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Example sentences for "glances"

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glamour; glamoured; glamours; glance; glanced; glancing; gland; glandered; glanders; glands
  1. Instead she ran with all speed farther down the orchard, casting apprehensive glances over her shoulder now and then.

  2. As the girl cast frequent glances across the fields she saw the other members of the Tramp Club scattered about not far from their own camp, though all of the boys kept a respectful distance from the camp occupied by the girls.

  3. There in Jane's car by the side of the road they ate their luncheon, giving no heed to the curious glances of passers-by.

  4. When our glances met he averted his face, and went briskly for his overcoat, which lay on the floor by the piano.

  5. He gave me one of those disrobing glances of which men who have dedicated their existence to women alone have the secret.

  6. Then their glances fell to the two black suitcases on the curbing.

  7. The girl was quick and apt in her replies, and Mademoiselle was conscious that the Major kept turning surreptitious glances towards herself, to see if she were duly impressed by the exhibition.

  8. Everyone looked at her, and the glances were more kindly than they had been for many a day; for it is easy to be sympathetic when we get our own way, and have shifted the burden off our own shoulders on to those of another.

  9. Mademoiselle departed, and came back to give the required signal, when the girls filed slowly across the hall, casting curious glances at Lottie as she came downstairs.

  10. She could not understand Margaret's gravity, and the half-amused, half- pitiful glances of the older pupils.

  11. Major solemnly; and a merry laugh rang out from the doorway as Esmeralda came forward, and standing behind his chair, clasped her arms round his neck, the while she sent her bright, inquiring glances round the table.

  12. He kept throwing uneasy glances towards her while the horses were brought out, and Esmeralda strolled about in a patch of sunshine, and picked her steps gingerly over the muddles, like a model of fastidious care.

  13. Sometimes he would rush right up to her as if about to cast himself upon her bosom, and then, with a sudden twirl, would be far away from her again, and only the glances of their eyes showed that they were partners.

  14. Only their sparkling eyes show that they are human; only their languishing glances tell that they are women.

  15. When Carl thought of the severe gray eyes that shot such glances at all lingering youths, the difficulty of winning the pretty heiress seemed to be quite enough, even with a field clear of rivals.

  16. It was a very different countenance from that at which I had been casting sidelong glances half the day, and yet it seemed to me that she was ashamed of these signs of joy, and thought it but a weakness to feel so glad.

  17. Katrine smiled sweetly as she approached, for, with a woman's quick eye, she had read his glances long before.

  18. It is difficult for a pretty woman to avoid the glances of her companions in a carriage when their eyes fasten upon her as a visible distraction to the monotony of a journey.

  19. He walked up and down the room casting oblique glances at her, endeavoring to guess the secret thoughts of the singular woman whose mere glance had the power of discomfiting at times the cleverest men.

  20. Then, suddenly, the excited woman, who was walking up and down with hurried steps and casting savage glances at the spectators of the storm, calmed down.

  21. Corentin, carelessly, giving Mademoiselle de Verneuil one of those oblique glances with which diplomatists of his class spy on thought.

  22. The glances of the loving-kindness of God have been and continue to be directed towards thee.

  23. Thy name is often mentioned in the presence of this Wronged One and the glances of Our loving-kindness and compassion are directed towards thee.

  24. The innkeeper's grumblings incited the crowd which early assembled, and from their whispers and glances we could see that trouble of some kind was brewing.

  25. By the light of the glowing embers we could watch the faces about us, and catch their horrified glances when reference was made to our intended ascent of Ak-Dagh, the mysterious abode of the jinn.

  26. We were surveyed with suspicious glances as soon as we entered the station-house, and when we asked for water to lave our hands and face, we were directed to the irrigating ditch in the street.

  27. I kept close to my companions, casting as I passed glances at the booths, which contain, with a few articles from the other countries in Europe, fancy goods and merchandise, more especially of Russian manufacture.

  28. And, as he fully expected, there were several glances of significant recognition of the stranger.

  29. Captain Pinckney smiled and exchanged glances with Mrs. Brant, but the stranger quietly returned to the central table beside Colonel Starbottle.

  30. Yet four women (three blondes and a brunette) watched with affectionate glances the progress of his casual morning toilette.

  31. All glances immediately concentrated on the fatal area.

  32. Now turn the glances of your eyes around in every position, now here, now there, then take some other view.

  33. I place before me, that I may avoid the glances of the old man's eyes?

  34. I have felt it in the glances of unusually aged people.

  35. I alluded to the romantic circumstances of our first meeting--even to the glances which had passed between us.

  36. It was there, however, no longer; and breathing with greater freedom, I turned my glances to the pallid and rigid figure upon the bed.

  37. Having thus scrutinized me for perhaps a quarter of an hour, the fair object of my passion addressed the gentleman who attended her, and while she spoke, I saw distinctly, by the glances of both, that the conversation had reference to myself.

  38. He was also so modest that he would not speak, nor even look, and when Nestie began to discourse on his goodness he cast glances at the door and perspired visibly, on which occasions he wiped his forehead with a large red handkerchief.

  39. But they were not too busy to pause now and then to send searching glances into the forest in quest of their father, whom they all united in adoring as the wisest and greatest of created beings.

  40. They now drew aside to let her go by, which she did hurriedly, her eyes lowered under the shadowy plumes of her riding-hat, and oblivious of the admiring glances they stole at her.

  41. She felt his heart beating against her arm, looked up, and saw that he was regarding her with glances of searching tenderness.

  42. At her knee he halted, and shot sharp glances up at her.

  43. Then the man, having lighted a cigar very deliberately, took himself off and the two ladies passed, casting nervous glances at the quartette, and the street was again quiet.

  44. The four exchanged glances and filed out.

  45. Willard was conscious of the players on either side of the coach, could feel their slightly amused glances on him and knew they were waiting intently for his answer.

  46. He seldom, however, made other reply than by gloomy looks or fiery glances which soon recalled Martin to his senses.

  47. The neighbours liked above all to hear him tell about the dusky men and strange women of Levantine lands, and how the latter would shoot loving glances at British tars through peepholes cut in their thick black cloth veils.

  48. I must set my foot forward, my weary wounded foot: and because I feel I must do this, I often cast grim glances back at the most beautiful things which could not detain me--because they could not detain me!

  49. A God who loves men provided that they believe in him, and who hurls frightful glances and threatenings at him who does not believe in this love!

  50. Since I baffle their advances, Will not clutch their leading-string, They would wither me with glances Bitter-sweet, with hopeless envy sting.

  51. Thro' light and shadow thou dost range, Sudden glances sweet and strange, Delicious spites and darling angers, And airy forms of flitting change.

  52. I am ashamed to record it of Kathleen's prospective bridegroom that he cast glances of unfeigned regret at these treasures as he prepared to devote them to the flames--a sacrifice on the altar of his love for Kathleen.

  53. Kathleen, with a thrill of superstitious dread, as she hurried on in the deepening gloom, casting furtive glances about her, as though she expected to see Cooper's disembodied spirit hovering near.

  54. The conversation rose and flagged; but it was evident to Jared that there was a cloud overshadowing the meeting, though the young man heeded not the glances of father and mother, as he chatted on to the fresh happy girl at his side.

  55. Marie-Anne must have felt a similar fear, for she hurried on, casting anxious glances on every side as she ran.

  56. They hurried on, casting suspicious glances on every side.

  57. Instinctively, they felt that they were to be enemies; and the bitterest animosity spoke in the glances they exchanged.

  58. But they were thinking that this sum was not, perhaps, a quarter part of the value of these jewels, and they exchanged glances that said: "Ah!

  59. The desired refreshments were served, but the glances cast upon the guests were by no means friendly.

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