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confederation; confederations; confederats; confer; conferees; conferences; conferme; confermed; conferment; conferre
  1. They had all met in the gymnasium for a final conference with Mr. Lighton, and had partaken of a light lunch.

  2. Into the dressing room he strode, where the crew of the eight were just finishing a little conference with their coxswain, Jerry Jackson.

  3. In the summarizing conference at Copah, Vice-President Ford had spoken favorably of the trainmaster, recommending him to mercy in the event of a general beheading in the Angels head-quarters.

  4. But another wreck intervened, and after the wreck a conference with the Red Butte mine-owners postponed all office business for an additional twenty-four hours.

  5. At the conclusion of the Tauranga conference Major Bunbury resumed his journey towards the south, the Missionaries being commissioned by him to continue their negotiations for signatures as opportunity offered.

  6. The importance of these comments were not lost upon the Church Missionaries, who were deferentially standing outside, and a hurried conference resulted in their deciding to be on equal terms with the Bishop.

  7. They attended the conference at Waitangi, and amongst others of influential rank were invited to sign the treaty.

  8. At the conclusion of this conference a present of ten sovereigns was made to each of the chiefs, and they all promised to attend on the next day but one to sign the paper which was to be prepared for them.

  9. The Kohimarama Conference was summoned at Auckland in July 1860, by Governor Gore Browne, "to afford an opportunity of discussing with him various matters connected with the welfare and advancement of the two races dwelling in New Zealand.

  10. The scene chosen for the conference with the chiefs was the lawn in front of Mr. Busby's house,[53] which stands upon a gently sloping promontory directly opposite the old town of Kororareka.

  11. She could hear the mumble of the voices of those who were in conference around the fires.

  12. In that following conference over the methods of the impending battle the riverjacks were able to express themselves with more sanguinary vehemence than would have been allowed in the presence of the girl.

  13. Miss Elsham, in her conference at the window with Crowley that evening, revealed how actively her batch of ponderings had been set to working by that bit of suggestion.

  14. She looked up, but before he could convey his wish for a private conference with her, she smiled at him and then bent over her work again.

  15. He would have the most amiable conference with Lady Sunderbund, and then as he walked back to Notting Hill he would suddenly find stuck into his mind like a challenge, Heaven knows how: "Another prophet?

  16. The afternoon's conference did no more than intensify the new and strange sense of alienation from the world that the morning's talk had evoked.

  17. The afternoon's conference gave him no reassuring answer to his question, "Where is it all going?

  18. The High Commissioner, Sir Alfred Milner, paid a visit to England, and on his return to the Cape was authorized in May, 1899, to meet President Kruger in a Conference at Bloemfontein.

  19. He had promised to read a paper on Indentured and Forced Labour at the Native Races Conference held in July, 1911.

  20. The present year will not pass over without a change in the local situation at Cairo, from which a conference is likely to result.

  21. But Russia got her way, and had practically been told she would get it on the main question before the Conference met.

  22. Whether the Hague Conference prohibited floating mines or not, they would be used; and that being so, they must contemplate either the extension of Chatham or the creation of an establishment at a different point of the east coast.

  23. On July 25th there was a full Cabinet, Spencer being present, which first discussed the Conference and then the Gordon expedition, for which for the first time a large majority of the Cabinet pronounced.

  24. When autumn came, the sitting of the Constitutional Conference silenced Sir Charles and all men who desired a fair field for that great experiment.

  25. In the afternoon the Conference took place, and there never was so friendly and pleasant a meeting.

  26. The terms of the French acceptance of our invitation to the Conference were discussed, as were the House of Commons questions as to Gordon, and the offer of Mr. Guy Dawnay, M.

  27. On Saturday, November 22nd, I had a conference with Chamberlain before going to the meeting with Lord Salisbury.

  28. In 1773, the first Annual Conference was held.

  29. After a week of conference with the great divine, Whitefield passed on through Connecticut, preaching as he went, and devoted the rest of the year to itinerating through the other colonies.

  30. The avowed object of their conference was the defense of the liberties of the Church of England, and "to diffuse union and harmony, and to keep up a correspondence throughout the united body and with their friends abroad.

  31. Noailles read it, sent at once for his wife, and after a brief and agitated conference Adrienne was called.

  32. At length, one night, after a long conference with Pincheira, Don Torribio left El Carmen in his turn, his presence in the town having not even been suspected.

  33. Louis Philippe is said to have been an overnight guest there and, during the Civil War, General Lee, a cousin of Captain Ball who had served on his staff, held a military conference in the present dining room.

  34. In the main it was due to Germany's initiative that an agreement was arrived at at the second Hague conference for the establishment of an International Prize Court.

  35. Here it is shown plainly how little the conference plan was after the heart of the Russians.

  36. Russian shrewdness evidently expected to control the conference by keeping in touch with Grey, who of course would have been the Chairman.

  37. Even the first peace conference at The Hague had to confine itself to expressing the wish that the Governments should devote themselves to the continued study of the question.

  38. We have shown in the foregoing that the Russian Government did in no manner subscribe to the conference plan in binding terms.

  39. We have already written to Le Bon on the subject, and Fleury is to have a conference with our friend the tailor in a few days to learn the success of his mediation; so that, I trust, the business will not be long in suspense.

  40. In the same year, 1773, Paul Eugenus Laritz, from the Elders' Conference of the Unity, visited the missions.

  41. Thus the conference broke off, and the manager retired amid a storm of hisses.

  42. After some parley the manager was admitted, and a conference was held.

  43. When I brought this letter of resignation to the White House the President was in conference with that sturdy Democrat from Kentucky, Senator Ollie M.

  44. I remember what he said to me as he left the Green Room at the conclusion of his final conference with the heads of the Brotherhoods.

  45. Shortly after this telephone message came a bulletin from Republican headquarters, stating that the Republican managers were then in conference with Mr. Hughes and that a statement from Mr. Hughes would soon be forthcoming.

  46. The newspaper men left this conference heartened by the reply he had made to O'Leary and with the firm conviction that the Democratic candidate was just "playing" with Hughes and would pounce upon him at the psychological moment.

  47. I returned to the President's study and reported to him in detail the results of my conference with Mr. Bryan.

  48. I have had a delightfully frank conference with Mr. Hay.

  49. The salutations at the end of the conference were most friendly and the Colonel, on his way out, stopped in to see me.

  50. At this same newspaper conference the President, who had not seen the newspaper group since his arrival at Long Branch, discussed the campaign, so that they might have what he called the "inside of his mind.

  51. Mr. Page described the room in which the conference was held, on the wall of which was hung as a memorial the fifteen-million-dollar check with which Great Britain paid the Alabama claims in the Civil War.

  52. It resulted in the Kaiser's immediate orders for a special conference at which both of these officials were dismissed from the Imperial German army.

  53. I know that you have been much in conference with your professional associates in the department and that you have yourself come to some very definite conclusions on these exceedingly important matters.

  54. One afternoon in September the President telephoned me at the Executive offices at Asbury Park to have the newspaper men present for a conference that afternoon; that he would give out a reply to a telegram he had received.

  55. It seemed at times as if they had succeeded in blocking an agreement on the Conference Report.

  56. Evidently, what I said made an impression upon the President and he asked me, as our conference was concluded, to let him have as soon as possible a memorandum containing my views upon the subject.

  57. He had been in conference with Phil on his private problems and Phil had asked him to await his return.

  58. During the Saturday evening conference it had been decided that Mr. Roberts must make acquaintance with his guests.

  59. It was this episode that made the workers during their next conference branch out in new lines.

  60. There has been a conference between our lawyers and those representing the claimants to our land.

  61. The archbishop, however, would not be content with anything less than a complete surrender on the king's part, and the conference ended fruitlessly.

  62. To this the king replied that he had already sent an embassy to the Pope to represent these grievances, probably in consequence of the petition of the year before, and the matter was referred to a conference about to be held at Bruges.

  63. Hild belonged to the Scottish party, which was represented at the conference by Colman, Cedd, and others.

  64. A conference was held at the abbey of Strenaeshalch, or Whitby.

  65. The Committee was deputed to make the investigation by the New York State Conference of Charities and Corrections, and made its report in November, 1907, at Albany, N.

  66. His horse, refreshed by the rest he had had during the conference of the two men, appeared to annihilate space.

  67. The result of the conference that will take place tomorrow is not of the young chief's concern.

  68. If that is the case, I am, to my great regret, compelled to beg you to defer this conference for some hours.

  69. They had not finished their conference when Smith returned to give warning that dawn approached and it would be dangerous for them to linger longer.

  70. General Robertson opened the conference with great courtesy of manner and flattering words, and was going on to discuss the subject of conference, when General Greene politely interrupted him by saying, 'Let us understand our position.

  71. With that understanding the conference was carried on, the British saying what they could in Andre's favor, but bringing forward nothing that affected the justice of his sentence.

  72. The results of last night's conference will be made public by Senator Goodman and myself at the proper time and place; and not until then.

  73. Have just learned reliable source Republican managers using our silence regarding conference to advance W's candidacy in Middle West and have published report that we have agreed on compromise candidate.

  74. This was a presage of what we have seen happen since, when the whole Court was infected with heresy, about the time of the Conference of Poissy.

  75. Immediately after the Conference of Poissy, the civil wars commenced, and my brother Alencon and myself, on account of our youth, were sent to Amboise, whither all the ladies of the country repaired to us.

  76. The conference was agreed to be held in a gentleman's chateau, at a distance of about a league from that place.

  77. Rosalie, the adept and intriguing lady’s-maid, was now summoned to hold a conference with her mistress.

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