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Example sentences for "barest"

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barely; bareness; barer; bares; baresark; barga; bargain; bargaine; bargained; bargaining
  1. At this meeting he gave the barest intimation of his mission; he had been sent, he said, by the proconsul[1184] to ask the king whether he intended peace or war.

  2. His movement came only the barest fraction of a second before the crack of the revolver prefixed the whistle of the bullet which spat itself deeply into the woodwork of the trestle.

  3. The whole of his effort was supported by the barest thread.

  4. He detailed the events of the night in the barest outline, and only dealt closely with the fact of the gold workings.

  5. How long before the barest structure becomes visible!

  6. Everything was at its barest and austerest--the grass thin in the pastures, the copses leafless.

  7. Here every little thicket or clump of brushwood holds some of the birds that have been driven forward, and even on the barest ground some have found refuge behind a tuft of grass or palmetto.

  8. They saw the slenderest, barest crescent of a new moon practically hidden in the sunset glow.

  9. He went on and presently he felt the very faintest possible tingling of his skin and heard the barest whisper of a sound, and smelled the jungle reek as something so diluted that he was hardly sure he smelled it.

  10. On the barest rumour of my death will they wed the poor little thing, and then woe to her, and woe to my vassals!

  11. Almost all the money they had left, after their lodging and board and the barest necessities for clothing were paid for, went for medicines and doctors.

  12. In the down-town laundries, where the wage scale runs lower, the amount is usually inadequate for the barest need.

  13. He smiled suddenly, for the barest instant, and then the seriously concerned look which the smile had replaced came back into his eyes.

  14. I caught only the barest glimpse of the thong gleaming in the corridor light.

  15. For the barest instant, when I crossed the narrow strip of pavement directly in front of the kiosk, fear tugged at my nerves and I felt myself growing tense.

  16. Lastly, the load was cut down to a minimum by the elimination of all but the barest necessities.

  17. Between them lay my "Land of Hope and Glory," of whose outline and glacial features the barest evidence had been furnished.

  18. I can offer only the barest outline of its design.

  19. But in every case the barest handful that remained sufficed to become the nucleus of new organizations.

  20. Born on the frontier of Virginia, reared in a log cabin, granted only the barest rudiments of education, inured to hardship and rough life, he rose by masterly efforts to the highest judicial honor America can bestow.

  21. But he has not the barest elements of a national organisation; and the Austrian Prince of Albania did not find a single house within all his dominion which would satisfy the housing needs of a respectable London clerk.

  22. It is not possible here to give even the barest mention of the leading facts in the proud history of little Montenegro.

  23. When my lord joined his friend, she just held them in view, and no more, as they walked up and down in the barest and loneliest part of the Gardens that they could find.

  24. Like all French dining-rooms, it was used for no other purpose than for eating, and furnished with little more than the barest necessaries.

  25. And when the poverty of the proletarian is intensified to the point of actual lack of the barest necessaries of life, to want and hunger, the temptation to disregard all social order does but gain power.

  26. N- n money obtained by prostitutes to pay for the barest necessities.

  27. Kanang pagpaábang sa ubang mga pampam pára panggás na lang, Some prostitutes sell their bodies for just enough to get the barest necessities.

  28. Mr. Edward Walford, who contributes a short notice of Matthew James Lawless to the Dictionary of National Biography, has only the barest details to record.

  29. Adrian de Moxeca was furious at what he conceived to be the treachery of Roldan, for Roldan was in such a pass that the barest act of duty was necessarily one of treachery to his friends.

  30. Ah, if he might give just the barest hint to Mina now!

  31. The barest hint of this kind would have raised Harry's suspicion and anger a few weeks before; the new mood which Mina Zabriska had marked in him made him take it quietly now, and even affectionately.

  32. Now the lack of the barest necessities stared them in the face--bitter need, upon whose hideous features they had not before been forced to look.

  33. He gladly deprived himself of even the barest necessities of life in order to be of service to her and the mother and sisters she loved.

  34. Finally, he got a position with a meagre salary in a newspaper office, but he was scarcely able to provide the barest necessaries of life.

  35. It was spread on a small table, the tablecloth was a kitchen towel, and there was only one tumbler and the barest allowance of knives and forks; but Buff was charmed with his feast, and hospitably eager that his guests should enjoy it.

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