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Example sentences for "bargaining"

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barest; barga; bargain; bargaine; bargained; bargainings; bargains; bargayne; barge; barged
  1. Long Isaac at once commenced bargaining for some of them, which he finally purchased.

  2. Collective bargaining enables men to withhold, for a time, something which is of importance to an employer.

  3. The presence of even a few men able to do good work and not able to get employment is often sufficient to make individual bargaining work unfairly to the laborer.

  4. Mere collective bargaining makes some difference, indeed, but where there is no attempt to exclude from a favored field workers of the poorly paid class, the range of difference is not great.

  5. Organization means collective bargaining and tends to equalize the strategic positions of men and employers.

  6. Collective bargaining is normal, but barring men from a field of employment is not so.

  7. He was not communicative to me; his knowledge of German seemed limited to the bargaining process, a lesson often repeated, I suspect.

  8. However, it turned out that there was so much bargaining and dawdling about at Milanovacz before we could settle on a conveyance that we did not get away till six o'clock--too late a great deal, considering the rough drive we had before us.

  9. We now entered upon the bargaining phase, a process which threatened to last some time; all the stragglers in the place assisted at the conference, taking a patriotic interest in their own countryman.

  10. The bargaining and the bad grace which marked the release of the Reformers had prepared the world to view Mr. Kruger's action and attitude a little more critically than it had hitherto been disposed to do.

  11. Transactions are no longer regulated by free bargaining and discussion, and the /mutuality of services/ disappears.

  12. This were but fair; and this /equivalence/ is exactly the result which we almost infallibly obtain from free and voluntary transactions, and the bargaining which precedes them.

  13. It resides exclusively in the /services/ which we suppose to be rendered and received with reference to these things, and is determined by the free bargaining of the parties who make the exchange.

  14. The /equivalence/ of /services/ results from voluntary exchange, and the free bargaining and discussion which precede it.

  15. No, they couldn't know that yet, which meant he still had the bargaining chip he'd need.

  16. He grimaced to think how his country had been brought to today's humiliating state of affairs, reduced to bargaining with foreigners like Arabs in a medina.

  17. The usual little comedies of bargaining were going on.

  18. The suspicion, the intensity of the bargaining contadino came to the surface.

  19. It was a new joy to him to be bargaining in the midst of an attentive throng of his compatriots.

  20. It sounds strangely to hear children bargaining in French on the borders of Yankee-land.

  21. I have seen some of the public women take this mode of exhibiting themselves, and of bargaining with the pilgrims, under pretence of selling them corn for the sacred pigeons.

  22. We needed to keep a bargaining margin in what we put forward.

  23. He was in conversation when we came out with a man who breakfasted with us, and was probably bargaining for a load for his mules back to Seville.

  24. There seems to be enormous scope for bargaining over all this field, and here it is that the chances of compensations and consolations for Germany are to be found.

  25. This does not mean that she will surrender unconditionally, but that she will be reduced to bargaining to see how much she must surrender, and what she may hold.

  26. The Jew, when Piedro entered the shop, was bargaining with a poor, thin-looking man about some gunpowder.

  27. I would not speak to you about it whilst we were bargaining about your land, lest I should overawe you; but, tell me, what is this flaw?

  28. Another sin is, cheating, deceiving, overreaching words; when men use their tongues to defraud their neighbours, in bargaining for their own gain.

  29. When Judas was bargaining with the Pharisees, he knew not that the devil was in him driving on the match.

  30. When the bargaining was done Martin Nelthorp got on his horse and rode home to his comfortable fireside.

  31. The man who presently came in to keep his appointment with Martin remarked afterwards that he had never known Mr. Nelthorp so hard and determined in bargaining as he was that evening.

  32. He was not long in discovering one that would start the next day for the latter place, and after bargaining with the master for a passage returned to the inn.

  33. Ned at once sallied out, and without much difficulty succeeded in bargaining for three horses; for few of the inhabitants had left, and horses would not only be of no use during the siege, but it would be impossible to feed them.

  34. The beast is worth thirty crowns," he said, "but he will not give more than fifteen, and it required a good deal of bargaining to raise him to that.

  35. The heat was intense, though there was a pleasant breeze under the awning on deck; we therefore amused ourselves by looking over the side and bargaining with the natives, until our letters, which we had sent for, arrived.

  36. I was quite sorry for their disappointment at losing their hoped-for luxuries, to say nothing of our own at missing the opportunity of bargaining for some more furs and curiosities.

  37. The fact that the capitalist goes through the form of bargaining with the labourer as to the amount of the portion of the produce that shall be returned to him.

  38. He has given up the tedious task of bargaining with his master for higher wages and shorter hours; he intends to compel him by the more drastic method of an eight-hour day and a minimum wage and State Arbitration Act.

  39. I was one day bargaining for a boat to the Lido, whither I refused to be taken in a shabby gondola, or at a rate higher than seventy-five soldi for the trip.

  40. We see him no more till we meet in the station on the other side of the river, where we hear him bargaining long and earnestly with the ticket-seller for a third-class passage to Bologna.

  41. Rightly or wrongly, public opinion was veering; and the shrewd Duncan, who headed the Whig ticket, openly charged Douglas with bargaining for the Mormon vote.

  42. That there was jealousy on the part of older men, much heart-burning among the younger aspirants, and bargaining on all sides, may be inferred from an incident recorded in Polk's diary.

  43. There is abundant reason to believe that the senior Senator from Illinois was not so sordid in his bargaining for votes as he seemed.

  44. The wage-earners bargaining collectively may be those of a single establishment, or of a group of establishments in the same locality, or of a wider territory even national in extent.

  45. The result has been the rapid spread of employers' organizations, so that in industries where laborers are highly organized, two-sided collective bargaining has become more and more usual.

  46. The unions are effective in varying degrees in strengthening the bargaining power of the workers, and accordingly the results vary not merely in degree but in kind.

  47. This must throw some of the workmen out of employment and create a new bargaining situation for wages.

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