While Sparkin was instilling obfuscated respect and caution into Tom Richards, Captain John Gore made his way to Lady Purcell’s house.

  2. John Gore followed the fellow’s lead, amused at the caution that did not intend to offer him the chance of pocketing anything of value in the house.

  3. Only under the stress of winter hunger will an animal sometimes throw caution to the winds and attack this living pincushion.

  4. Several times he could have sprung upon his unsuspecting prey, but caution restrained him.

  5. Now, emboldened by hunger, he had thrown caution to the winds and was about to invade the haunts of man, and that in broad daylight.

  6. So, after slowly circling the tree several times, he threw caution to the winds and closed in.

  7. Everything that foresight and caution can devise to insure success is made ready and kept ready against the time of need.

  8. The official bulletin of the International Committee also hailed the accession of the United States to the treaty, in an article of characteristic caution and of great significance.

  9. We hope that you will appreciate the motives of caution which guide us in this matter, and that you may soon enable us to act in the premises.

  10. For heaven's sake, caution and recaution your friend the minister, not to drop a word to this woman that may betray my hiding-place.

  11. For the Captain unless delayed by extreme illness, or held back by a caution which Billy judged was foreign to his nature, would not wait long before he joined Arlee.

  12. Torn between caution and impatience he worked on, and as soon as the hole was large enough he pulled himself cautiously up and dropped over the edge into the cage-like balcony on the other side.

  13. Her dark, curious eyes met his with questioning significance, and he threw all caution aside and plunged into his demands.

  14. He finished the swarm with a ringing slap that brought a low caution from his guide.

  15. In short, I took all possible caution to preserve my effects and to keep up my plantation.

  16. It all emphasized the need of exceeding caution in prayer.

  17. Caution is needless after the evil has happened, and it is time lost to give it a thought.

  18. In the first moment of lassitude, get thee gone: but stay not by the way, I caution thee.

  19. Some of this fine caution she learnt from her observation of him, and some of it from Sidney Barslow's taunt.

  20. Her caution remained, and her healthy distrust of sudden impulses.

  21. So, if she had no designs, she had no caution either; she was as free from conscience as from malice; or it might be that any conscience she had was engaged upon another matter.

  22. Jose at last returned with the torches, which were composed of twisted straw dipped in pitch; and the chief officer descending with less caution than before, led the way, the rest following.

  23. At first, properly enough, reinforced concrete was adopted with much caution in bridge-building.

  24. My other caution is this:—that, even when he addresses himself to some special danger or probable deficiency or need of his hearers, he should do so covertly, not showing on the surface of his discourse what he is aiming at.

  25. It is common in judicial inquiries to caution the parties on whom the verdict depends to put out of their minds whatever they have heard out of court on the subject to which their attention is to be directed.

  26. As regards ourselves, the time is passed now, Gentlemen, for such modesty of expectation, and such caution in encouragement, as these last sentences exhibit.

  27. The ergot, which must be used with extreme caution and only when the labour pains have commenced, is invaluable when parturition is protracted, and there is difficult straining without result.

  28. And therefore, that very caution in this case betrayed their concern, and shewed, that they were not satisfied that his pretensions were groundless.

  29. To understand to what purpose this caution was used, you need only consider what is intended by sealing up doors, and boxes, or writings.

  30. But Soult was possessed of a crafty caution which seldom if ever allowed his ambition to hinder the success his ability deserved.

  31. With all the fiery enthusiasm of the Gael, he possessed to an unusual degree the caution of the Lowland Scot.

  32. The presence of this band of desperadoes entailed the utmost caution and watchfulness in the neighbourhood of the lake.

  33. With thirty or more degrees of frost, great caution must be used in handling skate-blades with bare fingers if burns are to be avoided.

  34. It was not without reason that this caution was given.

  35. The pantler then handed him a stone bottle, holding perhaps a quart, and knowing his propensities, thought it needful to caution him as to the strength of the liquid.

  36. True," laughed Hairun, "I must give a like caution to Max.

  37. Contenting himself, therefore, with tracing a hasty lino of caution upon a leaf torn from his tablets, he secured it with a silken thread, and delivering it to an attendant, commanded him instantly to take it to the Lord Guilford Dudley.

  38. When they returned to their posts he proceeded along the ridge of the battlements, and dropping upon the ballium wall, proceeded with the utmost caution to the edge of the ramparts.

  39. On his liberation, he observed more caution ; and though his opinions were by no means altered, but rather strengthened, he no longer gave utterance to them.

  40. Mustering all the resolution he could, therefore, John returned to the dreadful spot, walking with great caution and with many anxious glances in all directions.

  41. With a final word of caution to John to keep himself safe by staying within easy reach of the cabin's thick walls, Kingdom mounted the docile mare, given them by Theodore Hatch, the Quaker, and set off at a gallop.

  42. So, after all, that caution that I gave to Travice might have been an instinct.

  43. I hope you will excuse his caution in this matter, as I do, when you consider that he is disposing of a favourite child, and consequently must expect all the security possible for her wellbeing.

  44. Watt’s caution impelled him at first to decline entering into such speculations.

  45. Watt suggested caution as to making use of the cranks.

  46. Watt was greatly cast down at this intelligence, though he could not blame his friend for the caution he displayed in the matter.

  47. Boulton concluded by requesting instructions how to act; but all necessity for further caution was shortly after removed by Fulton coming over to England and imparting his secret to the British Government.

  48. His career as boss was marked by much political cleverness and caution and by an equal degree of moral obtuseness.

  49. The muckraker has scattered such indiscriminate charges that great caution is necessary to discover the truth.

  50. Lincoln found himself surrounded by circumstances that made caution necessary in every appointment.

  51. He considered awhile, with the caution of one who endeavours to lay hold on a small dangerous animal in such a manner that it shall not be able either to scratch or bite him, as I myself have sometimes done with a weasel in England.

  52. This caution is necessary, to prevent the country from being overburdened with numbers.

  53. In the Elizabethan Age men had thrown caution to the winds and lived with their whole bodies, not just with their minds alone.

  54. There was something in human nature which made a man abandon caution and try to live up to the claims made for him by his parents at birth.

  55. They encouraged her directness and, while knowing that she outraged opinion sometimes, could not bring themselves to warn her, or stain the frankness of her views, with the caution that good manners require thought should not go nude.

  56. Then came into her life one very much beyond her dreams, and from an attitude of utmost caution before a physical beauty that fascinated her, she woke into tremendous excitation of mind at the discovery that he, too, was interested.

  57. Caution seems to me rather a cowardly thing, Raymond, from you to me.

  58. You see Nature is so much greater than all else to me, and contrasted with her, our little man-made laws, often so mean and hateful in their cowardly caution and cruel injustice, look pitiful and beneath contempt.

  59. We thinking and religious men know there's a good deal of thin ice in Christianity, where we've got to walk with caution and not venture without a guide.

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